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  1. slovakiasteph


    I love the rose window-- it's lovely-- and the shingle pattern on the roof is great. Reminds me of the roof of a church in Slovakia.
  2. slovakiasteph

    MOC - Retro 1940's Hardware Store

    I wasn't expecting the high ceiling-- that was a surprise. Nice build, and I like the detailing on the exterior.
  3. slovakiasteph

    LEGO Chip Shop

    I wish we had takeaway fish and chips! I love all the food varieties-- spent five minutes just looking at those :)
  4. slovakiasteph

    REVIEW: 31050 Corner Deli

    Did you try this as a 16-wide? It seems like it would cut out some of the repetition of all the windows. Thanks for the review, Klaus-Dieter! Looking forward to getting this set....I like this little "mini modulars."
  5. slovakiasteph

    City Square Brick's Sports Store

    The awning over the door works well to separate the door from the other windows. Nice work, I like the style!
  6. slovakiasteph

    Winter Village: Undertakers

    Love the carriage. Victorian?
  7. slovakiasteph

    PTV Small: Eater, Eatee

    Thanks, I just saw these comments! It was a fun little build.
  8. slovakiasteph

    PTV Small: Eater, Eatee

    Borreo and his boat-mate got washed up on a deserted island. With no dessert in sight, after a few days, he had no choice but to eat his colleague, who was fainting with hunger. IMG_8832 by Steph Kurin, on Flickr IMG_8833 by Steph Kurin, on Flickr But, beware: the eater will soon become the eatee! IMG_8840 by Steph Kurin, on Flickr This is my first Pirate build, but hope you enjoyed my small contribution! Hoping to get some of the new sets. :)
  9. slovakiasteph

    My first My first house of Lego. of Lego.

    I love the way the cups/trophies blend into the grey on the ground floor; the rounded stairs in the back are nice as well.
  10. slovakiasteph

    Plum Creek - Little House on the Prairie

    I watched that show every day when I was growing up. :) Spot on builds! The house looks great! I'd seen the overall picture a few days ago, and I enjoyed the close-up photos.
  11. slovakiasteph

    LED renderings

    These look great! What happens when you do gold with lights? Is that overkill? A big ball of gold shine? :D
  12. slovakiasteph

    Waterfall Castle [Micro]

    I like seeing a wide variety of sized builds...micro, giant ones. The small ones usually impress me a bit more because there's more thought put into a small space, the amount of bricks. Also, small builds allow those with less bricks (or a limited budget) to participate on a level with those who have more. Must be a big waterfall...or a small castle :) The castle towers are my favorite part.
  13. Welcome! I refuse to be labeled a Hoosier until they decide what it means ;) Friends is fun! I would get more of those sets...except that they're not as versatile and I don't want to mix them into my "regular" LEGO.
  14. slovakiasteph

    [MOC] Inside Out: Anger

    Spot on! Nice work!
  15. slovakiasteph

    MOC: Friends Animal Park

    Really, really nice! I love the variety of different types of exhibits, and the fountains add some nice color to the exhibit. I remember your rainbow park from last year, and this is a great follow-up!