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  1. I understand where you are coming from,but i also understand he is young and you and me and ton of people in that age range did and said some stupid stuff and probably no one cared while he has 300k people constantly watching and judging him. I hated his AAT review,but i can just stop watching his reviews,life is too short to hate i don't wanna find myself in 50 years waving my stick at the sky and yelling damn you MandR for that 2020 AAT review and this thread can't turn into 6 page rants about him every time he is mentioned especially since he is a member of this forum. On topic of lego selling individual figures,they said that the build inside has to offer play experience and i really don't know how a 20th anniversary stand offers any kind of play experience while buying 20th anniversary obi and if it is a promo and they are aware of a demand why are they not making more figure promos and instead they make terrible builds as may the 4th promo for example. Just sell all the other figures with stands then,there is always star wars anniversary of something at this point. Some people say they have different contracts,how does a multi million company like LEGO have such a bad contract deal and random companies from all over the world that sell action figures like hasbro have mastermind negotiators?
  2. 100% agree,they are using the same build/mold for battle droids since 1999,they age terribly and super battle droids legs are literally breaking after time,i am afraid to even touch my commando droids
  3. I don't understand hate towards MandR,he said LEGO stopped making battlepacks for now which they did,he never said they won't make them ever again. He is right about LEGO selling minifigures too,it's really weird how other companies can make figures,but lego can't. Just look up Kubricks Star Wars figures,hot toys,star wars miniatures etc,also how can LEGO individually sell 20th anniversary Obi ? Or make figures in magazines without builds? Your opinion of him on the side,something is really off here,LEGO designers say 1 thing and proof + logic says the other.. I am super happy they will make battlepacks again,those sets are my favorites cause i love army building and ton of kids can get into LEGO cause of it's price like i did when i was a kid.
  4. So because you are not a prequel fan we shouldn't get the figures some of us are waiting for since 1999? Look at your profile picture of DC cmf,are those guys candidates for cmf series? Do you really think any child can name more than 4 characters? This is obvisouly aimed for a hardcore dc fans,same way star wars cmf should be aimed for. Thousands of people search and want Wat Tambor figure,just search google trends worldwide from 2004-now,phrase Lego Wat Tambor is beating lego dodonna,lego wedge antilles,and half of your dc cmf figures from mr. miracle to metamorpho.
  5. So instead of a cool jedi figures that are ready to be remade like Plo Koon or some jedi we never got like tens of named characters from geonosis arena or elsewhere with a splash of jedi temple guards you think people would rather want LEGO to make a set with jedi Rob,Bob,George and Michael that were never in any form of media? And you think that would sell well when someone sees the set in store for the first time or that someone would buy a 350$ set with a generic jedis inside? This would be equivalent of LEGO making up their own generic super heroes and throwing them into marvel sets. Please... You can easily mix and match with Ki-Adi-Mundi minifigure that came with generic robes and printed legs in extremely cheap set instead of ruining a set for everyone.
  6. I voted for Rex and Cody and i am also upset,but you can't win with LEGO,if we vote with our wallets and boycott the set LEGO will say prequel sets aren't selling and we won't see one for next 20 years,if we buy it we won't be happy with it and we will support LEGO treating their fans like that. I feel like people will be even more upset if jar-jar brickheadz vote ends up being pointless too.
  7. 0 Chances. Gunship is based on episode 2 so P2 Cody would make 0 sense. Now you may say that LEGO asked which figures we wanted when we voted for the UCS set,but i can definitely understand why they went with their own picks when community trolled the figure selection picks,picking things like rose tico,jar-jar and jedi bob. The real question is why they didn't put P2 Cody in overpriced Grievous starfighter.
  8. Not true,Rune Haako was in 3 movies,multiple books and comics(i know 8 at least),multiple games. Gregar Typho 2 movies,multiple show episodes,multiple books/comics. Kaminoans were in 2 movies,2 shows(multiple episodes 12+),multiple other media. Wat Tambor movie,multiple show episodes,16 comics,multiple video games.
  9. There is not,i think it was a joke attempt. The other guy is named Paz and he is voiced by Jon Favreau like Pre Vizsla. I dont think that is legit argument considering we had approx 10+ Lukes last year on the shelfs at once. Obis hutt,landspeeder,Mos Eisley,Advent Calendar,Death Star final duel,Death Star escape,pilot versions in AT-AT,4+ xwing, 4 + snowspeeder,20th anniversary snowspeeder and he was even in podrace as celebration figure. He was also in US exclusive Bespin duel, 2 foil packs and sequel version of him was in 2019 calendar. We are definitely getting mando,hopefully with beskar jetpack this time,imo set is based on the scene where Mando argues with Paz in front of Forgerer. I am super excited for Paz,he was my favorite from the show. I am kinda dissapointed that Mando fighter is blue i really wanted Mauls red version,but i will be aiming to get at least 3 for my army.
  10. Mandalorian forge sounds great. I hope we get Paz Vizsla and Armorer. I dont really want mandalorian unless he is changed somehow,but i can understand if he is in too.
  11. Yes,you travel to have fun in San Diego and to meet actors and get autographs,SDCC set is just a bonus with less than 1% chance to get,thats the entire fun of the raffle,thousands of europeans are going every year. Its not a big deal if you dont get it when there are 50 or 100 of them. Now there is tens of thousands and we have to pay 120$-500$ + shipping,taxes and custom fees for 40$ set. Its fun to chase exclusives and stuff,but being forced to pay 5 times the price to scalper is just depressing. Okay i will stop.
