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  1. 19 hours ago, Lego-Freak said:

    They're intended for the Chinese market. If it weren't for the new rules on region exclusivity they've introduced this year, this theme probably wouldn't even be sold outside of China at all :shrug_oh_well: They could be underestimating how well the theme would do in the rest of the world, but I don't think they would make such a decision lightly. Maybe us adults care more about it than Western kids would

    After watching the first two episodes I think the series has potential, not as a good lego series. But as a GOOD animated series. Which is above all the lego shows we got. The animation is 10/10. I wish I knew chinese though so I could understand what they were saying. 


  2. 44 minutes ago, Ghostcat said:

    My friend got his Helicarrier yesterday ! The rail pieces are ONLY for assembling the set. They are basically chocks for the wheels so it doesnt move about during construction, You take them off later in the build! 
    weird Lego has started doing builds like this! Monkie Kid has a build where the trike has hinges to help build but they get locked in place later!  
    Hopefully mine is here tommorow!

    Does the Helicarrier have enough place inside for minifigures or not? 

  3. I hope we get all the Eternals in the sets but this might limit the number of Deviants we get because there are a lot of them. 


    1 minute ago, Quicksilver838 said:

    Sets like Iron Man Vs Ultron Drones or Captain America Vs Outriders were $10. On that basis, we could expect a small vehicle or place, one or two Eternals, and a couple of Deviants

    As for Black Knight, I expect he'll be in 2 sets, one as Dane Whitman, the other as Black Knight, but I agree with you that BK would likely be in the biggest set

    I think we will get only him dressed as Black Knight(if he wears the suit). 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Lego-Freak said:

    Don't forget the CMF series :wink: 

    Personally, I don't mind this year's low amount of sets that much. I see it as a compensation for 2017/18, both of which were dominated by DC thanks to TLBM

    Well, people could say that, I'm just dissapointed by the designs the sets have. Only WW84 set is good. Marvel this year is getting a lot of good sets and I hoped for that with DC too. Maybe next year we get more sets with three movies coming and one being a Batman film too. 

    The CMF is great. I really hope LEGO will reuse the batman piece introduced in it in future sets. I'm still surprised lego uses the old batman mask mold in 2020 sets(the 4+ penguin set). Wonder when are they gonna retire it since we are not gonna get any more Lego Movie Batman. 

  5. I wish we got a trailer to get some idea on how the movie will play out. I think we might get it around June or July. If we get a Celestial in the sets I really hope it's Arishem. I still think the City of Gods might get some appearence in the sets, I already predict the 10$ set will probably be one Eternals, a small build and a Deviant, or two. Or it's a 4+ set. 

  6. 15 minutes ago, BigGuy4U said:

    Batman sells and has consistently been the main focus of the theme this whole time, they even passed up sets for Shazam and Aquaman (while still including those characters in Batman-centric sets around the time they came out, of course). I imagine there will be plenty of other Batman sets in addition to ones for The Batman next year.

    Oh well, I will cope with this if we get Bane and CIA in a set.:laugh: I wish we got more Aquaman sets though, it had so much potential, maybe for the sequel... 

  7. 18 minutes ago, PRbrickbuilder said:

    That's a good set, a small mech in the style of the Thanos/Iron Man ones for Silver Samurai would be nice.


    Ideas for a wave of Fantastic Four sets (I tried to use the classic villains plus some heroes which are related to the FF story and chose the current black suit with blue gloves):


    1) Fantastic Sub ($30): Set comes with Namor, Scuba-spider-man and Reed (long arms, like Khamala's). Aside from a small atlantis build, the submarine has manipulating arms, where Reed's arms can fit.


    2) Fantastic Car ($50): Set comes with Sue (regular), Johnny (flames), and Medusa versus Dr Doom. The build is the fantastic car Mark II, a doom-mech and two brick built doom-dogs.


    3) FF v Galactus ($100): Set contains Fantastic car MKIII (it looks in shape as the Milano) versus Galactus built in Giant-man style. It comes with Silver surfer, Johnny (regular), Sue (regular) and Black Bolt


    4) Negative Zone Invasion ($60): Set comes with Reed (regular), Sue (invisible), The Thing (bigfig) versus Annihilus. The build is the FF's lab, with a portal to the Negative Zone. In the style of the old AIM Lab set.


    5) Giganto Battle ($40): It comes with a Giganto mech (Molten Man style) and Mole Man versus Johnny (flames) and Crystal.

    Great list, though I think Iron Man would be more appropiate to come in the sub instead of Spiderman if you want other comic characters. But again, I think spiderman did introduce F4 in the comics at one point. 

  8. I don't get why they can't do both these interactive sets and normal sets. Star Wars, DC, Marvel, etc. all do normal sets and collector sets such as brick built statues, brick built heads and now these mosaics. We even have Microfigthers for Star Wars and those new mechs for Marvel. 

  9. 5 minutes ago, HarryVader said:

    No way Eternals will release in October, it's definitely delayed. I like the fact that Marvel isn't as overloaded as Star Wars, I want to purchase all the marvel sets instead of having to decide which ones to buy because they release a hundred sets each year haha.

    Well, then I think they will release around december? 

  10. I'm not sure if it's ok to respond to a thread this old, but I don't want to do a new one if this one exists. 

    I would love if Lego made sets based on X Men the animated series and a MCU collection with accurate sets for all the MCU movies.