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  1. Hi! I'm starting this topic to ask if anyone knows the best tools to cut through a lego part? Because I would like to cut the shoulder pad (rounded area on the pic) from a part from BrickWarriors because its on the wrong side and I found a better one for my custom minifig, but i'd like to simply keep the torso from that part but i do not know which tool to use. Thanks in advance to anyone who will reply!
  2. Can you stop gatekeeping like this because this is like extremely pathetic
  3. mmmh you do make a good point. Although i think there could be some potentially cool sets to make out of the mandalorian soldiers from the siege or the bad batch and perhaps an ahsoka maul duel set i don't think they're gonna like make *that* much more clone wars sets, to be honest i just hope we get some mauldalorians somewhere between late 2020 and early 2021
  4. Guys, Considering we have a new Clone Wars box art for these set with the lil Ahsoka clone trooper on the top right, do you think there are more clone wars sets coming in late 2020/2021?
  5. i didnt have any particular expectations tbh but just looking at it is like,,,, how are they gon make money out of this lol (even tho i know boba fett is very popular and anything from him sells but like,,,,, idk man)
  6. i get it but that and busts sounds rlly underwhelming imo (just my opinion doe)
  7. I'm seriously worried we might just get busts and a D-0 for the april wave lol
  8. I have a question, are we only getting 2 busts, a giant D-0 and a random set for the spring wave or are we getting a little more? i'm a little confused