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    [MOC] Amsterdam in the seventies

    Hi guys, After days, weeks, YEARS of building my Amsterdam diorama is finally 100% complete. Some of you might have seen this at Brickmania Antwerp last December, but it was missing a few trans blue cheeses there lol. It depicts the city in the early seventies, you can see hippies and disco dudes. Another great sign of this age is the old rickety warehouse being transformed into luxury appartments. The diorama includes many little scenes, I'll explain with the pictures below. After this post I'll see if I can display it in a public place for a while, or sell the entire thing. Otherwise I might do one last show and then will recycle it to make new things. I hope you enjoy the pictures! First off an overal shot, unfortunately I could not get it any sharper with the camera's I have on hand right now; Next up the back of the buildings, nothing too special but still; Some detail on the rear; Cops 'n robbers; The old buildings in Amsterdam have really small staircases and this is why most of the furniture is still moved through the windows; In the street corner we find a typical Dutch street organ with an operator asking for coins; On the newly created roof patio a couple enjoys their free time; On the other corner roof a guest from outer space has landed, or are we seeing things from all the smoking; Definitely some shady business going on in this corner stairwell; If you have to go, you have to go. Don't fall in though, some people die that way every year.. Besides the warehouse we can see some more construction works and the owner of the houseboat smoking a big fatty; A bit more detail on the warehouse to show the delapitation and the old commercial signs which were painted onto the buildings; And some detail on the other corner, which is an excisting building on the ''Prinseneiland'' by the way, not all buildings are 100% based on excisting ones; The corner cafe on the right has a full interior, there are some other bits of interior but not as detailed as this; Some interior works in the side of the warehouse to make it look more appealing from that side; Hey is that Elvis riding by? Also note the lock on the bycicle just hanging from the railings, a sight we also seee often besides all the bikes actually in the water. Be carefull were you jump in in case you do feel like swimmimg. The 1940's blue tram is powered by powerfunctions; In a city with as much water as Amsterdam you off course see a lot of boats. First one is this ''Tjalk'' a cargo ship from around 1900 which is now used as a houseboat; Next up is the ''salonboot'used to sail tourist around the canals. These are also oftenn owned by luxury hotels to transport their guests; Last but not least is the ''bakdek kruiser'' a small yacht with a low nose to be able to go under the bridges. In the front is a cabin with beds, kitchen etc. This is actually my favourite type of yacht; Lastly I made one of those facade pictures I often see tourist make, perhaps you fancy it;
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    [MOC] The Greenville subway station

    Hi guys, Here is another oneI haven't shared yet. Well it isn't exactly complete, but good enough to post I think. I know it lacks a roof and I actually wanted to add grafitti and lights. It is being scrapped, so I will not continue on it. The Greenville subway station is a 1980's New York style subway station. I've mixed old and new white bricks to get the dirty tiled look on the walls, and besides that there's many hints that point out the 80's. First up an overview, the D line train is just arriving. The D line is an R34 car, man it is hard to make these boxy grey things look interesting. Here are some details: In the left corner New York's finest is looking for a crook, on their own time off course. There's also a few rats in the corner that found their way to the trash. Speaking of trash, also note the track is pretty littered. Next to that is a typical NYC wooden subway station bench, on it a hobo is drinking and we see some other characters. Nex to that is the news stand and vending machines, I especially like the one with the cookies inside oh and the ghettoblaster is off course another real 80's gem :) Next to that is another bench and a dude with the first portable phone! :-o And at the far end we see a guy on a skateboard coming down the stairs, though this is still done, it was really big in the 80's. And at last we finally find our crook fleeing into the tunnel. That's it! I hope you like it even when not done. Another one is coming.. Mahalo!
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    [MOC] Mr. Bean's Mini Cooper

    Man I remmember this scene, I laughed my shirt off. Great build and very smooth animations, what program did you use?
  4. Captain Green Hair

    [MOC] Record Store

    Love the use of colour, especially that sign is great!
  5. Captain Green Hair

    [MOC] TRABANT 601

    Instantly recognizable and some funny variatons on it. Well done!
  6. Captain Green Hair

    [MOC] My city/train layout for 2020

    What a wonderfull little layout! Very lively and complete, docks and all!
  7. Captain Green Hair

    [MOC] Amsterdam in the seventies

    No it isn't, I think the fine these days is about 150 euros.
  8. Captain Green Hair

    La Comete

    Yeah, why didn't you? You guys are nuts!? She's still a great looking ship! All the little mods make me feel like it's a bounty ship which is made to the taste of the new owner. And that story is almost right, apart from the fact you paid for it off course.?
  9. Captain Green Hair

    [MOC] Amsterdam in the seventies

    Great idea, just you wait (might take a while)!? And thank you all for the nice comments, I'm glad you like it!
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    That is fantastic news! I must get two of those now!
  11. Captain Green Hair


    How can you tell it is not the exact same? I can't from the images at hand...
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    Union 72 Amsterdam tram/streetcar

    Fantastic build, thank you for sharing!
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    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    Very cool! And nice to see you're still building stuff.
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    E 194

