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  1. Amt0571

    Santa's Front Yard Moon piece?

    I just built this set. Can confirm it's a round piece with a sticker.
  2. Yes. That's a "solution" more than a SOLUTION though. It should work as designed and if it doesn't that's a crappy design which shouldn't be expected from a stock lego. My rough terrain crane has been sitting on the same shelf for 2 years and it still works.
  3. Well... that didn't last. The car has been sitting on a shelf for a few months. Nobody touched it. It doesn't have any dust. A few days ago I picked it up to play with my son. Now it cracks like mad in 3rd and 4th moving both forwards and backwards and I was unable to find any obvious solution. I looked and everything seems well, but it just cracks whatever I do.
  4. After reversing the diffs, I left the Defender on a shelf for a day and tried it again in 4th Hi to see if it still worked and... surprise: it worked well while moving forwards (and still did it remarkably smooth, considering the amount of gears involved), but cracked again when moving backwards. So well... at least I can move it forwards in D in all gears, and backwards in R without cracking. Realistic enough :p I still want to find out what gear is cracking when moving backwards and try to fix it. Unfortunately, I have very little spare time to do it, so I think I'll be unable to do it in less than a couple of months. If you make any progress, keep us informed :D
  5. I've just finished building the car. Knowing beforehand of the transmission issues, I made sure to build it really carefully, with gears moving freely, and aligned the universal joints correctly. Before doing the bodywork, I attached the wheels and checked that all gears worked. 4th Hi was not smooth and it had a lot of drag, but worked without cracks, so I kept building since I didn't manage to improve it. Surprisingly, after finishing the model, 4th Hi (the lowest gear) cracks when moving the car forward, but not when moving it backwards. All other gears work perfectly. It seems like the body places some stress on the transmission that wasn't there beforehand. In that gear the transmission seems to work like a spring, storing energy that it ends up suddenly releasing either as a spin of the fake engine, or as cracking gears. I've checked everything and I have been unable to see which gear is cracking, though it seems it comes from the front part of the transmission. Any idea to fix it? EDIT: since it works perfectly and even quite snooth when running backwards, I'm going to try mounting the differentials reversed, so the whole drivetrain runs reversed. EDIT2: I've reversed the diffs. While doing it I found one of the small blue pieces underneath the car, behind the front axle was a bit loose and tightened it. After reassembly it works on all gears. Surprisingly, it doesn't crack if I move it backwards (the previous forward) on 4 Hi. In any case, I think mounting the diffs reversed is worth it as the transmission is A LOT smoother and has way less drag when running reversed. Moreover, its really easy to do with almost no disassembly involved.