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  1. He is saying it for a while now,its not april first thing. He seems 70%-80% sure,but should be taken with the grain of salt. Set he saw or his source saw might be not yet finished product,helmets can also be stored in the shuttle even though i personally wouldnt be suprised if LEGO cheaped out on this.
  2. PotterMinifgPals reviewed Scout Trooper Helmet. Excellent set imo.
  3. Will check it out,thank you.
  4. Thats depressing considering he asked fans what to review first and they overwhelmingly voted scout trooper and probe droid. Did anyone review scout trooper helmet?
  5. Scout trooper helmet looks incredible while vader looks super off,i cant pinpoint what it is. Probe droids looks very good,snow base and snow on plaque look fantastic,love the designers creativity. Not gonna buy any of them cause i vote with my wallet against original trilogy,but impressed how good scout trooper helmet actually is.
  6. I clipped the part of the stream where Ryan talks about Mauls jail cell he saw. If you dont wanna watch the clip basically someone asked will it be like Han in Carbonite and he responded it is brickbuilt and doesnt respresent what we see in the show atm and he hopes it gets fleshed out to what we see in the show by the time we get the final product. He also said UCS R2-D2 looks very similar to older one. Best set by the looks of it in his opinion is Gideons ship and Mando fighter is similar to size as the last one. Dont think he saw gunship or promo set. He also said worst set out of new waves is darth vader bust cause they added some thing on his neck that no longer makes it a helmet. Clip contain some obscene language if you are sensitve to that. Info is in first 10 seconds and last 14 seconds of a 1 minute clip.
  7. I can confirm Ryan has seen the images and discussed brickbuilt prison for Maul during gaming stream,but was hesitant to talk more cause images are not final. Its not just a random list he got in his email. And he has been right with buildable the child and much more in the past.
  8. Absolutely amazing list of sets,i am beyond happy. I waited for new mandalorian fighter for so long,figures in it are amazing especially Gar Saxon and Bo Katan. I will buy multiple for my army. Mandalore throne room sounds great especially if they make new clone wars maul and a cool throne chair. Super happy LEGO didnt pull knight of ren on us with bad batch and put them in multiple sets,buying that one too. Couldnt care less about ucs R2D2 and that promo. Slave 1 is a must buy for me if its from the mandalorian,and pass if its OT,really salty that we still cant get Jango Fett Slave 1. Not gonna lie Vader meditation chamber sounds cool and officer like Piett would be a great addition,definitely a possible buy. Moff Gideon's Light Cruiser i have no interests in unless it comes with Bo Katan or Koska Reeves. Imperial Transport also sounds great,not really excited about those figures,but i want the vehicle. UCS Gunship is way more expensive than i expected,i wanted 200$ set i can buy 2 of. If Gideons cruiser doesnt come with Katan/Reeves and Gunship doesnt come with jedi bob i will get it. I didnt expect the wave to be this good,just with 5 x mando fighters,throne room,2 x ITT,Bad Batch Shuttle i am 500$ in without Cruiser/Gunship/Slave 1/Med. Chamber depending on figures.
  9. LEGO blocked youtuber CutTheKragle and multiple people for questioning the making of colloseum set where mass persecution of christians took place and slaves had to fight for roman enjoyment and promo had a video with gladiator talking about eternal glory of roman empire. LEGO is company of double standards,hypocrisy and censoring. You cant make a group of nazi soldiers and colloseum and then have problem with technic helicopter or certain star wars scenes,or pretend you care about your workers and then fire store manager if he lets anyone go home 10 minutes early. I didnt say spamming was justified cause it wasnt. I didnt participate in it,i didnt want 501st set and i will not buy a single one. Gunship would win UCS vote either way,i had multiple casual fans asking me what nebulon even is and most of us voted before even seeing his video. His campaigns arent hurting anyone,all the sets and funko knockoffs will be made either way this was only to pick number 150. Its actually mind blowing that i had to wait since i was 16 to 27 to get prequel ucs set,or that this vote will give us first prequel brickheadz while there are 2 boba fetts,2 kylo rens etc. i 100% agree with everything you said.