    What a phenomenal build this is! Too bad those clips for the pantographs don't come in red and is dark green really that expensive these days?
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    Like you don't have enough monkeys already! There appear to be other problems with the animals included. I was sooo happy to see this comes with a pink(!) pig but then I realized it has eyelases.... a pig with eyelashes...really? This aint no Friends set Lego! Same with the shark, sharks do not have eyebrows... But besides that it looks like a nice set with a classic feel and it also brings back a few classic characters:) The ship is arguably the best ever it come from a set and the first to ever have actual tumblehome. But it does not look as sleek as the old cuda to me. I do like the fact it also comes with a new set of classic sails. For me this is not a must have, but for anyone just starting into Lego pirates it definitely should be on top of your list!
  16. Hello Matey's! I've been planning this project for some months now and last saturday i started construction on the Dutch VOC ship the Prins Willim. Measuring a stunning 68 meters length overall she was the largest ship ever build by the VOC. I'm building in a 1:40 scale, meaning my model will be 1.70 meters long when done. The ship was build in 1649 and completed in 1651. More detailed information can be found here and in Dutch here. After her first voyage to the east, she was commisioned in 1652 by the Dutch admirality because off the outbreak of the first war with England. It was then when she was fitted with 16 extra guns and for a short period she served as the flagship of Admiral Witte de With. After she was heavily battledamaged in the battle of Duins she was returned to the VOC. She was refitted by the VOC and sailed out to the east again. It is this 40 gun version i'm building. The admiral had a model build of the ship, it can be seen in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. And here's a picture of it, note the 40 guns: Ofcourse the replica that has been build and that i recently visited is another source of inspiration: There were no plans available, so i had to make my own complex plans The main body structure has been build: The beginning of the stern and rudder are made: Another shot of the stern, you can see how it will be connected to the widest part: And a shot from the bow: Here you can see the position of the main mast, my width tool (the blue plates) and a certain pirate trying to stop her from ever setting sail Ofcourse i need some specialist tools, here you can see my height tool: And my curve tool: Last but not least i already designed the capstan, here you can also see how i plan to make the decks, a technique i saw on this beautiful steamship. Another great source of inspiration is this ship the Vasa, being build by our member Vasa. That's it for now, stay tuned!
  17. Yargh me harties, I be here to show you me latest ship model. It is the third rate ship of the line Le Fleuron, launched in 1729. It has 64 cannons and an able crew of 333 men. This wooden model by the plans of Gerard Delacroix inspired me to build this model. Next a close-up of the stern, as you can see the gunports on portside are closed: If we take a look from the headrails, we can see she is ready to fire a full broadside on the starboard. You may also notice I used tiles to widen the hull this time. A close-up of the stern. If you look through the windows you can see the upper gundeck has a full interior and so does the cabin above it. A brids eye gives a nice view on the extensive rigging, masts and sails. The lower sails are functional and I tried to make a hastily reefed sail on the front of the bowsprit. A first look into the upper gundeck, you can see the pumps behind the main mast. Another fun fact is that there isn't a single reddish brown brick used in this model. On the other side we can see the galley behind the bell post.The cook is preparing spicy chicken wings. I made the campaign deck rounded, so that a minifig can stand at the helm whilst keeping the sides of the ship a few plates lower. And last the interior of the upper cabin, a bed and a table nothing really special. That's it mateys, I hope you enjoy it. C&C welcome, thank you for watching!
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    MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    It's a 1x1 plate with ring that attaches the fence piece to the upper deck. Ah, the black and brown is mostly the same width. The lighter colour just appears thicker I guess. The main stays are twice as thick even. Same as I've always done my rigging. It's old cotton cloth I dye with coffee and tea. Then when it's dry I use white glue to stiffen it. Thick layer on both sides. When that is dry you can iron the cloth and draw/cut the sails without tearing it. I make all the rigging by hand, there is a 1000+ knots in there so it takes a bit of patience. Ah yeah, my hair was real nice that day.? You can look up my build a frigate tutorial under the tutorial section. That might be helpful. You may always send me a message if you get stuck at some point. Please do elaborate when you do do I can understand, pictures can also help with that. Good luck!
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    LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

    What an absolutely beautiful model you have made! For the roof I'd go with dark grey, it fits the model better in my opinion.
  20. Captain Green Hair

    How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    Usually I start by looking at pictures online, many of a single subject. Then I take all the parts I like from my examples and throw these in the mix to create my building. I alwas start with thinking out Doors and Windows so these all fit, then I build the rest. It's always good to think of details you want to incorporate before you start, so you don't have to redo parts later. Good luck!?
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    MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    Thank you guys!? Thanks! Can you tell me what you think is off in the rigging? All hiding in the rum hold off course?
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    MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    Thank you for all the kind words guys, I appreciate it! No no no, your eyes are lying to you! They can hold a canopy to keep the stairs below it dry. Perhaps I should add an actual canopy..hey great idea, thanks! The large ones are made from a pin joiner and a black palm tree trunk. I have explained the smaller ones in my sloop topic called El Gran Grin. You are correct sir, you may proceed to the next round! It wasn't my original idea I think, but I forgat where I stole it..
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    Three automated level crossings in a row...

    Great job and the movie is funny too! I wish I was better at this tech stuff...
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    Eslandolean Black Suede Shoes

    Hahahaha, very good! Did my talking about Elvis inspire you?
  25. Captain Green Hair

    HMS Ontario version 2

    Fantastic work! Indeed some of these ships came with oars, imagine having to row that... I do see one possible improvement, the gallerie windows should be angled. Seeing how you made them it should be possible to put the yellow plates offset around the glass. I hope that makes sense.