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  1. Yeah, either way I'm just happy they didn't go the route they took with the Vader busts from last year.
  2. We don't have them out on shelves now, but a letter said that we "could". Shipping takes for ever, so even if we do get the shipped, the earliest we would have them out is a week before.
  3. I don't think that is the case. This set is listed for all authorized vendors in the United States. Through my work, (local toy store) we were able to purchase a case (4), and are able to put them out on August 1st (Yes I know that is weird, but all the new Star Wars sets are allowed to be sold, but they weren't even available to ship from the warhorse till August). This could all be a mistake, but my work has never been able to purchase "store exclusives", but I know for a fact that this is a set we can carry for the retail price of $40.
  4. But the "thinner" box usually is not for $30 sets. The most recent account of the thiner box was the clone scout walker, and before that only the clone wars combat speeder. Anyways, it was a smart move for the thinner box.
  5. When retailers buy lego to sell in their stores, they are required to buy, buy the case. Usually 2-3 aside from battle packs and smaller sets. As for $30 sets, they are usually 3 to a case, so a store would get around 6 at a time. It seems that just the 501st battle is now 4 in a case, compared to 3.
  6. Looks like lego realizes that the 501st battle is gonna sell like hot cakes to they added another set per case (4). Well done Lego.
  7. I just plan on ordering a few cases of the 501st set through my work to make it easier for me.
  8. But the Malevolence was in development before that. Having that set reach 10K in 2014 shows that there was still demand for more separatist frigates.
  9. The Inviable hand by LDiEgo was the first set I ever voted for on Lego Ideas. That set got 10K votes back in 2014 and lego still hasn't made a separatist flagship despite seeing actual demand for one.
  10. I saw an email yesterday that outlined Lego's plan for reopening and getting back to production, and in it, they described being on track to be fully reopen by mid-July and they would have a full reset/restart on August 1st for the 2 HY.
  11. Yeah, after not seeing a set number I figured it was fake.
  12. What is this BD1 I'm seeing on instagram? Is it real?
  13. Love the new sets, but disappointed with the store exclusives. And did anyone notice the battle droid in the advent Callander with the better picture? The top of his head looks white, (maybe hit by a snowball). I cant tell if its actual printing or is just part of the box design.
  14. I can tell you first hand that some of the rules and other things that lego does with their company and products makes absolute no sense.
  15. Wasn't this list said to be fake because its waaaay to far out and "wish listy" for it to be real?