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  1. Thanks all, I already got the braided fishing line 0,6mm, it's a bit thinner than the original lego wire but works brilliant, now I need to figure out all the other stuff
  2. hm, i mostly meant the optics, so it isnt much thinner than the original rope
  3. what size did you take (diameter) ?
  4. Jasseji

    Sbrick vs Buwizz

    Well, i am fine with ALL getting the power boost (i can always gear them down if those 4 are too fast), my main problem is, i dont have enough power for driving the model from a single XL Motor when using 9V Battery Pack (Crane 42082)
  5. Jasseji

    Sbrick vs Buwizz

    So let me get this straight, i can use a Buwizz as battery Box, set say one port for 11V and another for 9V, connect an SBrick to each of the "Power" ports and then connect my Motors to the SBricks ? (the 11V port would have 3 Motors, the 9V 4 motors - only the "9V SBrick" would have motors running concurrently, for the "11V" only one of the motors would run at the same time) I seem to have space in my model to Exchange one of the SBricks for a Buwizz (actually in place of the Lego Battery Box) but on the spot where the 2nd SBrick is located there doesnt seem enough space for a 2nd BuWizz, otherwise i would just buy 2)
  6. Ok, so i went aheand and got the RC instructions from custombricks, put it all together, was less work than i thought (a lot of sections can be detached and then reassembled, basically it;s just the center and superstructure gearbox which need to be ripped apart, rest can be attached with some minor modifications) Additionally i did the 3-stage boom based on Grove GMK6400 from the forums here. After launching it i regret having bought the SBricks, should have gone for Buwizz, i can see two of them could be easily squeezed in place of the SbRicks (which would solve the 360deg rotation problem too and add a bit more power dues to having the option to go 11.5V instead of 9V) For now i am looking to replace the AA Batteries inside the BB for 3x LiFePO4 3.2V rechargables to get a little bit more kick into it (even after changing the gear ratio from the XL Motor, the model struggles on thicker carpets) I am searching in vane for any designs for Y-Guying/Luffing for a Mobile Crane. no matter if manual or automatic deployment, i would like to somehow support the fully extended boom. Anyone any ideas ? PS: where do you guys get those longer strings ? i cant find any decent string anywhere...
  7. Thank you for the pics and input, i've decided to go the Custombricks route for now, first because of the PF Motors being a lot cheaper at the moment and second, because i can use an IR Remote for driving the crane (disconnect 2 cables from Sbrick and put them on an IR Receiver). This will allow my kid to have a better play experience (he likes to drive those things, Daddy or Mama has to do the rest :P) I know there is a remote for C+ as well but i have PF motors and receiver/Remote already ;) Also, i will be trying to work out a way to add a second battery box to the chassis (hence removing the 360Deg limitation)
  8. okj, does it have multiple positions or just 90deg each direction ? anyway, i will be looking to rebuild the 42082 after i come back from this business trip and i will be deeply looking at your pics to see what motors you put and how exactly ;)
  9. Ah OK, so servos are now there for C+? I thought about the battery stuff as well to put 2 battery boxes in it but use the instructions from CB just change for C+ Motors (maybe use smaller ones) I have game controllers lying around too, my most problem is designing the changes :)
  10. Can you elaborate why it turned out impossible to swap the motors used by CB for the new ones ? I have thought about doing it with the new Motors as well but honestly dont know where to start :D
  11. Sorry, i am indeed blind and braindead - i actually figured it out when looking closer at the pic ;)
  12. Hello, i have looked over your instructions and tried to build the boom as well, what i dont understand however, how is the 3rd sections upposed to be driven ? if i fix the string on the last hole of Section 3 and then pull it through to section 3, there is no "drive" there to move it Am i stupid or blind, i dont see how it should work ;)
  13. Jasseji

    42108 Tow Truck alternate build

    Haha, sorry, my son decided to disassemble it so i'm thinking of what to build next :D
  14. Jasseji

    [MOC] Rubbish Terrain Crane

    @suffocation that's a marvellous build - i have a question - do your outriggers manage to lift the model off the ground ? In any case, would you consider releasing instructions for the Outrigger units alone ? Regards, Jacek :)
  15. ye i know, i have seen a few different designs and will look which to implement, TBH best would be with the new Technic BT Hub with 4x ports but i;m not really sure these 2 big boxes can be hidden inside the model somehow (i know about SBrick tho but i was thinking PoweredUP is the Future and Powerfunctions will be discontinued soon) At the moment tho i am fighting with the supports, for RC it's not feasilbe to take out those under-foot pads and extending the supports by 2 studs (changing those 5 hole beams to 7-hole) doesnt really bring much (same problem as with 42108 but at least here in the 42082 the chassis is wide enough that it could house the 2-piece suppors as used on the Mack but i dont know how to motorise them fully)