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  1. I already wonder what are gonna be the villains for next year... I know JttW has a lot of demons so I wonder which ones are next, I would like them to go with sea demons next. 


    Also, is this the first time Lego actually uses the word "demon" in a set? 

  2. 1 hour ago, THELEGOBATMAN said:

    Lego is always taking down leaks, it's not something special. Until Lego reveals something themselves, you can consider it a leak, which Lego will always take down. Doesn't matter if it's Monkie Kid, Ninjago or Harry Potter, Lego will always chase leaks.

    So you shouldn't worry about not getting leaks of those sets. It happens every year - sets leak, Lego takes them down. It is what it is.

    Yeah, we will get them at one point. Anyway, there is someone on instagram right now demanding leaks and it's quite hilarious. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Guyon2002 said:

    Looks like the headphones were created for Monkie Kid instead of Hidden Side (doesn't necessarily mean they won't show up in HS sets though)

    Could those headphones fit Parker with her hairpiece though? I have the 2019 Parker and looking at that piece I'm not sure if it can... I'm not even sure if it would look good on her. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, Metanoios91 said:

    The first arc of the animated series is about protecting the city and civilians from the invasion of the Demon Bull (Mech) King's army and the evil demon sorceress behind him (Princess Iron Fan). It's nice to have a few screaming and running civilians to complete the scene

    I wonder if the designs on the box are how they will look like in s possible animated series. If the series is 2D like that I think it would be pretty damn cool. 

  5. The cargo ship is a real winner here. I don't know why but the way it's made makes me fall in love with it, maybe because of how colorful it is? :laugh:

    The prices are dissapointing though and waaay too many themes man. I mean, I have to decide which sets I will get from Ninjago, Hidden Side and now this theme. 

  6. Just now, Anak said:

    Yes, I know it works, but i was trying to point out, that LEGO now compete with it's own brand. I slowly phased out Ninjago theme before I introduce -another similar- new one.

    Maybe they prepare ninjago for retiring? Next year it will mark a decade since the theme started. Just like Bionicle did. 

  7. Between this, ninjago and hidden side. I don't even know what to do. There is this crisis too. Man, hopefully we get hidden side and ninjago pictures soon(by soon I mean Today:laugh:) so I can start looking at which set to buy. 

    7 minutes ago, Lego-Freak said:

    There‘s a light blue version of the mohawk-cat in one of the sets :laugh: Is the blue guy a shape-shifter? I‘m not all that familiar with Journey to the West 

    Maybe he is? Or the cat is going too much to his gym :laugh:

    Idk why but the mohawk-cat gives me badass vibes just by looking at it :grin:

  8. Just now, Robert8 said:

    We are still missing one leaked minifigure: the all white villain lady with new hairpiece

    I think Ninja_whip said she comes in Ninjago. Thought I don't think she will fit in that knight aesthetic. Waiting for those set pictures now... 

  9. Just now, Fenghuang0296 said:

    Seriously? Sixteen more sets or sixteen total sets? Because a twenty-four-set debut wave (or even combination of the first two waves) sounds incredibly unlikely, not even Mario’s getting that. Not even the Movies got that. 

    I think he refers to the set numbers ending. 

  10. Just now, Fenghuang0296 said:

    I know right?! The Monkey King Mech is so gorgeous! And it’s actually the only set to come with a structure side build, and a pretty chunky one too . . The King Mech and the White Horse Bike, those are the two I want from this theme. I don’t care if I don’t have anywhere to put it, for a mech that gorgeous I’ll install a new shelf just to display it. 

    We get another side build with the son of fire vehicle.