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  1. 14 hours ago, Peppermint_M said:

    A true space opera style minidoll theme would be super. Rayguns and colourful aliens, exploration, maybe a diva of a Space Empress to provide the conflict. A real Raygun Gothic aesthetic with a lot of colour.

    That would be great. I think it would be fun if the aliens would have a new minidoll head and be based on the big grey alien head but they have different colors. This way scifi fans could also use them for mocs. I was thinking also of either a fairy or witch theme, I was watching a Disney show from the 00s called W.I.T.C.H. and I think it would be neat to take some inspiration from it. 

    Just now, Digger of Bricks said:

    Absolutely with you guys on the Space theme idea, especially if it went the Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers route aesthetically. A Minidoll Space theme wouldn't likely be inhibited or affected by Star Wars; and because of Star Wars, we may never see an in-house minifigure-based Space Opera theme anyway, so a Minidoll one would be the ticket. Sure, I'd lament that it hasn't minifigures that'd be more useful to me, but at least it'd likely offer new raygun and headgear molds and recolors that can be "figbarfed" for custom purist minifigures; and if the spacecraft builds are as awesome as General Mayhem's craft was, then I'd be sold. :sweet:

    Don't forget new aliens! I love those goblins the sets gave us back in 2017. I think such a theme could also have a variety of colors for alien fauna. 

    I looked upon Lego Movie 2 concept art and found this:


    Very interesting vehicles for the minidolls, everyone can see why they didn't get approved,probably. 

  2. So, there is one theme that I'm so sorry I didn't buy any sets from it and that one is Lego Elves, I've looked at the sets and it looks like the theme was a pretty good success lasting for 4 years while other themes don't last even 3 years. So, I suppose this means we'll get another action minidolls theme, what would you want to see? Fantasy? Sci Fi? Horror? Adventurers? I think a minidoll space theme using colorful aliens like Sweet Mayhem would be something unique. 

  3. Just now, Lucarex said:

    Sorry but no, no and no.

    The theme really needs to stick closer to its origin setting, otherwise what’s the point of it being Ninjago at all? 

    Look at NK and the disastrous “vampires”, there’s a warning right there...

    I think it already lost that origin with the summer sets. And if Monkie Kid will release worldwide then there is even more reason to do what I said. What other villains do you suggest for them to fight before it gets stale. More snake? 

  4. So, we got:



    -2013:Stone warriors 


    -2015:Anacondrai cultists and ghosts

    -2016:Sky pirates and all old villains

    -2017:Vermilion snakes and Shark army 

    -2018:Sons of Garmadon and dragon hunters

    -2019:Fire snakes and Ice samurai

    -2020:Videogame villains and fantasy villains

    So, what's next for Ninjago in terms of villains? We've seen that snakes are pretty popular and the 2020 summer villains are a departure from what we've had before. What would you like in terms of bad guys? 

    I would like:



    -sea monster pirates(something like PotC Davy Jones crew,ninjas going underwater could be fun) 



  5. On 4/25/2020 at 3:36 AM, BlueberryWaffles said:

    This is disappointing news for me, as I was looking forward to seeing what else would come of the current franchise. I assume this means the Billion Brick Race and Batman sequel are all canned?

    Yes, both are cancelled. I am happy Billion Brick Race is cancelled, after seeing that concept art. Ugh. 


    On 4/25/2020 at 6:40 AM, legozebra said:

    Gonna be honest, I'm not looking forward too much to this. Universal doesn't have the best track record for making good animated movies, and is especially notorious for producing and animating films on the lowest budget possible, with reused assets, scenery, etc. While the Second Part was not as good as the first film, and the Batman and Ninjago movies had increasingly diminishing returns, this feels like a steep downgrade. I really hope the animation style at least stays the same or similar to the style of the previous films, but who knows what will happen at this point.

    Depends, if the new Lego movies are moved to Dreamworks we might get some interesting films. I would love if the team that worked on How to train your Dragon would work on these films, or even Shrek. 

  6. 15 hours ago, Lego David said:

    I really hope they do something original instead of another IP crossover. I wasn't a fan of the LEGO Batman movie, and didn't like all the random IP's thrown into LEGO Movie 2... I really hope Universal's LCU won't be like that. 

    Since this contract with Universal is supposed to last for 5 years, when should we expect for the next LEGO Movie to come out?

