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  1. PreVizsla

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Bought the Mandalorian forge again after losing my first one on a trip and i finally bought The Bad Batch shuttle to be opened for Christmas. I now have every TCW, The Bad Batch and PT set from 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 minus the UCS gunship that i never plan to get. Missing Rey's speeder, 7 sith trooper foil packs and Phasma with pointed mouth helmet to finish off my ST collection too. (not going for all ST sets just ones i like). In 9 days i will order 3 snowtrooper BP (they were techically in TCW) and accessory pack and i am done with Star Wars till August unless i end up enjoying The Book of Boba Fett show in which case i am buying set/s from that too.
  2. PreVizsla

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I don't know if this means anything, but while the thread was locked i ordered few sets and a Shang Chi polybag 30454 from the LEGO store in Croatia. Weirdly enough on the sticker on the back (where it's says how much the set costs in Croatian currency, which countries produced the parts and the code) the set is not named Shang-Chi and The Great Protector it is actually named Red Guardian's Breakout so i am not sure if my LEGO store got their codes mixed up and leaked the name of the upcoming polybag or Red Guardian's Breakout was cancelled for the Shang-Chi polybag. Tried to search for it online, but only found a custom set on flickr by that name.
  3. Well my logic is that some people don't care about brickheadz so going out and troll voting for Jar-Jar would cost them nothing. Then there are people that actually wanted it and it was organized. Other people voting voted randomly for what they wanted from Rex, Cody, Maul, Obi Wan, to Jango Fett and Palpatine so i find it hard to believe that organized people joined by trolls lost to unorganized group of people that all picked two out of million characters and one of those two was Ahsoka.
  4. Sorry, but how are TCW/PT fans supposed to collect brickheadz when LEGO never made 1 for our era in the first place? Same with helmets.. People voted cause they wanted to get their first prequel brickheadz which meant even more cause it was a part of a movement from a youtuber they liked. I could point out to my Jar-Jar brickhead and say i made it happen, i was one of the 6571 votes and LEGO actually made it and listened to us and i am genuinely happy to have this, i might go and buy some of the older ones. Now it means nothing just like the gunship figure vote/suggestion people went out and voted and suggested for nothing. Voting thing also never stated that you can only vote if you intend to buy or if you already collect, anyone can vote. And it matters a lot cause it was our chance to pick a character and it's a character number 150. LEGO could make Ahsoka any time they wanted if they wanted to make her instead of ignoring fan votes.
  5. It is unfair from me, but there are ton of OT sets already put into the system with leaked description and not a single word of a PT set except that random Windu tank rumor. Only 11 sets and a calendar need to be revealed (maybe some random secret set pops out too) and OT is already on 8 sets while PT, TCW and ST are on 1 brickhead and 1 accessory pack and there is no way those 11 will go into their favor when we can already assume LEGO won't make a master builder set for anything other than OT and there are multiple shows that need to be covered + rebels needs a vehicle with all those imperial vehicles. I actually think he did, not many people care about Brickheadz and star wars only had 6571 votes (Ryan's video had 50k views). There are a ton of characters in Star Wars and votes have been scattered across thousands of characters, while Jar-Jar had united people voting for it so if even 5% of those people that watched voted for it he 100% won.
  6. Prequel pack is the opposite of a tie-in cause it ruins the exclusivity of the figure and includes 2 shinies that are not meant to go with oversized gunship. Also don't think it's fair to count a brickhead as a set. While TCW and PT fans have 1 accessory pack and a brickhead they most likely don't collect from a character they didn't vote for, OT fans will get a battle pack, accessory pack, AT-ST, a helmet, 3 quote diorama sets, UCS landspeeder, Master builder set and most likely more stuff in the summer wave like a snowspeeder or whatever rebels used (i don't know OT stuff). I think we can certainly say it's another OT centric year where LEGO is milking older fanbase and making just enough of prequel stuff to have prequels collectors not quit.
  7. Well we didn't get MTT since 2014, Count Dooku since 2013 or super battle droid since 2015, doesn't mean they are cancelled and will never happen again. It will happen. Accept it. Exactly.
  8. Don't think LEGO cared about controversy at all. Set retired normally after year and a half like intended. One of their main complains was about Jabba as well and there is no way LEGO never makes Jabba again. “It is not correct that the discontinuation of the product is related in any way to the [community’s] criticism,” came the official statement from the LEGO Group.
  9. 75341 should be UCS landspeeder 75340 should be advent calendar
  10. Are you sure about those numbers? I am pretty sure 75329 is garbage compactor with 666 pieces.
  11. Actually, MandR is on twitch too since 2018 mostly playing games cause he wants to expand his brand, there are occasional builds as well. He also has a vlog channel, gaming channel, star wars collectible channel etc. he is all over the place. Love him or hate him his work ethic is admirable. And i agree with most of the comments on LAN reviewers, i don't trust a single LAN member except PotterMinifigPals and will rather wait for Jang to get the set a month later or blindly buy something than trust their overly positive reviews. Will watch their news or mocs or whatever, but almost never reviews.
  12. True you only need 1, but we are in the community where people care so little about accuracy and proper size they are massing 501st builds and designers are saying commanders double as pilots so having a commander lead a squad if you don't have the old battle pack sergeant is not as bad. There are many casualities in a war so maybe a squad and a commander is all that is left from the regiment. There are also ton of troops that don't have proper rankings like 501st so despite you trying to accurately army build you have to use Anakin or Captain Rex cause you have no alternatives if you are a LEGO purist. (not judging anyone that doesn't care about accuracy, enjoy what you want if you aren't hurting anyone)
  13. For people that said this is not an army builder pack: $60 spent on accessory pack = 8 army building clones and 4 commanders $60 spent on dark trooper set = 6 army building dark troopers and 2 Luke Skywalker's $60 spent on the old phase 1 clone BP = 8 army building clones, 4 ki-adi-mundi's and 4 Barriss Offee's While you are stuck with a bunch of commanders cause you only need 1 per 9 troopers this is not a terrible value like some other stuff are. I accept that logic. LEGO bribes leakers with their own leaks and money that they don't get directly, then when they leak it to their friends it is lesser evil than them making a public video to everyone. LAN members trade growth from leaks to growth from early sets. This will just backfire imo.
  14. This is why i was cynical with leakers, i heard weeks ago they were shinies and started preparing for army building even talked about it in which new sets you bought section when the news dropped about Cody and Rex and i didn't know which source to trust. Images didn't show a blue clone, set description and code name didn't say anything about Rex or Cody so idk how they assumed Rex is in it. I am really pissed, but whatever. Super glad for this accessory set and my army building can proceed, will either buy 4 packs and bricklink 1 trooper for a squad of 9 or try to get 18, 27 or 36. Don't know what to do with a ton of commanders. May even get Ahsoka as my first brickhead, idk atm.