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  1. Yeah, this was the first thing I thought of when I saw the Moon Warrior, for all the reasons you described. Even the oversized gem on the chest makes me think of WoW armor. Thought the shield looked too Gungan-y but the figure is growing on me quickly, might end up as my favorite. Bard is amazing too, nice torso/leg prints, blue/black arms, a new color of feather, and the ability to make some blue Forestmen- to say nothing about the new Lute and gold pieces. Love the little pouch on the torso, takes me right back to classic castle. Little disappointed in the Forest Sprite, but I’ll withhold judgement because I need a better look at his cape. Purple classic space torso is a nice addition. Wonder which color they’ll make next?
  2. gza

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I was able to have them change it to my debit card when I called Friday morning. Think I mentioned it was from the BrickLink Designer Program but the representative definitely didn’t know what that meant. Sounds like it shouldn’t be an issue anyway though.
  3. gza

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I ordered with PayPal as well and hadn’t thought at all about that. I emailed this morning and here’s what they said: “I've done some digging into this topic and changing the payment to a debit or credit card may be the best decision. just to stay on the safe side. Feel free to give us a call and we'd be happy to do it over the phone!” So I called them and switched the payment method on the order to my debit card. Hopefully it works, gonna be devastated if my order gets screwed up and cancelled.
  4. Well, I'll definitely be taking a trip out to Kohl's later to see if they have it. I wasn't even aware they carried Legos.
  5. For people in the US, according to the description from a set 75299 Trouble On Tatooine listed on ebay, the seller found the set at Kohl's. Haven't had a chance to check the one near me yet.
  6. gza

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    The books from CMF series 2 (Riddle's Diary and HBP's Potion Book) are some of the nicest I've seen from Lego in any theme. I love the different handwriting in the diary and the "sectumsempra" scrawled in the potion book. In the future I would like Dumbledore's Beedle the Bard, and a signed copy of Magical Me by Gilderoy Lockhart (I think there is a very strong possibility this will show up in DA).
  7. gza

    Future Pirates Speculation

    If there's a new wave in 2021, I think there's probably a better chance that we get an Imperial ship of some sort than either of the last two pirate waves. In those waves it made sense for Lego to make the large ship a traditional pirate ship, since it will have broader appeal and is much more iconic within pop culture than a soldier ship. However, if there is a new wave in 2021 (trying not to get my hopes up) both Barracuda Bay and the 3-in-1 pirate ship could still be on shelves (or very recently retired). I can't see Lego having three pirate ships on the shelf at the same time, which raises my hopes for a large Imperial ship or fort. That said, we got a ship with red striped sails (TLG's tried and true formula), we're getting the 3-in-1 ship/tavern/skull-island... I'm a little nervous we're getting these one-off sets instead of a new line a'la Silent Mary. I hope this is not the case.
  8. gza

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Hi all, just want to share the little merchant tender l I made for the new BSB to plunder. Hope the images post properly. Merchant Jolly Boat Merchant Jolly Boat 2 Merchant Jolly Boat 3
  9. If this is really the case, I have to believe there is another pirates line in the works. I can't think of any other logical explanation, and have trouble believing they would arbitrarily stop accepting pirate-themed submissions purely due to the release of Barracuda Bay, when this has never been the case with other themes to the best of my knowledge.
  10. This would look so good with the new Barracuda. If Barracuda Bay sells well enough and it hits 10k, it could have a solid chance!
  11. gza


    Received the set Monday afternoon, finished bag 14 (the completed island base) last night, and converted it into the Barracuda this morning. Overall I felt the set was a joy to build with a few exceptions (I had a lot of trouble on step 339 getting the mast in all the way) and seeing the new figures and building a new pirate set after so long was a great feeling. The island base looks great, the masts certainly adds a ton of volume to the buildings in a similar manner to the Statue of Liberty in Apocalypseburg (although this also makes it harder to fit in a display case). I tried to take some pictures with my phone to send to friends but I found it was really hard to capture all the little details, interesting angles and spaces in a photo. It reminds me a lot of the video game 'Sea of Thieves'. Although there's a lot of playability from the front I was surprised by how little of the buildings' interiors are accessible from the back of the set. The island after the Barracuda transformation looks okay, very stark and barren but leaves some animals, foliage and lanterns. I think it offers a nice space for kids to play with alongside the Barracuda, but is not something I would want to display along with it. The transformed Barracuda looks amazing, the only major criticism I have being the lack of cannons in the final design. A couple pieces I added from my own collection: an old-school parrot and compass, a 6x2 dark tan plate as a plank and a modern looking redcoat to walk it, a yellow goblet for the figurehead, and of course a monkey.
  12. I just received mine today, in the renders from Lego the shield does look like a different shade than the torso, but in person I can't tell the difference. They both look like the latter, bright-light orange to me.
  13. I'm really hoping we get a new horse color like the one in the submission (medium nougat I think).
  14. Well done @povoq! Really hope it makes it!
  15. gza


    I have a lot of fun looking at and supporting IDEAS projects, but I always expect that (on the incredibly slim chance they reach 10,000 votes and gain approval) they will not be exactly like the submission. Whether it's because of stability, playibility, marketability, profitability, or one of many other aspects they consider.