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  1. UberCorp

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    The Wolf and Ghost are pretty great looking, though the blind boxes pretty much guarantees I won’t watch buy any directly. Will try and pick up those two off Bricklink though. Hopefully this doesn’t become the standard for all blind figures.
  2. UberCorp

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Well that’s disappointing. Only 1 out of 35? I was hoping LEGO would be expanding their approval numbers due to the huge increase in projects making it to 10k
  3. UberCorp

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Was not expecting Bionicle to make it into the final vote, but it sure is a welcome surprise.
  4. UberCorp

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    As a life long Bionicle fan, I just want anything related to the original story and care less about the building system. A huge reason Gen 2 fell flat for me was despite being constraction and sharing names as the original wad they rebooted the story and lost the decade of books and comics that the original line had built up. Which IMO made it feel less like Bionicle than it could have. I would be way more than happy getting a system set if that’s what it requires to get the theme to be thrown a bone.
  5. UberCorp

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Lets go, Bionicle! I wish we had got one thing this year for the anniversary, but maybe this will hive it one last chance at a set (even if its reg. system). Also chose Rock Raiders and Aquazone. Lots of good themes for a revival set but when there’s the theme “staples” like Classic Space/Pirates/Castle as options, it feels like most of them don’t even have a chance of winning.
  6. This wave looks like a wishlist someone posts here and is then called overly optimistic Mandalore Throne - Buy. The duel sets are great so I like this. Slightly less exciting since we just got S7 Ahsoka last year but still will prob be a good pickup. Troop Transport - Buy. Love the vehicle so this is one of my favorites of the wave. I am very excited for the mortar trooper (now we just need an incinerator trooper). Also a cheaper way to pick up Greef Slave 1 - Pass. Already have the UCS, so I don’t care about this one. The 20th version at least had a character exclusive to it, so this just feels kinda lackluster. Mandalorian Fighter - Buy. Hoping this is the Nightbrother, though a lack of Maul makes that unlikely. And finally, minifig for Katan (and Saxon). Bad Batch Shuttle. - Maybe. This is a maybe for me, mostly depending on how the show is since their appearance in CW was so short. Mostly surprised that they included all five in the set. Gideon’s Cruiser - Maybe. Reserving my judgement on the final set design. Also Gideon is really the only fig I really want from it, so we’ll see. Gunship- Pass . Very disappointed on the price. First prequel UCS in a decade and it’s out of my budget. Meditation Chamber - Maybe. The 18+ tag on this makes me hope for a more intricate/complex build. Hoping it includes the detailed Vader from the Death Star duel set.
  7. UberCorp

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I feel like Among Us is unlikely. The game’s popularity is already dwindling (everyone I know who played it religiously a few months back have almost all stopped) and there’s still a long time before it could even start hitting shelves
  8. IMO, if 75309 is the Gunship, that price feels quite high for the ship. Very disappointing, as I voted for it but was expecting it to be $200. But if it is $350, I just can’t justify the purchase. I assume I’m not alone in this, which is a bit worring that it may contribute to lower sales and harm the chance of future prequel-era UCS sets.
  9. I wonder it the 2HY UCS could be a Home One that’s close in size to 75252 (though I believe to exact scale Home One is larger). We have never actually gotten the ship as a set (besides the interior set from 2009), despite it being the flagship of the Rebel fleet.
  10. UberCorp

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    To be fair, that pretty much sums up everything about the parks in general But ya, Jurassic Park works best if you don’t get too invested in continuity.
  11. Ya, it was some weird choices. 2 IPs w/o any LEGO sets, 1 with a fair amount, and then the most popular licensed theme. Though the announcement says “the characters they'll be based on” so it sounds like it may be more than one winner.
  12. UberCorp

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    I’m not really much of a Ninjago fan, but I would definitely buy sets from a Nya focused wave. Loved Aqua Raiders and Atlantis as a kid so I’ll take anything to fuel my desire for a new ocean theme. Hoping the water dragon is more of an aquatic, serpent-esque design than a more traditional dragon. Something like the Lagiacrus from Monster Hunter.
  13. UberCorp

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Guess the theme ending kills my hope for a Lady E minifig. Maybe they’ll sneak her into a future CMF or something
  14. The potential for some Bad Batch sets has me interested. Wasn’t a big fan of their arc in CW, but I feel they have good potential to be made more interesting. Also. If we finally get Garindan and he’s exclusive to a $350 set, Im going to be slightly disappointed. Been waiting on him since playing LEGO star wars as a kid and don't want to shell out an arm and a leg for him.