  12. How is it cherrypicking? How do you look at mos eisley cantina for 80$ in 2014 with molded dewback,lukes landspeeder and 8 figures(2 exclusive) the same way you look that monstrocity darth vader helmet for same price now and calling ithem both a normal set? Battle of Saleucami was 15$ when it came out and came with 2 accurate vehicles vs car wreck of 6 time oversized at-rt and barc speeder from 501st set (inflation only added 1.67$ on 15$ january 2014 to august 2020 according to bureau of labor statistics). Therefore you cant really compare the 2. People are calling 501st set a battlepack or "xl battlepack" so i am comparing it with 2 battlepacks,even though its not. With their logic 2021 tie fighter is a battlepack,rogue 1 hovertank is a battlepack etc. If we look at it like a battlepack you get half the figures for double the price,and when you pay 15$ you dont really care about vehicle accuracy,but when its 30 i expect some sort of build accuracy like you get with other 30$ sets like with trouble on tatooine,rogue one hovertank etc. Yeah,but people like me would travel to USA and had the same chance to get those SDCC sets like you Americans have. Not only traveling was banned,but they released sets that are only supposed to be numbered up to like 100 into tens of thousands. It turned into super limited exclusive thats okay not to have in collection into region exclusive that tens of thousands of people have (probably more). LEGO promised to not do region exclusives after Asian new years sets and they did it and no one complained and now they keep doing it with carnage and other stuff. We also have ton of comic cons here from Barcelona to Dortmund,why cant lego take 10% of limited sets from San Diego and make them available here? Why is it only USA? The sets arent even made in USA to have shipping argument,they are most likely made with sweat and blood of Mexican,Chinese and Hungarian underpaid workers,the entire thing is just idiotic to me. Yeah i agree some sets were great like AAT,Cantina,AT-AT,RC... But there were too many missteps from mustafar vader in jedi interceptor and poorly packaged cockpilot glass that came scratched in every other set to knights of ren ship that was built like a tank and after you spent hundreds to get them all,you had no space to put them inside. By no prequel sets i mean we got 0 prequel sets from august of 2020 till now almost May which is 9 months and there wont be any for next 3. Yeah we are getting them soon,but how many people collect LEGO prequel,sequel and clone wars stuff and have nothing to buy for entire year. I would argue that Dodanna not only wasnt long awaited,but i dont think 99% of casual fans or children even know who that is.
  13. 2020 was one of the worst years,ton of great ideas done incredibly poor,from sith trooper battle pack with 1 sith trooper to disgustingly overpriced grievous fighter. Not to mention promos that were only made for USA,but 2021 isnt looking any better,we are almost in may with 0 battlepacks,only sequel set is a 4+ xwing and there is no prequel sets. All the sets are from ot and most of them are bad smaller versions of the sets we got multiple times. Only decent set is trouble on tatooine and some people dont like that either cause of them not including Cobb Vanth. (i personally dont care about Cobb). This is probably unpopular opinion,but i hate how LEGO is doing these "art" sets,helmets and brickbuilt figures when you can just buy accurate helmet from hasbro for barely 30$ more or buy and frame a great artistic poster for 1/6 of the price of "art" set. IMO afols fell in love with LEGO cause of playsets,figures and vehicle builds and i would rather have summer wave of 3 vehicles/playsets sets,1 from each trilogy than the "sets" we got now. Your numbers are calculated if you count in 4+set,helmets,brickbuilt figures,may4th promo etc which are years behind actual sets we had in 2014. In reality 2020 had 2 battlepacks,1 x 4+ set,3 microfighters,2 brickbuilt figures,calendar,2 ucs sets,3 helmets and only 14 normal sets. While 2014 had 6 micro fighters,3 battlepacks,19 normal sets,1 ucs set and 1 calendar. + Revan promo. Idk about you,but i would rather have the ghost than darth vader helmet on the shelf,30$ snowspeeder instead of 4+ snowspeeder or 70$ cantina instead of brickbuilt grogu and especially kashyyk and utapau trooper battlepacks for 13$ each than that overpriced innacurate 501st set for 30$ or even Darth Revan may the 4th promo vs that laughable death star 2 battle. Its not only 2014,if you go 2015 we had 4 battlepacks,22 normal sets ,6 buildable figures,2 amazing ucs sets and 6 microfighters. 2015 slave 1 vs 2020 a wing for same price,come on now you cant even compare them.
  14. PreVizsla

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I hope the vehicle is from batman forever with riddler and two face figures. I would be happy with anything from 1989 batman,batman and robin,batman returns,batman forever,batman beyond,batman the animated series or even newer dark knight stuff. What i am scared the most is that its some garbage from 1966 show i have 0 interest in. I may be looking into this too much,but in 2019 we first got a pursuit of joker batmobile with batman and joker for 30$ and then what i call "UCS" 1989 batmobile same year,2 years passed and now we have a batmobile from 1966 show with batman and joker for 30$ so my fear is that the next thing we get is 1966 "UCS" batmobile. Not to mention promo that came with 1989 batmobile had the same plaque as the 1966 set has so logically you can display 2 smaller sets with plaques and then 2 ucs sets. I really hope i am wrong.