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  1. With the delays of the MCU films I wonder how Lego will approach set releases. Are the Eternals sets still releasing in october? The film got pushed for february. Next year we have Eternals, Shang Chi, Spiderman and Doctor Strange so I guess we won't get so many comic book sets... I don't get why Lego isn't doing lots of sets like they do with Star Wars, Marvel is the strongest IP now. 

  2. The Mario figure starts to grow on me but I really hope by next year we get normal minifig sets with new additions for these(if they sell). Might buy the starter but not at full price. Bowser's castle looks very nice and if we do get minifigures I wouldn't mind a brick built Bowser instead of a new mould. 

  3. 15 minutes ago, TheBrickBuilder14 said:

    Yes, that could definitely work! The will be a new Amazon series set in the same world so maybe that will provide some momentum for Lego to consider it.

    Doesn't that mean Lego would have to make a deal with Amazon? Also, I'm not sure if Lego would make sets based on it, the show might even be R rated. 

    There is a new Percy Jackson Disney+ series in the works, I think sets based on the property would be nice(please ignore the movies). 

  4. I made this thread to discuss licensed themes you wish/dream to come out and speculation. Not rumours. 

    What licensed themes would you like to see in the future? Which ones do you think are possible? I was speculating that next year we might see Space Jam 2 sets though I'm not sure if LeBron would approve of toys with his likeness. I would also love DUNE sets even though it probably wouldn't happen. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Lego David said:

    Though I can see this line being popular amoug Chinse kids, that harsh comment from Brickset suggests that Chinse AFOLs aren't big on this line... And as a result, they probably wouldn't buy the sets for themselves nor for their kids. 

    So yeah, it seems like this line has quite a lot going against it being successful...:sceptic:

    That's just like one individual dude,he might even be a troll as a lot of racism started to grow against China. I think the theme will be a success in China. 

    11 minutes ago, LOTR34 said:

    I highly doubt every Chinese AFOL feels that way.What I think is going to hurt this theme are the prices and the availability of those sets,from what I understand normal retailers don't sell those sets.

    This. I really don't understand why the sets are so expensive in the rest of the wolrd. I wonder if this is more like a test to see how much are people willing to pay...

  6. 39 minutes ago, Lego David said:

    Are you sure it was this year? We know most (if not everything) that is coming out this year, and none of it is a returning theme. 

    He said "An old LEGO theme went out of production many years, will return this year". No idea, I mean, do we really know all the themes? Or maybe it's just one set, we had no idea we get Super Mario until it was officially announced. 

  7. 48 minutes ago, Bloquerto said:

    Hello everyone (I'm new here so I present myself if it's needed). Now, for ideas of new villains I would like say something before: from season 11 to this new season 13, the series its divided by chapters. We have the fire chapter (a Kai centered season), the ice chapter (Zane centered season), the lightning chapter (Prime Empire/Jay centered season) and now we will have MoM (season 13/Cole centered season) so to me it makes sense that we will have a Water and Energy seasons (Nya and Lloyd, respectively). So I think the next will be cool:

    Water chapter: A season underwater. The villains could be another tribe of sea serpentine (eels) or fishmen (like in Atlantis theme). The side character (as Akita or Scott) could be a mermaid. The sets would be a lot of structures like temples or something with some sea creatures. It could be also a season featuring another bounty hunters as Ronin but evil ones. In season 5 Nya and Ronin had a lot of interaction so it makes sense to me. The sets would be a lot of vehicles for good and bad guys with a playset and also one of the sets could be a new Ronin Rex.

    Energy Chapter: I think it would be cool if this chapter is about rescuing Garmadon that was captured by an evil team of ninjas. Each ninja will face a evil one. For the sets, they can include a new martial art similar to Spinjitsu but for the bad guys as a gimmick, structures like a fortress and some vehicles or dragons. 

    Other ideas that I have:
    - A monster season. Instead of yokai I think more in classic monsters like vampires, zombies, werewolfs, a Frankestein bigfig, mummies. This would be a homage to Monster Fighters. The sets could be a big castle and other rooms that connects to make a bigger castle (like Hogwarts in Harry Potter sets).
    - Insects minifigs like in Galaxy Squad. Sets could be giant insects and other vehicles.
    - Ancient formlings (like Akita) that transform in dinosaurs. 

    Garmadon is still alive? I didn't watch the show a lot after Hunted. 

  8. On 4/29/2020 at 3:43 PM, Digger of Bricks said:

    With you too on that, I just loved that movie's spacecraft designs! :blush: They had just right balance of comic strip colorfulness balanced with a more worn, retro/rustic charm that you'd otherwise see from Star Wars. A Space theme with spacecraft designs much like this guy's work would be pretty sweet to see for instance... 

    ArtStation - Alejandro Burdisio


    I wonder if the sets would be toned down to not be too complicated. Elves was more complicated compared to friends in sets. 

  9. 12 minutes ago, Lego David said:

    As much as I would like to see a Space Mini Doll theme, i'm not sure exactly how much that would appeal to the target demographic of young girls. 

    I don't think it's impossible. Also, demographics change. I looked yesterday on a Lego commercial, for Frozen II, I think? And it had a boy playing with girls, I was quite impressed by that. I think Lego would make the sets for both genders to enjoy. Look at the Elves sets for example, later on they got more action oriented (which I'm curious if that was a reason to end it or they just thought that's all they could do with the concept). 

  10. Just now, Digger of Bricks said:

    Then again, would Lego do a theme with undead zombies as its focus? Maybe they'd instead go the route of brainwashed, curable zombies, as undead infected corpses might be a bit too morbid (at least as a playtheme's central antagonists).

    To say the truth, I never thought lego would do parody sets of Mad Max like in Ninjago Hunted and TLM2 so I'm prepared for them to surprise us. Maybe, cyborg zombies?