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  1. UberCorp

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Guess the theme ending kills my hope for a Lady E minifig. Maybe they’ll sneak her into a future CMF or something
  2. The potential for some Bad Batch sets has me interested. Wasn’t a big fan of their arc in CW, but I feel they have good potential to be made more interesting. Also. If we finally get Garindan and he’s exclusive to a $350 set, Im going to be slightly disappointed. Been waiting on him since playing LEGO star wars as a kid and don't want to shell out an arm and a leg for him.
  3. Finally a good clone head! Isn’t perfect, but with what’s available as existing colors I still think its the best choice. Hopefully we’ll see more variations of this version when we eventually get more clones. Versions with tattoos would be great for characters like Jesse, Fives, Dogma, ect. if LEGO ever decides to give us named Clones outside of the main Commanders/Captains.
  4. UberCorp

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Those choices are... lackluster. I guess people who watch Home Alone/Seinfeld but aren’t LEGO fans will make up some of those sales, but the typewriter seems like an odd choice. G1 BIONICLE was one of the more popular themes of its time, as far as I know. Shame that they couldn’t even give us fans this (though I’ll hold out hope a little longer for the small chance they have their own anniversary set planned)
  5. UberCorp

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The Bionicle diorama is really the only one in this review that I’m actively hoping will be made. Was never super into system sets as a kid but absolutely loved Bionicles. Hopefully if it does get passed over, its only because LEGO already has something planned for the 20th anniversary. Theres a couple others that if made I’d probably end up buying if I like the end result but nothing that I’d be disappointed about not making it.
  6. UberCorp

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    The sets themselves don't interest me, but the blind bags look great! Going to have to pick up multiple squids
  7. UberCorp

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    Agree that Avatar could really use a revival, especially given its recent resurgence in popularity due to Netflix. The two sets we got are... pretty awful.
  8. Don't forget Black Krrsantan and Ren . Doctor Aphra could totally just be added to whatever the next TIE Advance set is and it'd both make sense as an inclusion and be low risk for LEGO since people would buy it anyways unlike making a full set based off the comics (c'mon, Ark Angel) . Though if we ever do somehow miraculous get a Star Wars CMF, it'd be a perfect way to introduce more characters like that.
  9. Great fig. Hopefully getting her here means LEGO is more willing to give up figs from outside the trilogies/shows in the future. There are some great characters that don’t appear in the those that I’d love to eventually see.
  10. Well that was... Unexpected. Of all things, I was not expecting a Galaxy's Edge set. Not sure how I feel about the build itself though. Kinda plain, but maybe that will change with better photos. The Vi minifig on the other hand is amazing, especially that hair piece Wasn't too excited for the AAT at first but having Ahsoka and a 332nd makes it a day 1 buy. The Night Buzzard build also looks great
  11. Came across this: https://www.brickfanatics.com/exclusive-lego-star-wars-ucs-republic-gunship-deep-in-development/ Though to be expected it doesn’t give any real new info (though confirms the design stage wasn’t started before the poll was over)
  12. We finally get our first Lucrehulk after 20 years
  13. UberCorp

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm hoping for the Prime Earth version in sand blue so the head can be swapped with the City 2020 hammerhead for a New 52 option.
  14. UberCorp

    Ninjago villains and future

    Something that I'd love to see LEGO do would be to use Ninjago to bring back one or two classic villains. Having a season's antagonist be someone like Ogel would be great.