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    [MOC] Amsterdam in the seventies

    amazing! you should convert the car to a flodder car with sjonnie and kees
  2. georgeaxe2000

    Birth of a new Lego city [UPDATE #20 Integrating the beach stairs]

    great work and hail to the adjustable adils table feet
  3. georgeaxe2000

    [MOC + Instructions] 6364 Paramedic Unit 2.0 Revisited

    superbly done. great detail, good update of a set that can be fit in anywhere, even as an emergency post on a pier (was looking for that!), also fits the 9 stud old roads
  4. georgeaxe2000

    [MOC] DownTown CityCenter

    very nicely done
  5. georgeaxe2000

    [MOC] Wicked Wench vs. Spanish Fortress by MattedBricks

    well done!
  6. georgeaxe2000

    Soltown - video tours

    been following your channel. very original and creative with space. other layouts are about all the same modulars and lots of money. yours is about inspiration. love it