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  1. Random Ewok

    The Journey back to Echo Base

    By your "hangar bay topic", do you mean the earlier part of this thread, or did that discussion continue in another one which I missed? Regardless, your earlier discussion in this thread is the best analysis I'd found about the Echo Base hangar on the internet, not just in the Lego context - but I'm going to respectfully disagree with you a little. I reckon that if you look closely at way the set is filmed, you see that they deliberately created an impression of an actual hangar (at least) twice the length of the set. I'm not sure which scene with Chewie you mean, though, and as you are the expert on this, I'm aware you may have noticed something that I've missed... Fly casual! Ewok
  2. Random Ewok

    The Journey back to Echo Base

    Just to complicate this topic... they pulled trick shots in the film, so that the hangar appears to be as at least twice the depth of the actual set... This is clearest in the establishing scene near the start of the movie, where Han rides into a "front area" without the X-wing in the middle... ... then dismounts and walks into a "rear area" past Luke's X-wing to the Falcon. The camera in the first of these shots is actually close up to the Falcon on the set, and the camera in the second shot is beside the set door, but the pacing and composition of the scene create the clear and deliberate sense of a much bigger hangar with a filming position in the middle and the camera panning round... You can also see this when the T-47s deploy - Luke's group launch leading inwards from the doors, then another group launch at the back leading up to the Falcon... And again in the matte-painting-modified shots when the Falcon takes off. Note how different the roof crevasses are, and the apertures on the side where the T-47s were parked. Again, within the confines of the set, the first camera position is beside the doors, the second camera position is next to the Falcon's pad, but the impression given is of a sweep around from a central viewing position, "doubling" the length compared with the set. Brilliant, persuasive filmmaking. The viewer gets the consistent impression that the three X-wing bays leading in from the entrance are a "front" section that's separate from the "back" section with the three bays leading to the Falcon. The hangar as shown is at least six X-wing bays deep. When the Falcon takes off, the number of bay openings that rush past the cockpit viewports suggest that even this doubling of the "built" length might be a serious underestimate. Fly casual! Ewok