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  1. Not really interested or excited about any of the new sets. I was hoping the tank rumor is true, but it's either a bs or it will come later in the year. Pass on helmets, pass on all of the OT sets. Only might get Boba Fett sets if the show is good and maybe 3 hoth battlepacks if the speeders inside are size accurate and not oversized like 501st ones. Overall sad, boring and depressed first 8 months of 2022 that can only be salvaged by a decent minifigure pack, but i am not expecting anything.
  2. They never even called a 501st set a bp nor did brickset, it was just community members spreading nonsense. This is a 30$ set that leakers are calling a battlepack cause you can buy multiple of which is the same with imperial marauder and tie fighter from this year.
  3. New rumor from a trusted source ( LEGO_Fulcrum) a dark trooper battle pack for 20$. I personally don't like them in the mandalorian so i don't really care about the figures, but i know lot of people will be excited cause they wanted multiple of them and the prices were insane on bricklink.
  4. Finally 1 set to be excited for.
  5. Accessory packs have so much potential, but if it ends up like marvel 40418 with 2 main characters and 2 army builders it's basically Ki-Adi Mundi battlepack all over which would make them a worst and most expensive way to army build, but it can also be something really cool. I am just not going to put my hopes up with anything LEGO does anymore. Quick army building calculation. Squad= 9 troopers led by sergeant, Platoon= 4 squads led by lieutenant (36 troopers+ 4 sergeants+lieutenant) 15$ accessory pack with 2 army building figures= will cost you 270$ to form a platoon + you need 4 sergeants+lieutenant ( you get around 540 pieces and 18 other figures) 20$ snowtrooper BP= will cost you 180$ to form a platoon with 3 snowtrooper squads and 1 scout trooper squad +you need 4 sergeants+lieutenant (you get around 945 pieces, possibly accurate snowspeeders and e-web blasters) 30$ 501st set which is not a BP= will cost you 270$ to form a platoon with 3x 501st squads and 1 jet trooper squad +you need 4 sergeants+lieutenant (you get 18 battle droids and 2565 pieces) 5$ army building figure with a buildable stand= will cost you 180$ to form a perfect 4 squad platoon that is one type +you need 4 sergeants+lieutenant (you get 432 pieces)
  6. At that point they should just sell figures people want with buildable stands or a smaller build as example jedi masters and their seats, even army building stuff like clones for 4$-5$.
  7. See it from my POV, you grow up watching episode 1 (1999), episode 2 (2002), clone wars (2003), episode 3 (2005), the clone wars (2008-2020), rebels (2014-2018), the force awakens (2015), rogue one (2016), the last jedi (2018), solo the star wars movie (2018), rise of skywalker (2019), the mandalorian (2019-) and The Bad Batch (2021). While you didn't enjoy episode 8 or 9 you loved everything else. With all that in mind see the rumored sets for next year: EP5 battlepack, EP5 AT-ST, 2x EP5 Helmets, EP5 Yoda's Training, EP4 Landspeeder, EP4 Death Star Battle. Ofc i have instant disdain, nothing they put inside will interest me in the slightest. Not my childhood, not my star wars. I understand people are different and they like different things and it makes me happy that some people are excited about the next year, but it's just depressing to me especially since the same thing happened last year. Yeah, but why do you hate his fans for pointing out the truth and connection? If he leaks sets he is an %$/&, if he doesn't he is an %$/& that holds it over us, if he complains about the set he is an %$/&, if he doesn't point out the flaws he is an %$/& . Can this dude catch a break? He is on youtube since he was a 12 year old child ofc he will say and do stupid stuff like all of us did, but this amount of hate where he is hated if he does 1 thing and hated if he does the other is just ridiculous.
  8. Funny enough that for the 80th time Ryan is right and people ridiculed him and his fans here for no reason. "And you people wonder why we hate MandR and his followers. He makes a review of an old set and you lot take it as gospel that a rerelease is coming". Didn't leakers said we won't get dissapointed with these sets? I am pretty dissapointed, just more OT garbage judging by pictures leakers posted in the background when they revealed them. Unless Yoda's training is a code name for Republic Attack Shuttle from the bad batch this is another blend and boring OT wave that will go into another blend and boring april wave. Having to wait 300+ days to get possibly 1 PT or TCW era set that was made with 0 effort for the second year in a row is just heartbreaking.
