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  1. Agreed, release date discrepancies are common. It's wishful thinking. I guess I'm being hopeful that LEGO might actually surprise us and didn't drop the ball on this opportunity.
  2. Hi Everyone. New to the forum. I just wanted to add something related to the above discussion I've been thinking about. This is purely my own speculation, but wanted to share. Could it be possible we could get 2 minifigire series this spring?. The main reason I saytthis, is because of the lego catalog callout for a new minifigute series in May "you will be surprised" that we have all seen. I think series 20 is great and will definitely be getting them, but it's not new and I'm not surprised. At least not in a good way. normally two series back to back a month a part would make no sense, but it is the 10th anniversary of CMF. Maybe they will actually surprise us with a second release. Every video and article I've watched has been very clear in indicating series 20 is being released in April. I think its possible we may get genuinely surprised in May Maybe Scooby-Doo Maybe something else..