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  1. Remember that new F1 cars are longer than those from 2004 so to make it in 1:8 scale more parts are needed so if its 1:8 then it might be hard to fill all the gaps. My MOCs in 1:8 have 2200+ parts but I dont build them the LEGO probably ever would. What I also learnt making 1:10 scale model (which btw has 1500+ parts so very close to LEGO prediction) that the F1 whisbones for suspension are designed for 1:8 scale. They couldnt fit for front suspension and I could fit them in rear by doing some changes at wheels connections so LEGO would have to develop those parts shorter for smaller scale with working suspension.
  2. I am really curious how they wił compare to my MOCs I did for both McLaren from 2021 season :) I wish they could bring new wheels and tires with different width for front and rear.
  3. There are already video's with new catalogue for Europe and Cat and Ford are shadowed for October release.
  4. That's opossite what I was thinking when 18+ was brought to light, and there will be very mature and difficult models to build... yeah I know its sounds like good joke right now ;) Maybe they should bring Racers Theme back? for those type of models with almost no functions.
  5. Pictures of new Technic :)
  6. Do you think they will re-release UCS X-Wing at some point?
  7. Isn't this the same car from this review?
  8. Explain to me why everyone want gearbox in the models? Ok I know real car has gearbox but that's only one argumment? Becaus for me those gearbox are pointlles when it comes to extra function, bside more parts and longer build they I dont see why we need it. Its only fun when you connect motor to them so as I said I just dont see the point becasue they are mostly invisible and when put it shelves what matters is great look only.
  9. I was so looking forward to announcment and I am only half satisfied. The best news is there is plenty cool parts for MOC! Overall it looks pretty good but the bigest fall is printed front lights, seriously WTF? They couldnt design proper transparent lights as they were doing so far especially in Ferrari car? That's huge dissapointment.
  10. Is there instruction for make it in 1:8 scale somewhere?
  11. Mane

    REVIEW | 10274 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

    The model look great but I hate that LEGO is so inconsistent about their car scales. They are just over the place nothing match to each other :/ why they couldnt make it in1989 Batmobila UCS set? I think everyone is waiting for Delorean now. I am curious what scale they come up with next time...
  12. Mane

    Ferrari F40

    Hey Is there any chance to make this car in 1:8 scale?
  13. Thanks, the front suspension is pretty stiff but working ok I think, check the video below
  14. Hey This is my second Lego MOC of F1 car. This time its Mercedes F1 W10 from 2019 season. The base is the same as Ferrari F1 SF 90 but the body is different in some elements as I have to adjust to the available technic panels in LBG color. Instruction link: It’s in scale 1:8. Dimensions 70 x 25 x 14 cm Weight 2,0 kg Pieces: 2314 Making the MOC my main goal was display model the same as Ferrari SF90 It features: - front and rear suspension - fake v6 engine created by SuperKoala instruction here: - removable front wing - removable engine cover, - removable headrest system - drs - steering Hope you enjoy it.