  9. PT means prequel trilogy so i only count sets that are in the prequel trilogy movies the same way i only count OT sets if they were in OT movie. I became a star wars fan in 1999 after watching TPM, i didn't even know mandalorians aside from Jango even existed till 2012. If you gonna clasify Blue AAT as the same as Trade federation AAT from episode 1 you may as well count all sequel sets as OT cause most of the times it's just a bit of orange paint on an x-wing or a slightly different AT-AT. Then you need to count rogue one, solo, rebels and the mandalorian as OT cause they are all using imperial troops, imperial vehicles etc... Future Ahsoka show, Boba show, Obi show, upcoming 2023 movie it's all gonna be OT based. Rogue one literally ends when OT begins. Yeah you could also count Yoda's lightsaber, but there is also a fact that you had to buy a 250$ OT set to get it. 100% agreed. Just repetition and repetition and they throw in 1 new fig fans really like for example General Dodo or Zuckuss to make you buy it. When there is a cool vehicle people want again like imperial shuttle they completely butcher it or ignore it like the endor bunker. When there is some cool new vehicle they ignore it too and go do the usual tie fighter, landspeeder, snowspeeder... Just sick and tired of it.
  10. I wasn't trying to slice it. I agree with you, they are getting way more sets and i personally hate it, but we are having the same conversation each year and nothing changes.
  11. PT sets Episode 1: 34 sets of which 17 were due to movie being released 1999-2002 Episode 2: 18 sets of which 9 were due to movie being released 2002-2003 Episode 3: 41 sets of which 17 were due to movie being released 2005-2007 PT total: 93 sets of which 43 are movie release + 5 UCS sets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OT sets Episode 4: 43 sets Episode 5: 35 sets Episode 6: 36 sets OT total: 114 of which 0 are due to movie release + 5 helmets + 2 master builder series + 28 UCS sets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are 11 legends sets: 8 are OT based, 1 is based of force unleashed and 2 are Clone wars based Clone Wars: 60 sets Rebels: 13 sets Resistance: 2 sets Rogue one: 9 sets Solo: 8 sets The Mandalorian: 9 sets The Old Republic: 4 sets TLDR: OT has: 157 sets not counting UCS AT-AT and all other rumored sets for next year PT has: 98 sets, but 43 were strictly movie releases that were made 1999-2007 *didn't count mini builds, microfighters, figure packs, polybags, magazine stuff, planet series, gwp, comic con....* Last 2 years: 4 PT sets ( gunship included) 17 OT sets ( UCS AT-AT not included) + 2 comic con sets, 2 gwp and 3 microfighters. 4 PT vs 25 OT and we already have battle pack, AT-ST, helmets and microfighter rumored for OT next year and nothing for PT.
  12. Yeah, but atm we don't know anything except that the palace is coming supposedly. This can be a tiny 30$ playset, 250$ MBS set, a small may the 4th promo vignette or a 1000$ UCS set. This makes it hard for me to comment on or to be excited about. I loved the mandalorian so if the same people are working on the Boba show and this is a Boba set i will definitely be happy to get and build while watching, but LEGO sucked all the hope and joy i ever had in this world so i expect nothing or an OT remake that i will vote with my wallet against knowing that it won't change anything.
  13. Usually yes, but not anymore. He learned from his mistakes and doesn't want to be the main source of leaks anymore despite knowing all the sets that will come out for a long while now. He is just waiting for other people to leak stuff before he talks about them. He most likely also doesn't want him or his sources to get in trouble. Which brings me to the other point: Ryan used to leak stuff from his sources whoever they may be and he never leaked secret stuff that LEGO sent him via LAN. Nowadays someone from the LAN is sending information given to them by LEGO via LAN to leakers and other LEGO community members which is way worse imo.
  14. Not really enough information to make a quality comment. Definitely not interested if it's OT based, would be cool if it's Boba Fett show related, but again no price point, no figure info or set info.
  15. Really wish it was the endor one. I don't think anyone would complain, HOTH version was apparently only in the shot for few seconds. I might be wrong though i don't like ot.