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  1. nwbricks

    (WIP,MOC) Steam powered machine shop (UPDATE)

    Hey @XG BC , I just came across this post and i love what you've done with the lathe and shaper models. Nice job man
  2. nwbricks

    [MOC] [WIP] 60197 engine redesign

    Hey @Feuer Zug and @WhiteSmok and anyone else who's interested! I finally (after two years) got round to making instructions for this. It's got lights in it too now! They're free on my website or rebrickable for the parts list etc: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-107864/nwbricks/60197-loco-redesign/ (+ 88005 and 88011 lights/PU motor which stud.io doesn't recognise) Let me know if you build one. Cheers!
  3. nwbricks

    [MOC] [WIP] 60197 engine redesign

    Hey! Thanks both. I've not been on here for ages, you are right :) I meant to make instructions for this mod ages ago but never got round to it and probably won't now to be honest. There is some trickiness with part of the front being built upside down. There are more photos on my instagram (I think, again not been on in ages) which should give you a better idea. Cheers!
  4. nwbricks

    Bricklink questions

    It's a little odd, but it might be for the courier to reach you
  5. Hey, I've just started getting to grips with Stud.io and rebuilding some of my own mocs to release instructions for and so on. There doesn't seem to be a way to add "proper" string to models, as far as I can tell? In particular, I'm after part 4209c07. But Stud.io is also complaining that the yellow nozzles don't exist, because (I guess) they only ever came attached to the string Does anyone have any experience with using a custom part for the whole assembly? I can't find a model anywhere. Furthermore, the hollow stud version of the holder itself doesn't exist in the parts library. There is a discussion on the LDraw forums about this where they concluded (wrongly) that the hollow stud version doesn't exist "in real life" - I can confirm it very much does as I've got one in front of me. Any help or pointers would be massively appreciated! Cheers
  6. nwbricks

    [MOC] 6484 F1 Hauler Redux

    I've been working on a few truck mocs lately and finally got my hands on enough parts to rebuild the classic 6484 F1 Hauler set from 1995. I had a LEGO town poster with this on and used to stare at it for hours. The amount of functions they managed to cram in, plus the 6-wide body in 4-wide era gave it something of a mysterious charm I guess. Anyway, it was really fun to work on this one. All the functions are present and correct including the flashing lights and motorised winch, but the cab now seats both mechanics instead of leaving one of them to walk behind! I haven't modified the actual F1 car, I didn't have one of the black chassis pieces so had to POOP it. I'll probably revisit that at some point :) Images below, and there's a short video showing the 9v functions. Cheers :)
  7. nwbricks

    [MOC] - Machine Tools/Shop

    Thanks man! :)
  8. nwbricks

    [MOC] - Machine Tools/Shop

    Sorry man I only just saw your message! I made a separate thread for the building a couple of weeks ago :)
  9. nwbricks

    [MOC] - Machine Tools/Shop

    Thanks man! :) Thanks! The middle is an inspection pit for trains - the building is a maintenance shed :)
  10. nwbricks

    [MOC] CNC Machine (Haas VF2-SS)

    I made a bigger motorised model here too you might like (I dont think the scale modeling forum did haha) - Good luck with your machining hobby dude! Goes hand in hand with lego for sure ;)
  11. nwbricks

    [MOC] CNC Machine (Haas VF2-SS)

    Thank you very much! :)
  12. Hey guys, first time posting in the scale model forum. Hope I've got this right I've been building various machine tools for a workshop on my layout. One of them was a Haas VF2-SS, a 3-axis CNC milling machine. I got this stupid idea to stick a motor in to get the spindle moving but it blew the scale way off, so I rebuilt a totally different model with a bit more bulk, the UMC-750 5-axis mill. Here's the full gallery, more video and images below: Front view. Doors slide open: Back view showing the motor. Currently uses a PF M motor but I originally had the old 4x5 motor running. The real machine runs at 8k+ rpm and those old motors push 4k, so not too far off. I'm not doing any actual milling so torque isnt much of an issue ;) Side view showing the movable control panel: Other side, showing the tool changer and cooling hoses. The real thing has a 40+1 tool capacity, which wasnt too feasible. I'm sure there's a better solution for this, but I'm happy with it for now Internal view showing the platter, chip conveyor, spindle, etc: And the real thing for comparison! Cheers :)
  13. nwbricks

    [MOC] - Machine Tools/Shop

    A few new additions to the lineup :) Shaper, based on the old cincinnati models: Gear shaper, based on an old Fellows 6A machine: ... and, a Technic-scale Haas UMC-750, with motorised spindle :)
  14. nwbricks

    Deutz DG1200BBM locomotive

    Amazing work dude
  15. My focus has shifted from technic back to system over the last year or so but I still expected to pick this up... and I'm torn. It looks great but man, the price. The chiron and 911 ended up near enough 50% off at other retailers, so hopefully this comes down significantly. Not sure whats worse, the hit to my wallet or the OCD shakes from only having 2 out of the 3