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  1. Darth Absentis

    What is your favorite UCS Set of all time?

    as much as i think the executor gets to much hate...yea...also slave one ucs set here It is amazing how many details they fit in it, and it is minifigure scaled, and got interior, which i love.
  2. Darth Absentis

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    a new tie bomber would be nice, but i rather would like to see a play set of that, not an ucs set. same for the republic gunship. nebulon B would be perfect for ucs, simply because it would be hard to make a play set out of it.
  3. Darth Absentis

    LEGO Speed Champions - Wishlists and Future Speculation

    Call me crazy, but i just walt lego to produce a minifigure scaled 8 stud wide minicooper or volkswagen golf, and a 8 to 9 stud wide van like the golfwagen transporter or mercedes sprinter, that can be converted from a 5 or 7 seater into a camping van, along with a dodge ram 1500 or ford f150 car and maybe an 8 stud wide luxury sedan like the volkswagen phaeton or mercedes s classe or audi a8 as for to how to fit 5 lego figures together on 9 studs, it is quite doable by using 2x1 plates with 1 knob and using panels on the sides. 1 figure in center, the 2 other figures each on 2 2x1 plates with one knob, so they are both raised a bit and also take in less space, and then just a plate on each side sure for something as blocky as a van this should not be much trouble heck, want it even easier, just have the middle figure just sit one stud more in front then the other 2 on the back row, then they will only take up less then 8 studs, and not 8 what i would find equally important though, would be to have more interior detail instead. I would like a dashboard, i would like a center console, i maybe would like a steering wheel that can move a bit, i would like sliding doors on my van, maybe even regular doors on the other cars, i would like a center console in my audi a8 at the back for the passenger, i would like a trunk, i would like a hood that opens up to reveal an engine that is prefferably 3 dimensional, also good as a print, still awsome enough to be a sticker on a 2x2 tile. and in fact no, i do not need them to be racers per se at all, but i want to see about the same quality the current new line of speed champions got, while still not being like made up lego city vehicles. edit: and neither i want more actual scaled up models that are not minifigure scaled either
  4. Darth Absentis

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    One single mold ? indeed not happening if scaled like what it should be, still then same could be said about the mosasaurus, which if i am not mistaken should be about the same size then. what would be how ever more then doable is to implement a combination of mold and brick parts, which is actually already kinda happening with the current rex figures. Really can not help to note that in actuality, those figures do exist out of several different parts, not just one mold with maybe an extra part for the tail and the head, which is in fact something they did do back in the early days with the adventurers theme. I mean, yes, it will involve having a lot of new molds implemented, but it is not something they have not done before Also, a brick build version of either of those is not completely out of the question, especially not since we got a giant brick build rex last year, which still surprises me by it's existence.