  10. 1. MandRs friend asked LEGO for 501st BP in one of their IG posts and they blocked him/deleted it. This angered Ryan who started a campaign for that set to be made. After 2 years of spamming by 10s of thousands of people LEGO made the set,but it wasnt a battle pack and they made it 30$. 2. UCS set vote-MandR decided to campaign for ucs set to be gunship cause we didnt get a prequel ucs set for 11 years,he was joined by other 2 youtubers who campaigned for other 2 sets and they all had a presentation and argument for each set and then fans picked a camp. Most people voted for gunship cause they love prequels. Original trilogy boomers started saying he ruined it and manipulated the votes. Most trolls came from reddit pages and decided to troll and place rose tico and jedi bob as meme figures in gunship without any intentions of buying the set with no relations to Ryan whatsoever. 3. LEGO let us pick brickheadz number 150 from 4 themes and you could name a fan choice character that they will take into consideration. Ryan campaigned for Jar-Jar to have fun. Fans voted for what they wanted. Most people see brickheadz as garbage version of funko pops and even though his video hit around 50k not even 1/5th voted cause they simply dont care about brickheadz and you could have made bigger impact on votes if you picked some cool character and campaigned it on reddit by yourself or even told people there is voting going on. All in all we all have a same chance to make a channel and to impact things,we also had a same chance to campaign for character we wanted on various social media. Youtubers and celebrities are influencing every sphere of life thats why they are called influencers,some are using it for good and some for bad,today its LeBron and Ryan tomorrow its x and y. All we can do is ask other youtubers to do the same so we have more choices and it doesnt feel like you are fighting this huge number of people alone. All of this is giving lego huge sales,and huge number of clicks on their site cause people made accounts to vote when otherwise they wouldnt even know the vote is going on,there is a huge chance they will make all other choices too. The more people complain the more he will do it to the point of trolling instead of picking what he would actually wanted like thrawn or maul just to have fun.
  11. Brickheadz thing only had 13 000 votes. It was clear since beggining star wars will win. Judging by number of votes and MandR campaigning for Jar-Jar, Jar-Jar made an easy win. Personally It would be much more enjoyable if multiple youtubers pushed their own thing so each of us can join a certain camp cause it was jar-jar or waste votes for character you personally want out of million star wars characters. I voted for Pre Vizlsa and Jar-Jar,but i actually wanted Jar-Jar and phantom menace character. Most people voted to troll which kinda makes me regret even participating.
  12. Yes because i am talking about 2 different things and different solutions i prefer the Harry Potter style of thread. News and Discussion should be made into 1 thread. Future minifigs and future sets should be in 1 thread,makes no sense to have them separated when people that wishlist sets have a list of figures they want in that certain set aswell. And if none of that works and you want to keep strict rules just make a general thread and actually enforce the rules here. That goes both ways. If people dont want to go to dead threads and wish to type it here instead you shouldnt have a problem or pressing few buttons and scrolling through it. I personally didnt even know that media stuff exists here cause i just directly come to this thread and catch up.
  13. So to sum it up: Make everything into 1 thread Speculations with no basis =out (should include i watched x show and y trailer therefore we may get any of those 7000 vehicles in LEGO form) Nothing to do with LEGO Star Wars = out Users can additionally put a sign or a letter at the start of their posts if its speculation so busy people can easily skip that post while catching up Future sets and future minifigures wishlisting should be in 1 thread There can also be 1 general thread with everything allowed
  14. I personally dont mind about occasional speculation backed by something e.g. i have been saying for months that we will get mandalorian with his speeder based on HASBRO mission fleet while others thought it would be ITT and we had a discussion about it,or people saying we get MTT every 7 years and i even enjoyed people running here all excited to say which sets they want to see from new mando episode and adding what they enjoyed from latest episode,i love rumors and discussion about rumors too like superior HP theme thread discussion is all in 1. I dont like wishlisting based on nothing,someone coming here and dropping 50 set list that he/she wants based on nothing. I dont feel like posting or scrolling through multiple dead threads kept alive by 1 or 2 people like @ood0 said. What i do hate about this forum apart for based on nothing wishlisting is conspiracy theories e.g. how lego is resetting the waves,new minifigure counts in 2021,last year someone said star wars isnt in top 10 selling themes and we all went with it like its a fact for 50+ pages and worst of all anonymous trash talking about youtubers which turns into 20 page drama. I also understand super busy people having to scroll through multiple pages of bad batch trailer videos and other nonsense that has nothing to do with lego star wars 2021.
  15. Told them already,but nobody seems to care. Guys i told on different platforms got most of new sets already,but scalpers got lot of them too judging by ebay. I just dont know if only mandalorian set is for sale + marvel + cmf or other star wars sets too,but they didnt want to pick them up.
  16. Americans check your Kohls stores for new 2021 sets early. They started popping up there. If someone from Croatia is here there are 501st sets in German Muller store chains for 33% off till 16th december,just leave my AATs alone.
  17. PreVizsla

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Are actual battle packs (mando and sith) retiring at the end of this year?
