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  1. Dark_Alamez

    Contest Turtle Contest - Voting Thread

    22 - TrapleS (1 vote) 41 - Devid (1 vote) 51 - TrapleS (1 vote) 58 - Siercon & Coral (1 vote) 72 - minifignick (1 vote) 104 BEAVeR (1 vote) 203 - viracocha (1 vote) 239 - CIDDI (1 vote) 250 - Lego Junkie (1 vote) Good luck guys!
  2. Dark_Alamez

    Landscape for Ice Planet 2002

    Only Sci-Fi? All those old landscapes were amazing (train, town, pirates, castle...). Missed them too very much... Well... maybe. But in that case the ice must photoshoped to picture. But as we saw in old catalogs the layouts were mostly real. So I think "ice" is something another... Proof link, please. How you can get such transparent iced effect?
  3. Dark_Alamez

    Landscape for Ice Planet 2002

    Yep.. and snow is a "snow"
  4. Temple of Ennoc by Fianat Derlin's Home by Legonardo
  5. Dark_Alamez

    Landscape for Ice Planet 2002

    Does anybody know how TLG made such iced transparent rocks? Snowy mountains look like drowing. But iced rocks look real What material did they use? Or do you think it is all photoshoped?
  6. Dark_Alamez

    The Earthbender

    Many thanks to everyone for such nice comments! Hmm.. I think, he can wear any clothes despite his abilities. This model based on the cartoon's story, but I didn't copy any characters as well
  7. Dark_Alamez

    The Earthbender

    Hello guys! Today I would like to represent to you my new moc - The Earthbender. It's my entry for Siercon & Coral's Art of War contest. which gave us many beautiful mocs from other builders! ___________________________________________________________________________________ - Hey old man! Do you remember me? Of course you do. - ... What do you want? - I sweared you I'll come once... I've got something for you... TAKE THIS! ________________________________________________________________________________
  8. Dark_Alamez

    MOC The manor house of the horrors

    Nice idea and perfect implementation. Really amazing work, guys!
  9. Dark_Alamez

    MOC: Brickbuilt Man-o-War Airship

    Stylish design. Excellent work, mate!
  10. Dark_Alamez

    MSFC Voting Thread

    Think that I'm late with voting.. whatever. Don't ever seen so many entries to one challenge. оО So many interesting and talented works! Thanks everyone for voting for my ice planet colony!! And my points go to 15. Landing on Xurus - K.Kreations - 1 point 28. Ice Planet - Crystal Station - Siercon and Coral - 1 point 41.Deployment Island - commanderhawk - 1 point 72.The City of Tomorrow - touthomme - 1 point 83. Dark Shadows Over The Colony - Mr.Brickman - 1 point
  11. Dark_Alamez

    MSFC: Ice Planet Colony

    Thanks to all! Because it's green?
  12. Dark_Alamez

    FAPC Attack of the Fish

    Awesome entry! Really like the mech
  13. Dark_Alamez

    MOC: The Crystal City

    With such lighting the city looks really crystal Perfect!
  14. Dark_Alamez

    MSFC Blacktron Mining Plant

    Don't know why, but yellow turntable baseplates look really sweet here. Good job with flying droid
  15. Dark_Alamez

    MSFC: Invasion!

    Perfect micro exploison! And the buildings are cool too!