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  1. Jasseji

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    This Mod rocks, sadly it's very hard to even get a second set (i do have one and hope when the 3-in-1 comes out, the Inn will be somehow combinable with the leftover island)
  2. Jasseji

    [MOD] 21322 - Alternate Model

    @Dorino i just finished the build and converted to full ship, also now i am looking at the Island and feeling it a bit lacking - your idea is something that i really thought of (but i do have some lego city sets too from which i might be able to make an 17th/18th century style "Carribean Mansion") Any chance you decide to publish instructions for your build ?
  3. Jasseji

    42108 mods and improvements

    sure but at the moment i am tempted by the new Pirate set, if wife permits :D
  4. Jasseji

    42108 mods and improvements

    i hate you @M_longer i only finished your version of the carrier rebuild (granted, i'ts better than my idea but i think mine was a bit more stable on the front/back wobble) And now you post another creation which i HAVE to build (propably will need to get another one of the set :P)
  5. Jasseji

    42108 Upgraded Carrier

    @M_longer just a question, it seems that rebrickable lists the additional parts wrong - it requires 432 extra parts or total 432 parts ? Rebrickable only lists extra 150 parts
  6. Jasseji

    42108 Upgraded Carrier

    yess, thnak you very much :)
  7. Jasseji

    42108 mods and improvements

    yes, 2 studs on each side, i know but my 4-year old needs at least the back outriggers because he plays with it constantly :D i can always rebuild it with your version later on ;)
  8. Jasseji

    42108 mods and improvements

    I am lazy and ordered the outriggers from 42043 and i hope i will be able to use them (at least the back should work), the retracting mechanism i found something like this but it's not my priority: http://www.ichibantoys.com/blog/lego-technic-building-tip-motorized-extendable-outriggers/?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=Social If it doesnt work then i wait for your design ;)
  9. Jasseji

    42108 mods and improvements

    Great, i cant wait, i mostly wonder how you worked the steering around the outriggers in the front - i got the back mostly figured out and parts are on their way but i am baffled how to handle the front part (meaning, the steering gears are in the way)
  10. Jasseji

    42108 mods and improvements

    Sorry @M_longer i think we kinda hijacked your thread here :) i wanted to ask - how long is the list of additional parts for your modification (if you have calculated it already) ?
  11. Jasseji

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    Seems that the Superstructure can easily fit 4x PF Medium Motors (Boom Extension, XL Actuator, Winch, Superstrucure Rotation) and a Buwizz Battery Hub (although the Black Counterweight part would need to be Extended by 3 Studs to fit the Hub) and the Manual controls have to be removed for it to work
  12. Jasseji

    42108 mods and improvements

    right, that's what i thought - the new differentials are in the unofficial part database for LDCad actually ;) can you share the full LDCAD file of the original model or is it a no-go ? Edit: is there any specific reason you are using the small turntable to connect the drivetrain frames ?
  13. Jasseji

    42108 mods and improvements

    sorry for the follow-up but i have a question regarding the differentials: I've loaded the model in LDCad and notice that in place of the 2-part differential there is a red 28 cog wheel 46372 and 2 pieces 98585. Is this an error on my part or a placeholder ? (i am experienced with CAD Programs in genral but still learning LDCad) Would this also work with the 62821b differential actually ? (i assume then the 12-cog wheel 32270 would need to be changed to 32269 20 cog but that would change the gear relation then)
  14. Jasseji

    42108 mods and improvements

    Got it, thanks for the quick reply, no rush on the files tho but it will be apprecieted (i want to build the original for manual play first anyway)
  15. Jasseji

    42108 mods and improvements

    Cheers, this is exactly what i was looking for, with this rebuild i think a full motorisation might be possible :) The steering i'd love to see and of course how do you plan to connect the suspension? i notice that the drivetrain is bolted to the upper chassis in the back and front - wouldnt it be better to use some kind of free floating thing so the drivetrain is only connected vie suspension? Any idea how to get the list of addon parts required ? I just got this set for my kid, he is too small to build it by himself but i believe he will be able to play (and even better if i can manage to make some kind of RC, at least partial) Cheers and great design