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  1. 2 minutes ago, Roebuck said:

    I would say Seinfeld is as popular as Friends and both of them more so than Big Bang.. I like to watch it and Home alone, but prefer the non licensed stuff and the typewriter is not for me so not planning on buying any of them..

    I can see Friends popular but Seinfeld? REALLY? 

    Just now, JaBaCaDaBra said:

    We allready have that one.
    Its numbered 21316

    I meant the puppet one

  2. Just now, Brick19_80 said:

    I unfortunately couldn’t answer that but I’m hoping that LEGO ideas knows what it’s doing. 

    At this point I just want to know how they decide which set gets made because these choices are weird af. Bionicle had a chance and now it's gone... Damnit

    Just now, JaBaCaDaBra said:

    If you compare this with BBT than you miss something.
    Seinfeld has hardly any international interesses.
    It would even be better to release Al Bundy and Co. as set.

    Release a Dinosaurs sitcom set. It would be better THAN Seinfeld... 

  3. 1 minute ago, Exetrius said:

    :sad: I'm pretty devastated. Typewriter could turn out rather good I reckon, a new set of letters and numbers to use in MOCs at worst, but the other two... When I heard "3 projects" I thought that it was bound to have at least one of the (in my book) cool projects (Bionicle, Ratatouille, Zelda), but no. Big shame. 

    Zelda might become a theme in the future with the new Nintendo license. I wish Bionicle won, none of these sets that got approved interest me

    Who is gonna buy a typewriter anyway? Seinfeld is boring sitcom stuff and Home alone is...I love the movie but no interest in a set. Big pass for me. 


  4. 3 hours ago, Brick19_80 said:

    I think it’s a controversial pick since it based on a video in which the band is in drag. I don’t think LEGO is against this but they might want to avoid any backlash. 

    My Predictions ——

    I think that two projects will be approved since the last few reviews have had two projects go forward. I think that it will be one licensed and one non license project. My pick for the licensed project is Ratatouille, Zelda or Bionicle. As for non license, Clockwork aquarium has the best chance since it’s not a big model and will give us more smaller priced sets since these upcoming ones are expensive.

    Bionicle is not a licensed theme though... 

  5. 14 hours ago, Robert8 said:

    o.o Whatever is going with this theme?

    That sounds really out there for a theme like Hidden Side... 

    I myself posted about how they needed to move on from the original premise because it was already getting old by wave 2, but this sounds like a different theme all together 

    Here are his descriptions:

    -When our heroes discover traces of an unknown silver-colored ooze, J.B. Watt tries to trace its origins in her lab. Evidence suggests it’s not from our world, and it doesn’t have the same energy signature as anything they’ve seen from the Hidden Side before… A mysterious harbinger from a dimension beyond the Hidden Side may hold the answers… Stay tuned…


    -Our heroes discover traces of a strange silver-colored ooze that’s neither from our world, nor the Hidden Side. It turns out to be from a mysterious Harbinger with a message from a dimension beyond the Hidden Side: “Sorry, guys, the end of the world is near.” Yeah. It’s not the best of news.

  6. 20 hours ago, Killian said:

    Based on the last webisode, I assume Lady E is no longer featured in this line?  Nehmaar Reem will be the main antagonist and presumably the leader of the ghosts from now on?

    I don't think he is the new leader of the ghosts. He has the shadow walkers, descriptions say he brings the end of the world so it kinda sounds like a conclusion for Hidden Side to me. 

  7. I was rewatching Avatar yesterday and it's still holds up. I remember that it was confirmed Avatar is entering the Disney banner like Star Wars did so I wonder...do we have chances for LEGO Avatar sets when the sequels release? I mean, the military in Avatar is formed of mercenaries and their vehicles are scifi and not realistic. Also, LEGO making sets based on the second(though it's still no. 1 for me) highest grossing movie of all time would be something truly special. 

  8. 29 minutes ago, Ashleybricks said:

    Does anyone know if there is a LEGO Batman set based off the tim Burton Batman movies?

    There are two, the UCS batmobile and a normal scale batmobile which was store exclusive I think? There is another batmobile that released last year that kind of resembles the Burton one. I wish they did sets based on them and on TDK trilogy too.