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  1. L1anChu

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Omg, the minifigures from series 2 look great, I'm very excited! I like Luna and Mrs Sprout best, but they all look great! I think we became also one Ron and Hermione, and then I hoping for Sirius, Lupin, Ginny or other weasleys.
  2. I have made a second color for the cars, now both colors available! Red -> White, can you found here on rebrickable. Green -> Gray, can you found here on rebrickable. Yellow -> Black, can you found here on rebrickable.
  3. I think the first car has the right size for the car transporter. The second looks a little too wide.
  4. Thank you!! Yes that is true, the fenders in more colors would be nice, making it easier to build the cars. Thank you!! Yes, these are two small flex axles with two stud liftarms.
  5. That's a good question, I can't say it exactly. I guess it took me 25 to 30 hours per car. For everything together (developing, building, instructions, photos and video).
  6. L1anChu

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    @Legohp25 Incredible!!!
  7. Hello everyone, After one month of designing, building and creating instructions, I will present you my custom LEGO Technic sports cars for the car transporter! Red car: 686 Parts, V6 fake engine, HOG, Openable doors! The full gallery for the red one can you found here on bricksafe. Green car: 755 Parts, V8 fake engine, HOG, Openable doors! The full gallery for the green one can you found here on bricksafe. Yellow car: 723 Parts, V10 fake engine, HOG, Openable doors! The full gallery for the yellow one can you found here on bricksafe. The general objective was to make three cars with different colors and appearance, in addition to the existing two cars (corvette and blue car). In this way, the car transporter can be fully loaded. I also have made instructions for the cars, so it's easy to rebuild them. Many more images, more information, the instructions and part lists can you found here on my rebrickable profile. I hope you like the cars and the heavy loaded Car Transporter!
  8. L1anChu

    Hello from Austria!

    Many thanks @Gray Gear and @leafan!!
  9. L1anChu

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Many thanks for the infos!! I am really looking forward to the new sets!! A buildable Hedwig is great as a decoration in the apartment A new D2C set would be awsome, hopefully in the same scale as the large Hogwarts!!
  10. L1anChu

    Hello from Austria!

    Hello everyone, my name is Andreas and I came from Austria! I would like to introduce myself briefly here. I was a big Lego fan in my childhood, in particular of Lego Technic. I came back to Lego two years ago, first because of the large Technic Sets Volvo wheel loader and Mercedes Arocs. With the new Harry Potter sets I became an AFOL. Last year I started to build MOCs. My first was the Backhoe V3 in yellow from J├╝rgens Technic Corner. Is an incredibly model with all the engines and gears inside. I'm incredibly excited about the MOC, it was fun to find all the parts together and finally build it. After that I started building my own MOCs. I would like to be able to dismantle and build these MOCs in 5 years, so I started to create instructions for it with Stud.io. At first only for me and since December these instructions can be found on rebrickable.com. That's how it all started You can find all of my MOCs on rebrickable.com. And the images on bricksafe.com. I'm also on Instagram, where I keep posting pictures of my MOCs. I'm happy about every follower! I will also present my MOC in my own topics, as I would like to get feedback about it! Best regards, L1anChu
  11. The Volvo looks very cool! Fits perfectly with the wheel loader (42030).