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  1. k3nshiin

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    Hey, the U-Wing looks amazing. Sad that there is no more instructions available. So if anyone wants to sell it, or have a digital version of it, please pm me :)
  2. k3nshiin

    [MOC] Dwarf Spider Droid

    I found this one at Reddit. But yours looks almost better. Have to try it out in the studio and try to implement your idea
  3. k3nshiin

    [MOC] Dwarf Spider Droid

    Im not sure, but i think i saw something like the turtle shild without a hole in the middle for an antenna f.e. Maybe i will find it again.
  4. k3nshiin

    [MOC] Dwarf Spider Droid

    in studio it is a "bionicle tridax pod half".
  5. k3nshiin

    [MOC] Dwarf Spider Droid

    oh dear, I didn't even think that some parts are not available in the right colors. thanks for the info. For the Eyes Socket i used a modified plate 1x2 with small towball socket atm. I would upload my .io file, but i can only upload 100kb and my .io file is 400kb.
  6. k3nshiin

    [MOC] Dwarf Spider Droid

    Hello, first this Spider Droid MOC is not from me. I found it on Reddit, but the User/Creator there deleted the account. I try to rebuild it in Studio at the moment, but i have problems with the main body of the droid. the legs are no problem. but i cant figure out how the canon is attached to the main body, also the "turtle shild" and how the back locks. does anyone know this MOC or could help me a bit? I also seached here on the side, but didnt found it. But im sorry if it was already posted here. Thanks a lot :)
  7. My Girlfriend got me the imperial dropship 75262 and the clone scout walker 75261 :)
  8. k3nshiin

    ship engine design

    WTF? This is awesome! I had to look twice if this was really lego
  9. k3nshiin

    [MOC] Photo Frame - Space Station

    and the guy has a pizza :D love it.
  10. k3nshiin

    [MOC] Post-apocalyptic container house

    nice. you could make an interesting scene out of it. would also fit well into the star wars universe
  11. k3nshiin

    [MOC] - R4-1L Precision Fighter

    Nice. you really seem to have a lot of imagination. looks very good. I'm looking forward to see more!
  12. k3nshiin

    [MOC] Air Battlecruiser

    You watched to much Star Blazers Space Battleship Yamato, right? :D I am really impressed by your level of detail. Great Work
  13. k3nshiin


    I miss the old times.. your build looks really nice. Could be a ship from a scifi anime :)
  14. k3nshiin

    [MOC] Wicked Wench vs. Spanish Fortress by MattedBricks

    Looks Cute, i like it