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  1. Jasseji

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    I didnt do anything in this regard yet, i just pulled a lego Technic string on one side and a piece of string on the other for now, will think about it later. Only change for now is redo the deck around the Main mast so i can put a 32 Technic axle through deck (so the mast is one piece and not divided by the deck) I also added "Boat Stud" par no. 2654 to the bottom so it slides better over the floor and and doesnt damage the Boat Hulls when sliding (Part 2654 is cheaper than the Brown Hulls so i have ordered a lot of them as wear replacement) I build it for playing for my Kid so rather like to keep the prefab Hulls
  2. Jasseji

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    You asked for progress (don't mind the capstan yet, it's a test and I miss one flat 2x2 in dark tan) https://imgur.com/gallery/6yKfox8
  3. Jasseji

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    If we look at the scales this way for scale connie with 11 Guns then the Mermaid would better be depicted as one of the 32-Gun 5th Rates rather than Endymion/Trinc (proportion math: 11 to 15 equals 9 to 12.3, 32-Guns had 12-13 Guns on each side of the Main Gundeck)
  4. Jasseji

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    Yep, my point Exactly, the cannons i plan for her for now will use Technic 2L Spacers (already ordered) but i am open to suggestions, at this scale when put next to the Anubis, only the Anubis should have the normal LEGO Cannons on the Lower Gundeck (as you already did = they would depict 24-32pdrs) and the Maiden should have some brickbuilt (maybe a little bit longer than the Barracuda Brig to depict the Brig having 9pdrs and the Maiden 12-18pdrs). If it comes to scale tho, the Anubis seems like one of the 50-gun 3rd Rates, like the HMS Leopard for instance, at least the amount of guns and port placement. The Connie is actually Huge for a Frigate, she's really a class of it's own But yes, you are right, the scaling needs to be adjusted and the Maiden would fit a Leda Class (well, perhaps maybe some of the smaller 32-36 Guns like Triton or Pallas Class)
  5. Jasseji

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    Ye i noticed the price increase when ordering too, pity the original Barracuda Bay slopes arent one brick shorter or i'd be happy to build here even in white (actually, she could become the Connie quite easily with some minor changes that way, the gundeck would have to be extended to have 15 Guns per side and details redone a bit but i think it's doable)
  6. Jasseji

    [WIP] “L’Anubis” - 3rd Rate Ship of the Line

    You have some GUTS man :D
  7. Jasseji

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    As for crew and what colors she will fly, well, i have 2x 21322 so 16 Pirates in Total but only 3 Soldiers (plus the 2 Skeletons with Chakos :D), that would leave the Soldiers at a big disadvantage unfortunately. However, she might also become an HMHV like Jack Aubrey's Surprise (His Majesty's Hired Vessel) so would only require the Officers to be in Uniform and the rest can be just regular Sailors
  8. Jasseji

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    aaah now i need to get parts for this one as well after i Build the Fer Maiden...
  9. Jasseji

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    Hey, i want to build her as designed if it comes to coloring, in regards to the mods tho, my first would be to make custom cannons base on those from La Grenouille MOC (mostly because of cost of Cannons, I only have 3 available after my kid took possession of the other 5). Second I am thinking to change the capstan to 4L axle with 1L Technik spacer and use string instead of the lego string with studs but here I am still experimenting with the string drive to make the capstan switchable from left to right anchor
  10. Jasseji

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    I just wanted to say, from a Ship=Modeller point of view that this is really superb and as soon as the extra parts i ordered come in, i will build her (actually started already just took a break after i ran out of parts) I will be building her and maybe do some adaptations should the need arise :D
  11. Jasseji


    Hi, does anyone still have those instructions ? The website doesnt seem to work
  12. i go the program to work correctly, i am trying to figure out now how to add the PU Controller, so i can control the trains via App AND controller at the same time - did you try this ever ? The dosumentation is not very clear from Lego side unfortunately...
  13. i am sorry, it is my fault, i chose the "program" option when creating the project and there those blocks are not visible - my fault
  14. Hi, i was trying to decipher your guide but i seem to be missing some of the Options in the App (The custom Controllers like sliders etc,) was there any change between the versions ? All manuals i find Refer to a lot of Custom Controllers and i am at a loss if i it wrong ?
  15. Thanks all, I already got the braided fishing line 0,6mm, it's a bit thinner than the original lego wire but works brilliant, now I need to figure out all the other stuff