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    10193 Medieval Market Village

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    MOC building, Pirates, Medieval, Star Wars and Ninjago without the dragons and magic.


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  1. Thorak Fremennik

    [MOC] Soldiers Outpost

    This is beautifull and the landscaping is excellent aswell! I might just have to add a baseplate more to my Pirate village to add something like this to it :)
  2. Thorak Fremennik

    Rotting Leviathan

    Very creative and detailed aswell! :O I think this would be a great way of getting an actual Lego theme based around Pirates.
  3. Thorak Fremennik

    Sabre Island Remake

    Great MOC and impressive picture aswell! Would love to see this expanded upon :)
  4. Thorak Fremennik

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I would love to see Pirates come back and I do have a bit of info, but it might be nothing... Recently, I saw they changed the yearly decorations on the Lego House Tree. The new theme of the tree is now: PIRATES! The whole tree is covered in some awesome Pirate dioramas, just check it out: It's at the 0:25 mark, where they look at the massive tree. This really makes me hopefull, because they wouldn't just make this and than nothing more right? It's The center-piece of the Lego House! i'm sorry if someone already posted about this, I didn't have the time to go through 25pages of comments and I'm excited! ;)