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  1. Hi Woody64. Thanks for your reply! Steindrucker are based in Germany i suppose, do you know how much is the cost per torso? as in my case I would print a substantial number :) I am based in UK. thanks Roberto
  2. Hi ThousandMoon. Yep, I know them, I purchased some bayonets, but I need to dig for the print services. thanks! Roberto
  3. Hi Everybody I am new of the forum but not on the Lego world I am working on a historical representation of 3 scenes of the Waterloo battle, I am gathering an army of minifigures related to sections of the Allies and French armies. as my intent is to be quite historically accurate, I would like to print torsos of the uniforms and then compose the soldiers. please see here my latest designs: I am based in London, does anybody know a printer that can print the torsos in a substantial number? Thanks Roberto