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  1. Hi, I was searching for these motors and 10.4v brick on the internet but couldn't find anything. Can someone please either put a link here (if it's allowed) or message me? Thanks
  2. thanks a lot for quick response. I tried loading the .lxf file using the LDD extended view, bit it still doesn't load 98 pieces.
  3. Hi All, I am new to .lxf files. I saw on rebrickable that there are many technic motorized builds, but it is difficult to build as LDD is not loading all the parts of a lxf file and when I tried creating instructions using F7, it is placing the parts in air and many of those are not even connected. Can someone please help on how to proceed on this? example:
  4. This is the amazing build I have seen until now. Please let us know when the instructions are available!
  5. ask_j

    Lego sets inventory aggregator

    Thanks, I have a lot of sets already added on my Rebrickable account. I am building a separate part list which does not include the already owned sets.. How can I choose parts from my list which I just created to check which other set I can build?
  6. ask_j

    Lego sets inventory aggregator

    Thanks a lot.. have a follow up question. I want one more ability, I want to upload my inventory and then want to check which Lego set I can make out of this? How can I achieve this? or Check for a particular set after it matches my inventory?
  7. Hi, I have few lego technic sets, I used brickset's inventory table to create excel sheets by copying and pasting the data for different sets. I want to create a master sheet, that will tell me the aggregate for each part on the master sheet along with the image, my basic need is to have the Element, Image and quantity. How can I achieve that? Thanks
  8. I have been reading these forums since I bought 42056, and someone in another forum shared the mod made by Modoro.. Thanks for everything, I will be trying this next year!!! from next week :-).. Please let me know if there are any new versions of this Mod...
  9. Thanks a lot for the quick reply. This is awesome!! I have one more question.. Does the motorized version has all the mods, what we have in 1.4? Or at least the mods to reduce friction and hence not damaging the gears and other parts?
  10. Hi, I just purchased the Porsche 911 42056. I am reading about this model since last year and pulled the trigger this year.. I read this forum and few other forums. I have few questions. 1. I was looking for the instructions for 1.4 version. I see that 1.3 is clickable but 1.4 is not. 2. Are there any instructions on how to motorize this? Please guide.