    Well, with the current climate is hard to tell, though not all animated movies suffer from this. I would say 2022 maybe? Or 2023. They need to get a director, writers, cast, etc. To make a team, I know some of the producers from the WB films will return here. I hope the animation is the same as the other films and not something like DVD films. I also think they might make it set in the same universe as the other films but use new characters for them. Again, Ninjago movie didn't acknowledge the other Lego movies so I suppose they could just reboot it. But the animation should be the same. Maybe we get an announcement at licensing expo this year, it will be online. 

  7. 6 hours ago, Robert8 said:

    I dont think these will be China exclusive. Not after seeing the pics.

    Its been pointed out by some of us that this looks very similar to Ninjago (as the whole theme) ... and Ninjago works in USA and Europe. So, one would think MK will sell there as well

    It would be odd if TLG dont try it at least for the first wave

    After the reveal of the whole Ninjago 2020 wave, you can see they went in a complete different direction this year. Its easy to assume the reason is that Ninjago and MK will be sharing shelves 

    Yeah, I think this is the case. Now I wonder how the theme will sell in reality, I believe it will be a success because of obvious reasons but who knows. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Robert8 said:

    They should have made them like the Overwatch: One side showing the normal build, and the other one the paranormal side

    But it does show the normal build, the back of the Overwatch sets wasn't eye pleasing either. 

    So, since the sad ghost is not in hidden side or ninjago... Where is that one from? 

  9. 5 hours ago, Lyichir said:

    There's really no reason to assume Hidden Side is ending at this point. I wouldn't rule out the possibility, but there's really no concrete evidence one way or the other (and likely won't be until either the story reaches a conclusion or we go more than a half year without new sets, since Lego rarely makes a big to-do about themes reaching the end of their lifespan).

    And there's certainly no way of knowing how Monkie Kid will sell before the sets are even out. AFOLs are often notoriously bad at prognosticating the sales for a theme, especially one that's new or different, and to be honest even Lego has no way of being 100% certain a theme will be popular until they have the actual sales data in hand. Add to that the massive, unprecedented uncertainty added by launching during a global pandemic, and to be honest anything could happen.

    Well, I agree with the points you brought in. Maybe it's just the negativity the new sets got. 

  10. I love this castle! I'm going to get J. B. 's submarine, the firetruck and the castle. 

    I just wish the prison had one more ghost head for the new guy or replaced it with another guard or thief. Very dissapointing. 

    The submarine grew a lot on me, I like the minifigs and the new shark. 

    The firetruck is great, I see the Slenderman guy has that kind of scepter that the other smaller one has in the castle, same character? 

    The castle is the real winner. Love it! If this is the end, I think it can do it for me. 

  11. Just now, BrickJagger said:

    And if we were in 2006 you would have told me the exact same thing about both Space and Castle. This forum is getting old enough to the point where it's starting to repeat itself :tongue:

    I'll quote this in a few years for ya.

    I don't think the pause between Life on Mars and Mars Mission was as long as Galaxy Squad and...now. I just lost my hope. 

  12. 1 minute ago, BrickJagger said:

    If they knew that with the kind of accuracy you claim they have, there would never be a Lego theme that sold poorly. Clearly that's not the case. Companies can make mistakes, or lose their way. Lego freely admits that that applied to them as recently as '04. We'll probably never know how well Hidden Side actually sold, or why it kept going and bucked the trend of short-lived action themes.

    That's ridiculous and defeatist.

    How is it defeatist? Maybe we will get a few sets in creator but I can't see Lego do, let's say another theme like Alien Conquest or Space Police III. 

  13. 9 minutes ago, danth said:

    This is what I don't get. Who is this theme supposed to appeal to? Who's buying these sets? I just don't get it. There's no way this theme is selling well, is there? Friends is a knockout for girls, boys love Ninjago, so what's the point of this theme? Maybe angsty teens are supposed to be buying these?

    I can't possibly believe some straight up non-licensed Space and Castle sets wouldn't blow these out of the water in terms of sales. If LEGO can crank out these shelf warmers, they can certainly bring back some much beloved and missed themes.

    I think Lego knows better what sells and what doesn't. If the first hidden side wave didn't sell then it would've been dead already. Space and castle themes will never come back as we knew them so I stopped hoping for them, only way for them to return is either through a Lego movie or ninjago. 


    I wonder if the change of the ghosts has something to do with China being against supernatural...