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  1. And... are there any materials about magnet drive for train?
  2. ISD

    [MOC] TRABANT 601

    But how are they held in position?
  3. ISD

    [MOC] TRABANT 601

    But... How are radiators made? And the same about wheels.
  4. No. I think this can be used for holding the scene together.
  5. Basic R40 track + TrixBrix "R40+1/2" for narrow gauge. Maybe, later I'll print my own track.
  6. One example: It is driven using a belt + that yellow parts.
  7. Could someone help me to create motorized bogie for this track? It is for the steam engine, so valve gear is also needed. Loco formula would be 0-4-0 (or 0-4-2, but I will add back bogie later). Maximum width of the train is 5 studs. I can use only as wheels for this bogie.
  8. I'm working on a minimum gauge loco (3-stud gauge). Demo rails can be seen on the image. I need a bogie for a steam engine (0-4-0). It is limited in width: only 5 studs (with valve gear). And it must be motorised. I can use only as wheels for this train.