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  1. Manu15

    MOC Truck with trailer

    I would really like to build it and as soon as I have money left, I will buy all the pieces. I hope to find everything. In the meantime I try to get to 10K supporters on Lego Ideas so maybe Lego decides to produce it…….
  2. Manu15

    My layout under construction

    Woow beautiful! I envy you a lot, I don't have room to make a construction like this, and besides, I'm not so clever and creative. How long did it take you to build it?
  3. Manu15

    MOC Truck with trailer

    Thanks. I designed and built it with Studio and I didn't think that the pieces I used were not available in all colors Next time I will pay more attention.
  4. Manu15

    MOC Truck with trailer

    Hi! I´m new on EB. This is my first post and i hope I have chosen the right forum. I wanted to show you my project that I also shared on Lego ideas, to get your opinion. Thanks to everyone for the comments that I hope you will leave. Manù15