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  1. Thanks @nerdsforprez I considered adding something similar so when you move the yoke, the cockpit would pitch up or down. I don't think it would be hard to do so might look at an update for it! Cheers Thankyou
  2. Thanks Matt @brickless_kiwi. Not sure how - i thought it's pretty close to the real thing (also had a few 747 pilots commend it from a LEGO perspective). Cheers
  3. Thanks Samus! Thanks for liking! Are you sure? It's half made of Technic and thought it would appeal to the Technic community. Cheers Thank you Caiman!! Thanks @JintaiZ it's really appreciated! Thankyou @kieran
  4. Hi everyone. This is my "Queen of the skies" Boeing 747 Cockpit MOC and nearly half of it is made with Technic. The aircraft itself has been produced in 21 different models and I modeled it from the fan favorite 747-400 variant. The Boeing 747 Cockpit is a cutaway model and incorporates all the main features including instrument panels, moving flight controls and sliding seats too. Main features include Detailed cockpit. Linked yokes (joysticks) with pitch movement (both with rotating handles). 4 independent throttle controls as well as flaps and spoiler levers. Instrument panels including main display, center console and overhead console (which in a perfect world would be printed tiles). Sliding seats and moving armrests (seats slide via a hidden channel after using the drop away floor lever - pretty cool). External fuselage matching aircraft contour. 2 pilot minifigures and display panel. 1,873 parts and a rubber band. Technic specifics 80-90% of the roofline is Technic. Entire framework of the fuselage (walls). Nearly everything under the 'hood' is Technic: linked yokes, angled instrument panels, drop away floor mechanism. Pilot/copilot seats This was challenging to design and went through many iterations to work out aesthetics, integrity and ability to build. The ceiling is all joined and solid, though there are two flat plates (hinged with main model) held in by gravity (the technique is used in some sets). The overhead instrument panel was designed to be built in one section and easily installed using axles. I added fuselage in front of the windows else the cutaway model looked a bit weird without it, though I have come up with several alternate noses. I also came up with the concept to add a light pack with translucent tiles to give that amazing lit-up cockpit look. I also added it to LEGO Ideas as well which you can check out here: - Link removed -
  5. Oilzzz

    [LEGO Ideas] Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    You may like to close this thread given LEGO Ideas deleted the project. Guessing due to breaching their terms and conditions
  6. Oilzzz

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    Thanks Samus! :)
  7. Oilzzz

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    Many thanks Alexandrina! :) Yes stickers... preference is printed parts - another barrier to overcome, but appreciate the support! ps hope your heart is feeling better - don't want to cause palpitations
  8. Oilzzz

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    Thanks everyone for the comments a few weeks back - understood the Ideas team have passed over a lot of good ideas and while they have accepted licensed content, agree it is another barrier to overcome. Some people say they won't do Boeing (cause of the osprey) but they forget Boeing is approved IP and they released a 787 set hehe. Though let me say it's not as easy to get votes - I'm well over 20K+ likes/comments on FB alone, but short of 2K actual votes. Never-the-less, I've had so many people say they want this so I won't give up. Still 23 months up my sleeve to get there lol (I'm not trying to race this thing) While speaking of my project (Boeing 747 project), I have made updates! New colors and instrument panels based on the 747-400 variant. If anyone would like to convert a like to a vote, you can here on the Ideas project page Many thanks!
  9. Oilzzz

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    Hi all Here is my recent submission to Lego Ideas: the iconic Boeing 747 Cockpit. bit.ly/747Cockpit Yes it has a few stickers: between 18 and 25 depending how it is built. Functionality includes moving joysticks, controls and sliding seats. I've also created 2 additional options for the nose section which can be seen in vid here Hope you like and welcome your support.
  10. Like Technic? Like something completely different? The Time Machine (Lego Ideas) Lego Time Machine by Oilzzz
  11. Hi all I designed a Technic build of the Time Machine (some may recognize it) and created a short video demonstrating the rotating mirror elements. This is up on the Lego Ideas site and always welcome your support https://ideas.lego.com/projects/493ff573-887c-4e70-ad5b-93dbcf549b47 The actual design is shown below Lego Time Machine by Darren Jones, on Flickr Can support it here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/493ff573-887c-4e70-ad5b-93dbcf549b47
  12. Thank and appreciate that, which is why I have an update specific to colours on the Ideas site. Cheers
  13. Hi all. I've designed the 2002 movie The Time Machine in a Technic build and submitted to Lego Ideas. If you like it, would appreciate your support in helping it become a real Lego set. Direct link to Lego Ideas page Lots more photos and details on the ideas site. It also works! (not the time travel)