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  1. ARTU

    Ideas for CMFs

    Hi Robert8, as always your series are wonderful! Too bad I can't send you a message in private because I wanted to ask you something. I will have to wait for the qualification!
  2. this screen at the 48th second
  3. Have you seen these?
  4. ARTU

    Ideas for CMFs

    hello robert8, I wanted to make another your design. It is not 100% the same because some details are difficult to make custom, but I hope you like it anyway. I called her "Madam Queen" after the historical gangtar
  5. ARTU

    Ideas for CMFs

    I can only say that it is wonderful! In my opinion you could propose it in a series dedicated to Hallowen
  6. Robert8 is really very good, I too have always hoped that they would make a pirate like that of his series (because I have a crew of pirates and I needed a boss!), But in the end I customized it.
  7. ARTU

    Ideas for CMFs

    Thank you for appreciation! My work is artisanal and, at times, it is noticeable, but I am happy that it can inspire an artist and AFOL like you. I will try to be there, even if because of my free time I can't follow more than one forum every day. I will however be waiting for your other works and in the meantime I have downloaded some pictures of your latest series.
  8. ARTU

    Ideas for CMFs

    Hi Robert8 I'm a Lego enthusiast and I signed up to compliment you on the work done. Your creations are all beautiful and inspired me too. I customized some of your works and I just wanted to show them to you. They are certainly very simple but your work deserved to be represented. I hope you like them