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    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

    This is amazing - I'm seriously impressed. I'm so out of my depth when it comes to engineering and design on this scale. Is this a case where you have to basically use existing pieces to create your own large-scale hinges and joints?
  2. Stepwise

    "future metropolis"

    This is cool. Are those custom stickers, or things you painted? (Or just from sets that I haven't noticed and should have?)
  3. Stepwise

    [MOC] Hell mech & Tiger mech

    Me, casually scrolling down the front page for the first time in a few days. Hey that's fun. Cool. Gets to this - "Wow!" Nice job!
  4. I really like what you did with 6931 - my FX Star Patroller was my first 'big' set. I've been thinking about rebuilding and updating mine, and I may borrow an idea or two from what you did here.
  5. I worked on this starfighter for a while - I started with the instructions for the viper from the Alien Conquest series and used classic space parts I had on hand. Nothing big and fancy, just wanted to see "what would happen if..." I tend to lean towards a color scheme that's based loosely off the FX Star Patroller due to the parts I have on hand. I had *almost* everything I needed, but kept on putting off the last couple of parts . . . then I ran out of space on my shelves, so I made a digital copy and took it apart. So - credit where credit is due - this is the original model, I built this copy in, and used Gimp to add a background I found years ago by Baron von Brunk. I have a couple more pictures here.
  6. Thanks! I go back and forth about the shapes for wings - I really wanted the classic look with this one, but I do like it when people pull off a really smooth look with sideways building. I don't have the knack for that yet.
  7. It'd be cool to see that cockpit shape again, even if they had it attach differently. I wonder if they could do a similar shape that just fits in place like the speed champions windscreens. I'm saving the file, but at the moment, I'm not planning to rebuild this one. I have most of the parts, but not everything I need. The other issue is shelf space, and I'm running out!
  8. Stepwise

    [MOC] Breach in section B4

    Those are fun! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Stepwise

    [MOC] Star Hawk II

    These are fun. Unitron could've been really cool, but they quit too early with that series. I like the fold-out weapons in the wings. Do the cockpits detach on these?
  10. I wasn't picturing that when I was working on this, but I see what you're saying. (similar basic shape...but no moving parts on this one.) Thanks!
  11. Stepwise

    M-Tron - The Entire Collection

    This is cool - congrats on completing the full set. This is my favorite era for space sets - Futuron, SP1, M:Tron, and Blacktron, so it's always fun to see pictures like these.
  12. Stepwise

    [MOC] Breach in section B4

    This is cool. It's fun to see colors from later space sets, and I like the minifig face, too - I have a scene that I'd love to do sometime with the same expression. The droid is great, too - it's really reminiscent of droids from old sets, with just enough changes in the right spots to update it.
  13. Stepwise

    WIP feedback thread

    NCS hangar bays, etc., tend to be a lot of grey, with an accent color here and there - for some reason, that works better than big blocks of white. Thanks for your feedback - I'll keep it in mind for the next couple of projects I'm working on.
  14. Stepwise

    Updating Your MCU Minifigures

    Actually - I liked the first head better. I've had something similar in mind with those frown lines on his cheeks. I'm curious as to what we'll see for him once his show hits Disney+.
  15. Stepwise

    WIP feedback thread

    @Duvors - Thank you! Do you think the second one would look good with less black - more of a pin-striping kind of look, instead of big panels?
  16. Stepwise

    Updating Your MCU Minifigures

    Xavhyr - those are fun. I've started putting together my own AOS crew. The plan is to use the same torso for May, Daisy, Yo-Yo, and Bobbi, but I'll change up the arms for each one - Daisy's are black, Yo-Yo's will be navy blue. Haven't decided for Bobbi yet, but Yo-Yo's will be grey. Still deciding on faces for some of them, though. Also - shotgun axe!
  17. Stepwise

    A whole lot of Transformers

    These are fun. Still wrapping my brain around FIBRIB, though - Frenzy is blue, Rumble is black?
  18. A friend of mine had the Deep Freeze Defender when we were growing up. I had no idea how small it was compared to some X-wing models. I hardly have any Star Wars sets, so I don't have a basis for comparison. There are lots of cool sets are available, but at some point, I have to stop going "I want one of those, and one of those, and . . ."
  19. Stepwise

    [FUTURON] Polaris Express

    This is fun. I like how you used some of the same round-ish shaping that's present in a lot of the Futuron sets. The mini-vehicles look like cool little builds, too.
  20. Hi everyone, I took a shot at using Inkscape to create Explorien torsos that aren't in - I'm pretty happy with how things are turning out so far. I know that original Explorien torsos didn't have blue in the logo - it was just yellow, black, and shades of grey. Logos on other parts used blue, so I tried it that way, and I like how the colors pop. The image is a little rough, and it's huge on this screen for some reason - everything's still basically a rough draft at this point while I figure out things like lighting, scratches/degradation, (and resizing photos), but it shows what I've got figured out so far. (The hardest part was already done, because credit for the svg version of the logo itself goes to Oleth - I found it at Swooshable.) I have two of the three torsos done (the one with a big circle wasn't that difficult...) Once I have all three of them done, I'll post the blue and grey versions them in the gallery.
  21. I have most of the torsos done. Ironically, the one that's the hardest is just a big circle, but I can't get it centered on the torsos in PartDesigner. I won't be getting back to this for a while, because school is starting up again, but I wanted to show what I've gotten done up to this point. I'd post the .svg files or the files, but I'm worried about copyright violations...I'll do some more checking around before I go any further with that. Anyway - thanks for looking.
  22. Stepwise

    WIP feedback thread

    Hi everyone, I haven't posted much, but I've been lurking for a while. I'm looking for feedback on some displays/dioramas that I've worked on. I tried making an Explorien (ish) hangar bay, and before that, I had what was basically just a hallway scene. The earlier one, even though it wasn't as fancy, seemed to work better, and I'm trying to figure out why. Here's the earlier one: and here's the later one: (not all of it is mine, I did use part of an official Explorien set, and the Exo-Suit turtle made an appearance, too) That pic really wasn't the best - it's blurrier than I remembered. It was basically a matter of getting in some shots to show what I'd figured out up to that point before taking it apart to start over. I have a couple more pics at Rebrickable. I liked the detailing I put into the walls on the second one, and it was fun to put together the transparent blue panels with the transparent neon-green pieces behind them. But did the other colors end up too busy? Also - I really wanted to have the split-level look with the second one, but it didn't work out well. The shadows bug me, and I don't know if those are usually dealt with in post-production, if I should've done something different with my lighting, or if I should've avoided having the 'balcony' type setup. There's a lot I could bring up here, but I'll wait to see where the discussion goes - thanks in advance.
  23. Stepwise

    [MOC] Vintage Police Car

    Nice job - I downloaded the instructions to this and your spinner - it'll be fun to put these together.
  24. Stepwise

    [MOC] Hermes

    This is fun. It has a bit of a Galaxy Squad vibe to it.
  25. Stepwise

    MOC Cyberpunk/SW Room

    Hey, you did a really nice job with this. I love the overall feel - there's a lot going on, visually, and it really fits together well. The lighting is great, and I like the iPad background, too - I can see how this would work well in an underground scene, but the cyberpunk/big sci-fi city feel works really well, too. The little details are great - I kept going back and looking for little things (like the rubber duck - that was fun!).