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  1. Hopefully a Porsche-sized Corvette instead :)
  2. That's good to know I'm doing the right thing 👍
  3. I've seen what looks to be some new pics of the new Mercedes Truck and heavy duty tow truck. They look pretty decent, not for me though. The pics have confidential stamped on the so I'm thinking I can't post it
  4. I think we could be starting to look at an increase in the what I'll call "medium" sized sets or smaller sets with RC/control+. I think this kind of services a lot of current technic fans, you have one group that prefer mechanical playability and another group that prefer "remote" playability. I'm ok with the current releases of the "ultimate" sets, for me I know there's one every two years as I'm only really interested in the cars, not so much the construction sets. As I'm sure there is the opposite to me who prefer the construction sets and don't give a shit about the cars. I'm in no way saying that there isn't a crossover between the two of course. One thing I'd like to see more of though, whether the set is branded or not, is more official B models
  5. Has anybody heard anything on the last of the unnamed sets for this year?
  6. That's probably fair enough. Any company wouldn't want "reviews" based on something they never bought because they don't like the price. If that was the case i'd leave a negative review for everything, as nothing in life costs what I WANT to pay
  7. At least this link suggests there may be 6 sets in the 2h unlike the 4 mentioned previously. Hope this is correct
  8. MarkyMark42

    42128 - American Tow Truck

    Something to tow the Osprey
  9. Haven't even bought my 1st wave sets yet :)
  10. So my fellow Aussies out there, do we have a release date for the new sets yet? On the Lego site it says Jan 1 but that doesn't seem right does it?
  11. I really liked the Land Rover so I'm not opposed to a successor. Being a car guy the rest of the 2nd half sets don't really interest me at all. If the timing was better they could have made a new Ford Ranger (ute, pick up, truck, depending on where you're from) and it's a shared platform with the next VW Amarok. Could have killed made something a little different and still appeased the IP :)
  12. I'll just say that I like cars, motorsport etc so for me I like all the cars they do. In saying that I do like other themes as well as it gives my wallet a rest They do seem to alternate yearly with the flagship sets though don't they? So i would be expecting some type of construction vehicle or the like in the second half of 2021. If the 2nd half of next year is largely non-car related then it would even the count and if that were the case, maybe Lego should have split the car releases up between 1HY and 2HY
  13. Yep another Aussie here, luckily I'm not in a hurry to get them and will be waiting for the sales. I got a bloody Osprey for less than the Ferrari