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  1. and we think the Ebola Virus is spreading rapidly.... In 2011, TLG unleashed a new brick Seperator. It was an experiment designed the help mankind with the universal problem of sticky bricks, and allowing for happy hours of building. - these seperators were placed in many large sets of significance, and rapidly covered the planet. - they were designed with one thing in mind - TLG planned to spread them out so that every human on this earth had an orange seperator within an arms reach, ready to assist you...... ....... /dramatics OK Lego, It was great getting a new brick seperator in my large lego sets. The new orange (and green) version is great It was great the first time, the 45th time i received one it's kind of getting a bit too much. The very first one still does the job well, the other 44 were not necessary. It's time to turn it down a notch. they are rapidly taking over the planet. I dont think they need to be in every set I purchase.
  2. glendo

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Sorting and storage are two different subjects Sortology: the method of separation (your system) Storology: the systems, methods and styles of storage (your solution) Maybe they constitute two separate topics??
  3. glendo

    10251 Brick Bank

    It appears that creator expert = city range. Another shrinking modular. Now we have 4 corners, let's see how small this one is by placing it next to the CC,GE and PC. It looks great...just too small. Part coint trickery with tonnes of 1x1 pieces no doubt.
  4. glendo

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    I believe a car models theme could probably be its own line... The F40 and Mini Cooper sized models aimed at scale modelling.
  5. glendo

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I dont think we'll ever see a police station. TLG always has a city police station for sale. It's one of their highest sellers. Having a modular one for sale with the normal city one will be bad for business.
  6. glendo

    10246 Detective's Office

    My more complete version... and it is swappable like the PS. I used 2xDO's for parts. It's not finished, but it's enough to display in public at the moment: the album is here:
  7. glendo

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    (one more time....) I consider CC-TH as Gen 1, and PC-now Gen 2 (I do consider MS a modular although it's a Factory labelled box). a significant shift is obvious between the 'generations'. Cost cutting became physically obvious, downsizing began and stories started being included. Newer Packaging was released, Creator Expert was incorporated into the labelling. Hardcore shrinking began with PR. The adult modelling element is dying off, and a shift towards 'playsets' has begun.
  8. glendo

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Im 100% completely with Off the wall on this... Unless they return to the standard seen with 'Gen 1' Modulars, (remove the childrens's storyboards seen in the city range, return to respectable sized buildings, and stop manipulating the part count) I will walk away from Modulars. The next one will be a make or break for me. The last two releases are my least liked releases thus far.... strike 3 and i walk.
  9. Hello All, I've been working on a town layout in my lair for a long time, and today i achieved a milestone in the construcion of the railway station. it is 3x Baseplates wide here is the design i was working on in LDD and as of tonight, after 5 Bricklink orders i have achieved building the main structure: plans are to develop a bus stop, some small stores such as newspaper stand etc, and add higher level detail... will pave the entire area, and I am looking into learning the artform of making my own decals/stickers. will keep you posted.
  10. The USA, because the rest of the world is subsidizing their lower prices and larger product stocks and ranges.
  11. glendo

    Belgian Pub

    great modular. OMG, the real life pic is great too.... in the smallest crack they build a tiny house.. LOL
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    small, simple, sweet. I love it.
  13. glendo

    Review: 10246 Detective's Office

    Hotel = pool hall Isnt it wonderful we have the ability, right and forum to input differences of thoughts and views? Im not asking for anyone to agree, Im sharing my experiences, as you did as well.
  14. glendo

    [LDD MOC] Octan F1 Car

    stunning F1 car. Im looking for a few fellow F1 fans here, to see if they would be interested in designing fig scale F1 cars... we could make a bit of rivalry out of it.
  15. glendo

    Review: 10246 Detective's Office

    well i finally bought/built my DO last night.... the most scandalous modular to date: -total part count manipulation: many places where tonnes of smaller parts were used in lieu of a larger part. -incompleteness of the wall/roof of the hotel on the ground floor -cheapness of colour combination, parts of the build were poorly executed. - massive reduction in size. i placed it next to every other modular one at a time last night, it's freaking tiny compared to them... (except the PR of course) I have bought 2 copies of this set, and i will use some of the parts from the second set to 'complete' this set (IMO) properly. This modular is nothing more than a large Lego City/Creator house set. It's not all bad, I like how they executed some of the builds, such as the water tank, the roof, the ground floor hotel. I feel that the blue side was an attempt to pay hommage to Market Street with it's tones of blue. the blue part of the building is childish, the brown side is too small. I love the modulars, i have everyone of them to date, I always buy two if i can... but if the quality does not improve on the next release, I think my days of buying them are over. I was not a big fan of the PR, and I'd say this one sits equally at the bottom in order of like/dislike. Gen 2 Modulars..........
  16. glendo

    Pick-A-Brick & Pick-A-Model

    PaB will become an online only system.... PaM actually slows down consumption of the bricks, sets a controlled quantity per customer, and will still keep the aesthetics of the lego store. It appears as this is a shift of strategy for the company.
  17. glendo

    Pick-A-Brick & Pick-A-Model

    that's what i would call 'portion control'. set pieces for a set price.... but they make you think you choose. PaB is probably on the endangered species list as a free-for-all.
  18. glendo

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I consider PC to be the first of the "Gen 2" Modular range.
  19. glendo

    [MOC] Sega Classic Arcade Machines

    this should be in Lego Ideas.
  20. As you watch the footage of the Lego Ideas studio, sitting on the shelf i noticed this prototype: I like it, and I would probably consider buying it
  21. glendo

    10246 Detective's Office

    the roof mod looks the best right now out of all other mods. I've never seen another modular released thus far that has had so many people completing enhancing it since release.
  22. glendo

    What is a Minifigure to you?

    ....a minifig is just an accessory to the set. Unless you like SW sets it appears, then its a minifig set with the spaceship as an accessory.
  23. glendo

    Is LEGO dying?

    No* *in terms of trade/revenue they are better than ever. They are swimming in money. In design, they are getting better and worse. Some of the latest sets are unbelievably amazing, and are an improvement on its replacement. Downsizing of sets, higher price points etc are noticeable (eg: we are paying more for less). I see this as acause of complaint. I see one trend they are slowly heading towards is one piece parts again. The new passenger train is an example of this with its front cockpit being a single piece. I also notice that new police, fire stations are made up of more large single pieces instead of opting for standard bricks. And they are getting a little repetitive with releases. But they are far from dying. More popular than ever.... We are just getting a little 'less bang for our bucks'
  24. glendo

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I hope everyone is starting to realise the rules to the game is to make small sets. It appears they are limited to a price point/part count that a lot lower than a UCS AT-AT or a Modular building. Lego Ideas needs to be rebranded as 'Lego LICENSING Ideas'
  25. Fantastic designs. Best thing I've seen on here for a while.