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  1. The perspective does round out the Razorcrest. I still will probably replace a few of the smaller light gray studs and grated 1x2 tiles with some silver and gunmetal ones I have on hand to give it more contrasting surface details.
  2. LurkingEhlek

    A selection of starfighters, A-Z

    I feel so dumb in hindsight for never thinking to use Mixel joints to articulate Vulture Droid Legs. I also like that headhunter color contrast. It is bright, jarring and tacky in the best of ways, like from a cheesy 1970s sci-fi film. Love it.
  3. LurkingEhlek

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I am pretty proud of how close I got here. $20 less and two of figures were only half right, but hey, I can still strike this one off the list. That Kuiil and Scout Trooper Microfighter better be in the pipeline though.
  4. You speak the truth. Is this a perfect set? Nah, but it is really formidable. The difference in mood here between before and after this reveal is night and day. Sure this set has those complaints about not having every figure (I am guilty of this for being bummed for no Kuiil). Though it is nothing compared to the gloom of "Evil" Disney "slaughtering" innocent sets due to their "terrible" movies leading to a death spiral for Lego while not giving into the "reasonable" demands for every named clone from TCW that has been going on the past few days. I am greatly exaggerating complaints, but that just comes from how civil and positive everyone is being now. After all, most of the anxiety stems from that uncertainty of a wave. Which gives me hope that when sets are actually shown, people will be more receptive.
  5. I am glad we are getting a scout trooper, but for those that have watched the show.
  6. This looks great. I do feel a little concerned Kuiil is absent because this was the best chance to get him, but the exterior model looks good. The Child looks perfect, the scout trooper is good to get, and we may get a slightly updated Mando in the final version. I also cannot blame them for the high price given how in demand the set will be. Unlike the Grievous Star fighter there is clear content here that I can bare the $20-30 dollars more.
  7. I liked all new movies, but at the same time the only one I actually committed getting most sets from was R1. I skipped the Tie and the rebel battle pack, but that was it. Honestly it all comes down to prices and timing.
  8. Is it possible that the cancelled sets were action battle sets due to them under performing? There is no way to know, but that seems like a possibility.
  9. Clearly a custom. Shame, but what you expect from a feed anyone can tag as a legoleak.
  10. I mean even if the RazorCrest is not a thing, which I doubt with that :), that ship is a matter of when rather than if.
  11. LurkingEhlek

    [Review] #75269 Duel on Mustafar

    I agree with the consensus that some of the red should have been swapped with some orange. I also think trans brown tiles could have covered some of the surface, making it look more molten obsidian look.
  12. Holiday figures aside, last year's advent had some strong choices like the Cloud Car Pilot, the Tantive Rebel redesign and exiled Luke. Would anyone say if the side figures in 2020 one is better or worse than that?
  13. I did not notice the Mando and Child Brickhead until now, that is a really nice surprise. I have never gotten a Brickhead, but I think I will make an exception for this one. I am also glad it was a set we did not know about on the list.
  14. One of the $30 sets being a Jedi Starfighter would not surprise me. Normally they hang around the $25 range, with exceptions to larger builds like the $40 Azure Angle from 2015 and the $20 Anakin's Jedi Starfighter from 2018, which was shockingly under priced for Lego. So a $30 fighter would be within reason. It would probably be an interceptor to be a cheap hero craft to fight the Soulless One. The only non interceptor fighter I could see is a remake of Plo Koon's due to him using it throughout the Clone Wars and even into Revenge of the Sith.
  15. The figures will have to do some heavy lifting for the AAT if it is that small, but I may get it anyway since it would be cheap. I have held off getting any sets with the Nights of Ren until it was clear that all would be released, and The Night Buzzard basically confirms this. I will bricklink Trudgen and Vicrul, but was already tempted to get the Command Shuttle, so now two big Villain ships are on my list. The size disparity between the two is going to be fun for display though.