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  1. Tommy C

    New AFOL looking for advice

    My boys Lego and my Lego are separate!
  2. Tommy C

    New AFOL looking for advice

    Thanks for the advice. I have bought a few bits of eBay but really had to shop around for sensible prices. Will check out all those mentioned. I’m only really interested in making motorised stuff. And it’ll likely all be stud less as that’s all I have and will likely have if I buy new sets. I’d love some of the new PU stuff but kinda invested into PF for now.
  3. Hi all. I’m 33 and I have a 5 year old son. After buying him a few Lego sets and enjoying building them with him I decided to go a buy myself a technic set. Namely the tough terrain crane 42082. I absolutely loved building it. I was amazed at how intricate it was. I went on the buy the 42065 and 42095 racers and then the discontinued crawler 9398 off eBay for £30 more than the original price! Was a bit gutted when the new PU crawler came out a few months later but anyway... I’ve stripped all the sets down into organisers to start building MOC’s. So my question is for those of you that enjoying building technic MOC’s. Which parts do you recommend stocking up on? Which could you not do without? I’ve already attempted to build a spider only to find I didn’t have enough frictionless pins. So I’ve ordered some from thebrickstore on eBay. (Along with another battery box as I wanna try and mod one!) any advice for a newbie would be appreciated. Although I’ve built a couple of little tracked racers that worked fairly well, when I look at some people’s creations on here or YouTube etc, I’m in awe. I need to know how it’s done properly! cheers