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    Rise of Voldemort set

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  1. Oh man this is awesome!!!
  2. SkeletonInATopHat

    Show us your Armies and Minifigs!

    @ParmBrick love the top brass and secret service!
  3. SkeletonInATopHat

    Show us your Armies and Minifigs!

    @Blackheart Brit mindbender needs his shirtless suspenders and purple pants! Great army! I LOVE Cobra def in my top 5 villain groups. I used to customize the heck outta my gi joe figures and made everything cobra
  4. SkeletonInATopHat

    [Review] Minifigcat Modular Gear Series

    Oof those are nice, minifigcat makes my favorite vests hands down! I’ve got a few eod suits on the way as we speak
  5. SkeletonInATopHat

    Merry Droneuary!

    Not many people celebrating Droneuary anymore, but I would like to carry on the tradition!
  6. SkeletonInATopHat

    Just a skeleton.... with a top hat

    Thankyou! @leafan @LEGO Train 12 Volts
  7. SkeletonInATopHat

    Sabishi Monastery

    Absolutely AMAZING! An inspiration!
  8. SkeletonInATopHat

    New player?

    @TheBeeze Thankyou! So I’ve looked around quite a bit and I have a few questions. Firstly is there any recorded history that predated the first phase of the game? Is it up to the player to decide things like what type of country, import/exports items, natural resources, government infrastructure, etc? Do we decide what and where cities are or do we follow the things on the map? I saw that no weapons of mass destruction are to be used, but have the ever been used in this worlds history? Do/have they existed in this world? The Nuclear threat of today has heavily shaped how our military’s conduct themselves, how our world operates, and how technology has been developed over time. (I don’t blame you if you haven’t thought about these things, I dm in dnd a lot and I’m very meticulous when it comes to world building) I’ve been doing a lot of research about world and military history to prepare for the game and I must say, we live in one crazy megablocks place it’s interesting thinking about how I would run a country in a modern world in conflict. I’m super glad your still playing, I didn’t have much LEGO in 2014-2016 when thing were really popping off for the LEGO military/futuristic military community and now I have a ton and no ones that active anymore!
  9. SkeletonInATopHat

    Operation Valiant Sweep- -1/16/20 - 3/9/20

    Oh snap
  10. SkeletonInATopHat

    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    I would like to sign up for Nak-Hu.
  11. SkeletonInATopHat

    (GBW) Phase 2 - Information & General Discussion

    Where can I find details on the different available country’s? I’m ready to get started!
  12. Heretics beware! These are so awesome!
  13. SkeletonInATopHat

    Just a skeleton.... with a top hat

    Thank you!
  14. SkeletonInATopHat

    New player?

    Any chance I can still join in? I’ve admired this and a few other LEGO based rpgs over the years, I’d love to give one an actual shot!
  15. SkeletonInATopHat

    Just a skeleton.... with a top hat

    Hello, I’m a skeleton with a top hat and im a recovering super villain... wait, wrong meeting. I build a lot of sci-fantasy/military, and I’ve been creeping around the online LEGO community for a number of years, and I’ve missed the heydays on Flickr and the like. So I’m hoping to find people to interact with on here. And I’d really like to partake in the great brick war, seems really fun. So yeah.