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  1. If the piece was not exposed where it can clearly be seen to look different then I would be ok with contamination. If it is buried within the build it is ok with me but i'm a beginner here so i'm not too serious yet.
  2. I'm obsessed with Black/white color combo race cars. Little splashes of red here and there.
  3. gyromuff

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    I second the mobile site suit gundam.... with erupting, burning, fingers.
  4. I've bought a few sets of Ebay here in us and everything came properly sealed and from what I saw they were authentic. I made offers to the sellers and they agreed. 2 of the sets came with slightly damaged boxes but I did not care
  5. gyromuff

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    All my sets are built and displayed. Im a newbie so I still have lots of space. Good to ser what others are doing though
  6. gyromuff

    What to use to wrap LEGO set

    Does humidity effect the pieces or is it too prevent sickness from getting messed up?
  7. Does it not lock strongly enough with other pieces? I would have never caught that. I'd probably keep it myself unless the color or look was way off
  8. gyromuff

    Stickers isn't a big deal! Or is it?

    I built the official Porsche RSR and left stickers off at first but decided to throw some on and now they are all on and could not be happier
  9. I have looked up prices for a specific build and they ranged from 400 to 800 dollars depending on source. This hobby can get expensive.
  10. gyromuff

    Hello from NY

    Just joined. Up until a month ago all I really knew was the speed champions sets that I would hemlp my little nephew build. I got my hands on a Porsche RSR for Christmas and I was hooked. Since then I built a Porsche 919 hybrid, Volkswagen camper, and Voltron. Now I see how many more options there are and I'm excited to get some quality sets to build. Some really talented builders out there