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  1. Oh man, don't give me hope for new Gunray, Tambor or any cool separatist I will just end up super disappointed.
  2. Hate brickheadz,have 0 interest in D-O,but Razor Crest looks even better,love the big interior. Sucks that there is nothing good to buy in next 5-6 months though unless ucs set is from prequels.
  3. Only thing i know is that Disney + is launching some game show called jedi temple this year,i dont know how possible it is to get set from that.Doubt LEGO would show some love to prequel fans with ucs set after 12 years of ot garbage.
  4. Well when we are already speculating... Imo we will most likely get Moff Gideons Tie Fighter cause LEGO loves to do them.Minifigs: Moff Gideon with darksaber,death trooper and jetpack mandalorian. Other than that:Mudhorn set,set with Blurrg and Kuiil,mandalorian on his speeder,Imperial troop transport so everyone can stock on imperial troopers,buildable baby yoda and my biggest wish Paz Vizsla with Mandalorian armorer set.Would also love Bill Burrs figure cause i love him as comedian.And that should be it,so LEGO can focus on season 2 and not overflow the market with nonsense like another sandcrawler,speeder that took Mythrol over the ice and stuff like that.
  5. I treat scout trooper as bonus that they didnt have to do,but that i appreciate they added in.I mean they could have added Kuiil and then another scout trooper and then 2 speeder bikes and 130$ set becomes 200$,its better this way,i would prefer Kuiil over Greef but its nitpicking.There is so many great sets coming and double christmas figures in advent calendar i am happy they didnt add stuff like that and then doubled the price.
  6. Set looks amazing even though i would rather have Kuiil than Greef Karga but wont complain either way.With Razor Crest,clone wars sets where i want multiple AATs,harry potter sets and AT-AT i really hope for the sake of my wallet that UCS set is not prequel one.I wasnt this hyped for upcoming sets for a long time. Props to TLG.
  7. I was 7 when I watched the phantom menace and it is still my favorite movie,but I never cared about podracing the moment my heart skipped a beat was when droids were unfolding on naboo and seeing darth maul. Just shows beauty of star wars, there is something special each of us loves. And you are completely right about famous vignettes selling the best, when I heard leak about AAT nostalgia hit me and i already set aside money to get minimum 5 of them no matter what it looks like or the figures we get.
  8. I agree with that about OT but disagree with PT just by looking at episode 1 and not touching other movies. Movie starts.They land on lucrehulk we dont have piloted by neimodian pilots,daultay dofine and rune haako whose figs we dont have,to invade naboo with landing crafts we dont have.2 jedi with jar jar go to underwater city of Otoh Gunga which we dont have.Then there is theed palace we dont have and then they end up on Tatooine by flying naboo royal starship we dont have,they are in wattoos junkshop which we dont have,we also dont have shmi skywalker or anakins home,lets skip obscure racing.Padme goes to talk to Boss Nass which we dont have on a gungan sacred place we dont have.There is a huge battle with Gungans using Fambaa which we dont have,and with Kaadu that desperately need upgrade,battle droids are the same since 1999 and they age terribly,and there is 1 padme in dress figure which costs more on bricklink than average new set with 0 of her sheldmaidens. Battle ends when anakin blows up lucrehulk that we previously established we dont have.
  9. It does sound like it,but lego had a star wars licence for 21 years,how come we only got 3 ucs/set votes just in time for them to get produced and sold before their licence renewal meetings?And 2009 was TRU exclusive for United States(maybe Canada too) but for the rest of the world that dont have TRU that was basically normal set vote. @Per_SW i totally agree with everything you said,i have been more selective with my purchases too i listened to Brickitects advice and started "voting with my wallet" even though i have money for it i dont get it if i dont like it and i get Harry Potter stuff instead.And SW merchandise is selling terribly not just LEGO i saw people building 2 meter towers from rose tico action figures on YT which are so discounted that they cost less than a dollar. @RODDY yeah its disneys fault too,and i do agree with Harry Potter,their sets for past few years are on point,maybe even best from all the themes and i cant wait for new ones too. Its also easier to make sets for Harry Potter cause fans mostly(me included) love every single second out of all the movies(not counting fantastic beasts),when Star Wars fans are divided like you said,1 group loves only OT,1 only PT,1 only ST and its hard to please them all and make profit cause PT fans wont be getting ST sets,OT fans wont get PT sets,and people that love everything are in the minority. All in all its like @Guyon2002 said in short,disney is sabotaging themselves.
  10. Doesnt make any sense,LEGO is robbing us blind cause people hated sequels and didnt buy anything/enough. Now they are making overpriced sets in lower quantity to get that money back so they can tell disney how much money they are making during the meeting for contract renewal in 2022(probably why we could vote for ucs set anyway). Ucs vote in 2020-renewal of licence meeting in 2022. Ucs vote in 2009-renewal of licence meeting in 2011. Ucs vote in 2005-renewal of licence meeting in 2006. Only time LEGO cares about what we want is when their licence is on the line.( maybe we even get some 501st in barc speeder set) For example AT-AT that was 110 $ is now 160$.You could buy 110$ AT-AT in 2014,Kashyyyk trooper BP,death star trooper BP and utapau trooper BP for 39$ and you will be at 149$ (149$with inflation is around 160$ now).Now thats 4 sets for 160 $ in 2014 or 160$ for 1 of them in 2020. (Inflation is calculated according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index aka 149$ in 2014 would be 162.37$ in 2020). In conclusion LEGO is making prices higher and quantity lower to the point that you are paying for a set and 3 battle packs(that they dont even have to make) and only getting a set.Meaning LEGO is getting 3 battle pack worth of money for free with 0 effort and production cost with each AT-AT purchase to make up for the lost money on sequels/solo and to bulk up their profits before contract renewal. And the saddest thing is we will still buy it cause we love star wars.
  11. I am on rewatching binge marathon of clone wars and i was wondering is there any chance that new clone wars sets arent based on new episodes but on old ones?Cause i just watched episode 21 of season 1 where
  12. Thank you for the clarification.
  13. Yeah but i dont remember anyone rumoring 2 advent calendar figures,or rey being in night buzzard,or giving information about the summer wave release date,saying barc speeder comes with at-rt,or even answering why the sets are skipped/canceled(except saying lego star wars wasnt in top 6 selling themes). Also opens up a question of how big of a star wars fan was the person seeing the sets/minifigures?Can he/she differentiate 212th clone trooper from Commander Cody?Or is it like that leak about The Burrow from Harry Potter that ended up being Privet Drive.
  14. According to that article we can speculate barc speeder will likely get Rex again and soulless one will get Cody which will then explain 80$ price point,but i am confused cause i thought leakers said its regular clone with orange markings in a soulless one set...And by article being in German we can speculate they actually went to Nuremberg toy fair?!
  15. looks like cubed3 custom commander cody helmet