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  1. Reinder

    1980 Something Space

    Wow, just wow! What an amazing site. Thanks to your site I spent this weekend building classic space sets with my five year old son. Hoping he will have the same nostalgic feelings when he get's my age. Your photography is top notch, the lay-out is terrific, it's just perfect. Thanks for making this!
  2. Thanks everyone! I just found another red pneumatic cylinder in the lot! So I think I’ll skip trying to open the other one for now. Until my son get’s hold of this one
  3. Ok, thanks. I'm still not certain how to open it. But I now know it won't go in an easy way
  4. Hi, Bought a nice lot yesterday with some interesting technic parts. My five year old started building right away and was very interested in the pneumatic cylinders that were in there. But as it goes with five year olds, he was also a little too excited with pumping away the cylinder and that resulted in the seperation of the piston and the cylinder. It does not look to be broken off, but I'm not sure if it's fixable or not. I want to try to repare it, but I don't know how to open it. I've seen some posts about opening the cylinder but they are always the later versions. This is the red one which was only in one set: 8040 building set. (part number 4688c01) Does anyone have some tips about opening it and if it's reparable or not? Thanks!