  18. I am waiting for Rune Haako minifig since 1999 and they still didnt make him in LEGO form(32 minutes screen time),they can also do screen accurate Nute Gunray,re-release Padme in dress,or Padme in battle dress. They can do theed palace,lucrehulk,droid landing craft and MTT,Naboo Starfighter,Sith infiltrator for sets we already have,something like ucs sith infiltrator would be pretty cool. Season 3 mandalorian spoilers(not plot spoiler) Season 2 Ep 6 Mandalorian spoilers
  19. I understand what you are saying,but what i dont understand is why you guys/girls keep saying this is a new style and you get a bunch of minifigures in the sets now,very good minifigure count etc. Sets are getting progressively smaller for years,there is nothing new about it,2000 aat vs 2015 aat,2009 aat vs 2020 aat,republic tank,2007 mtt vs 2014 mtt. Good minifigure counts? 2020 AAT 40$ 4 figures 2021 Tie fighter 40$ 3 figures. 2021 Imperial shuttle 80$ 3 figures vs grievous starfighter 80$ 3 figures 2020. There is nothing new and there is no new figure counts idek who came up with that. They just AGAIN made sets a little bit smaller,but this time they did it with "iconic ot vehicles" instead of prequel vehicles. Not only there is smaller number of figures in 40$ sets in 2021 vs 2020 sets (tie vs aat),but its also in other sets 4+ xwing vs 2019 4+ xwing,2019 had 1 figure more,30$ 501st set vs 30$ mandalorian set 6 vs 3. Only set we see what you refer to a good minifigure count is xwing,but thats just 1 set 1 anomaly like that 501st set in 2020,that doesnt mean all 30$ sets will come with 6 figures or all 50$ sets will come with 4 and again that argument is beat by at-st raider which again is 50$ set with 4 figures. Sets havent changed,minifigure count didnt change. Literally nothing changed and there is no new minifigure count,its again lego downsizing vehicles like they do every year.
  20. Darth Vader has been in a set every year since 2014. That includes super cheap sets like Darth Vader transformation,Pod Polybag,he was free figure in last years 30$ anniversary set etc. Rotj Luke is literally right now 3$ on bricklink. Not getting those figures is purely on you and you can get them in 1 minute on BL and their availability is a terrible argument concerning shuttle set next year. There is also only 3 minifigs and every non casual fan either has them or can get them super cheap which makes that set a terrible pick up for 80$ and top 3 set worst star wars set minifigure wise. Arm printing is necessary especially with mandalorians and vader that have specific and important shoulder pieces and arm accessories. We are not complaining about arm printing on all figures we are complaining cause LEGO already made those printed arms for 2 sets,1 of which is USA region exclusive and 1 is like you said terrible final duel set that is the same set they already released. That arm printing vader would be a huge draw for the set. Next year is a terrible and weak start except mando and xwing sets and excludes sequel and prequel fans and half ot fans will pass on them cause they have better versions of those sets already. There is also no battle packs so not only army builders are hit,but also children whos parents wont buy them more expensive sets.
  21. Funny that you say LEGO would never do a mistake by switching a lightsaber color while every other set is heavily innacurate with huge mistakes. Starting with Darth Vader who time traveled from Mustafar back to Anakins Jedi Interceptor,AT-RT that is 4 times the size its supposed to be,mustafar obi who traveled the time to fight grievous again,Knights of Ren ship that designers thought is a tank,AAT side guns switched,they literally made entire kylo rens shuttle grey instead of black one year. And i get lot of you hate MandR,but saying he is whiny and childish and then insulting him and making fun of him every chance you get cause you know he is reading the chat and he wont respond to you cause you will most likely play victim afterwards is another level immaturity. And if everyone wants brickheadz of himself you should have voted for kowakian and not jaws.
  22. I am extremely disappointed with Imperial Shuttle figures,most of us thought smaller sets=more minifigures cause of no battle packs just to end up with 2 figures that are already in sets now(bespin duel vader,final duel vader and luke),wrong lightsaber luke and not even arm printing on vader,they didnt even include few stormtroopers or went for endor crew. Nothing to buy except mandalorian set for next half a year is just depressing. Shuttle itself looks good though and would look perfect for my rebels display,but unless it goes on a huge sale and Batman and Harry Potter sets are not that good i will not be getting it. Tie fighter price and size makes it perfect for fleet building and it looks good,but the droid figure inside is meh,i would prefer officer or another stormtrooper to treat it as more expensive battle pack with good vehicle.
  23. Thanks to MandRproductions i discovered there is a vote on LEGO ideas page for Brickhead number 150. We can choose between minecraft,jaws,Star Wars and lilo and stich. When you pick a theme you can vote for a character you want to be made. My jedi mind tricks are a bit rusty,but you definitely want to vote for Jar Jar and Pre Vizsla.
  24. I dont mind new "affordable-scale" sets personally,but i have a problem of them being all OT which excludes half a fan base. And even if you are OT fan and you have ucs imperial shuttle and smaller shuttle Tydirium do you really need to spend 80$ on 3rd,4th of 5th shuttle which is smaller,uglier and bulkier? Also this is like 12th x-wing? And why are they rebooting the sets? All new recent fans either came back to LEGO cause of clone wars ending,mandalorian or little kids that grew up with sequels and there is like 1 set for them to buy from September of 2020 to maybe august of 2021 if that wave even gets a non ot set.