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  1. For me the hardest part is accepting that I'm not as good as most guys posting here, and not holding my MOCs to that standard. When I do, it usually ends up with no progress for weeks since I just keep redoing the same parts. I don't currently have access to my LEGO but when I eventually start building again I will try to focus on getting something done, and keep improvements going, instead trying to build the perfect front axle and never actually ending up with a truck.
  2. OlSom

    Axle Collection Thread

    A driven and steered suspension for the trucks wheels
  3. I suppose it's not that bad, just disappointing considering the cost. I guess I'll make it a point to use PU stuff in my next truck.
  4. I'm not saying it's all bad, but the usability is very far from what it could have been. How little does it have when individuals in their free time can come up with much more user friendly solutions? (BrickController and Controlz) This is where the main issue is I think, the block "coding" end of the user base seems excessively small based on the kind of motorized MOCs I see here and Instagram, with the vast majority of functions only requiring proportional control, servo control, or a simple on/off switch. I don't think anyone would have praised either of them if their software wasn't able to control simple MOCs this long after their release
  5. Size and weight of the hub mostly, along with not doing anything PF + SBrick cannot do in a smaller package. I also have servo issues with the BrickController app, so using my XBox controller for steering isn't really as smooth as it should be, while it works great with the SBrick. Having to rely on your guides to piece together something to control a MOC as simple as car with drive and steering is also really awful (and still no interface for it), how do we not still not have that? I guess that's my fault though, these were known issues back then too.
  6. I regret buying the Liebherr because of how bad PU is. I tried a couple of thing but still haven't built a complete MOC with the PU stuff, I always go back to my PF motors, LiPo battery and SBrick. Should've spent that money on some PF servos, and a second SBrick or BuWizz :(
  7. Great app! There is one feature I'd like to suggest: When using servo mode with several motors, it'd be great if the limits could be set individually per motor. For example I'm currently building a truck with two steered axles, each having it's own motor. It'd be great if I could set the limits individually and connect them to one control.
  8. OlSom

    Axle Collection Thread

    Built a simple steered axle for a semi truck I'm working on. I think I'll just mount it with the shocks and the other side of the motor, should take minimal space and be robust. I'd love to make it shorter, as it is right now it a little too long to be behind the driven axle, but I couldn't really figure out a way of doing it without decreasing the ground clearance, or increasing the height of the assembly. I want to keep it as low as possible because I want the axle to be liftable. Any suggestions for that? Turning the motor sideways and moving it one stud down shouldn't decrease the ground clearance that much, that might be the way to go.
  9. OlSom

    [APP] BrickController2

    You can click the name of the device to get a list of connected devices:
  10. OlSom

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi, I still experience the same issue with the servo getting stuck with 2.5 on Android. Interestingly, it also seems to effect SBrick. Going back to 2.3 seemed to have solved that, I haven't been able to get either the SBrick of the PU stuck since I downgraded. Another issue I see while using the new L motor as a servo is that it's output is really "choppy", on both 2.3 and 2.5. I don't really see this when controlling from the Control+ app. This video was recorder with BC 2.5, both issues are apparent: