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  1. PixelProtectors

    [MOC] Animal Crossing Nook's Cranny

    Well deserved spotlight man, you did a great job. It looks so clean and fun! :)
  2. PixelProtectors

    [MOC] Endor Motorized

    So the picture here you included here is definitely a little underwhelming... it's small and blurry. But once you click the link and watch the video of the two speeder bikes going around in a circle and through the trees... I was blown away. That's so freaking cool man. BRAVO! How neat!! Here's the link to the video:
  3. PixelProtectors

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Managed to get to my local unofficial Lego store and didn't plan on spending anything (LOL) just wanted to waste time with my son, but we were able to build a full Rebel soldier minifgure from their "build a minifig" table. Hat and everything. I even joked with the guy that the minifig cost me 4 bucks to make but the same one in the case was selling for 7 bucks. Hahaha Total steal :)
  4. PixelProtectors

    [MOC] "The Mandalorian" Skyline

    Oh man, this is captured SO WELL. I love this. The smallest details shine through. The mudhorn, and baby Yoda's hovering carriage. So amazing!
  5. Hello everyone! I come to you today with something I've been working on for about 2-3 months now. What started out as an effort to make a really nice mid-sized ship turned into quite a challenge haha. My son has really been into bounty hunters lately and I decided to pick a ship. Originally it was going to be Bossk's Hound's Tooth because I have a TON of brown bricks. But I instead decided on Dengar's ship, the Punishing One for some reason. Don't remember why. Anyways... After reviewing a lot of Google images and blueprints of this ship, I wondered if I could attempt something a little bigger. And this thing is definitely going to be big. Considering how large the ship is in the Star Wars universe. I'm not sure if this would qualify as a "UCS" ship... I am certainly no master builder. The biggest concern here is making sure everything connects together (preferably using Technic techniques) so fit the wings on to the main part of the ship and making sure the cockpit works too. All with removable panels for the roof, possibly in sections. Let me know what you think or what suggestions you have. I'm having the most difficulty with the curved cone shape of the nose of the cockpit. I'm not entirely sure how to pull this off so it's not so wobbly? Thanks so much! Sorry for so many images! :P Oh also - someone else started a thread here about building this ship in 2018, and I didn't realize until much later that our layouts are very similar and we must have been going off of the same blueprints. @Tracytron54321 BELOW: This is everything I have currently completed. In the back you can see the front gun cannons I made. BELOW: A front shot of the cockpit BELOW: The cockpit with Dengar, and the doors currently closed. They do slide open... BELOW: Same image, but the doors have been opened on a track inside the wall. BELOW: An above look at the layout of the ship's main area. BELOW: Dengar's "common area" room with workbench. My son added the helmet. He thought it looked cool :P BELOW: Opposite the image above, this is the seating area in Dengar's "common area" room. BELOW: Bathroom area partitioned off with a cape, between Dengar's quarters and the cockpit. BELOW: Bathroom area displaying a tiny area with a toilet. Hard to see but there's a little sink to the right. BELOW: Dengar's personal quarters. Not much here. BELOW: Dengar's personal quarters, door does swing open and shut. BELOW: It's hard to showcase Dengar's quarters, but there is a bed, a panel on the wall, and a small table. BELOW: A look at the common area room, coming into the cargo area. BELOW: Going back into the cargo area now. Seeing some panels and the loading dock built into the floor. BELOW: A hidden panel on the floor to stow away hidden goods. My own addition. BELOW: A look at the loading dock and cargo area. Created a panel with gear to grab as he exits the ship. BELOW: A look at the opposite side of the cargo area, and Dengar's speeder and R5 unit. BELOW: A look at the engine room I'm still working on. Made the floor grates so you could see pipes through them. BELOW: A top down look at the pipes through the grates. Need to add engines and walls, etc.
  6. PixelProtectors

    [MOC WIP] Moldy Crow

    NICE! And the hood ornament really makes the whole build come together quite nicely. Hahaha
  7. PixelProtectors

    [MOC WIP] Moldy Crow

    I really love how you've connected the side engines to the bottom. Any way you can take some better pictures of that? I'd love to make mine angled just slightly. Need some assistance. Thanks friend! :)
  8. PixelProtectors

    [MOC] These aren't the droids you're looking for

    The tan grill pieces on the ground threw me off... but then it grew on me. Great job, love the details of the buildings.
  9. PixelProtectors

    [MOC] HWK-290 - The Moldy Crow

    My version was a mixture of the PC game's version with the X-wing tabletop game's model and art as the PC game version is VERY limited on the textures and detail they could pull off. But I totally see what you're saying here. Let me start with fixing the windows and then I'll reconsider the nose hahaha
  10. PixelProtectors

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Just purchased a few things from my local unofficial Lego store... The black Old Republic Sith Trooper minifig, an R5-D4 minifig, and the new 2020 Mandalorian minifig battle pack.
  11. PixelProtectors

    Whistling Birds

    I freaking love this... the use of the droid arms and all the bits and pieces in the background ... I just cannot stop staring at it. Would love to see this replaced with the Mando minifig :) Curious though, what are those orange pieces on the ends of the whistling birds smoke / droid arms? I can't seem to figure it out. They look like translucent orange half circle tiles. But I've never seen that before.
  12. PixelProtectors

    [MOC] HWK-290 - The Moldy Crow

    Thanks for the input... I believe I'll revisit this soon and try to work on the windows. I've been meaning to do that for a while now. It's one of the biggest things bothering me about my MOC. The windows are obviously a huge part of the look of this ship and if those aren't correct, then it looks all wrong. Thanks again!
  13. PixelProtectors

    [MOC WIP] Moldy Crow

    Hey! I just posted my MOC on its separate page and gave you a shout out. Let me know what you think! :)
  14. PixelProtectors

    [MOC] HWK-290 - The Moldy Crow

    Hello everyone! This is my first submission to showcase one of my first MOCs I ever worked on a few years ago of the HWK-290, The Moldy Crow, from the video game series Dark Forces / Jedi Knight. I noticed that another user has recently posted their own MOC, @millenniumf and has done a fantastic job with theirs. Some aspects of their creation have me itching to revisit this design and make some modifications. You can find their MOC of the Moldy Crow here. My model is pulled straight from the design of someone named Suboken, that can be seen here on previous 2015 EuroBricks post. More images of his Moldy Crow MOC can be found here on Flickr. My version was a little modified on the outside appearance. I chose to go with a dark tan instead of dark orange as the pieces were much more accessible in that color. I modified the exterior with small panels to make it look quite a bit more rough instead of the smooth exterior of the original design. I also made the model a bit more functional by adding a few features. I hollowed out the tops for some small storage room. Then I installed a slide-out panel from the side that holds several tools / accessories for our heroes. And on the opposite side I installed a launcher that pops out. None of these things are from the actual ship... I just wanted something a bit more unique and detailed and fun. I hope you all enjoy my MOC! Would love some constructive criticism and suggestions. Sorry the images aren't exactly the best - just taken with a mobile phone camera. But hopefully this gives you an idea of what I've created. I am considering fixing the angled windows on the sides. I first was thinking to use stickers but had NO IDEA how to do that. One of the worst features of my version is the windows are boxy haha. ENJOY! My custom Kyle Katarn minifig I purchased from here at Firestar Toys. My custom MOC Weegee droid from the video game, Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. Belonged to Kyle's father, Morgan Katarn.
  15. PixelProtectors

    [MOC WIP] Moldy Crow

    I absolutely love this! You did such a fantastic job. The Moldy Crow is my favorite ship in the Star Wars universe. I made my own a couple years ago. I'll need to post it. I went with dark tan and it was a very difficult task getting all the pieces together. Took almost a full year to build. The only thing I couldn't get right are the windows on the sides. Needs a sticker piece. Or I might modify it with the angled plates like you did. I'll take some pictures soon and post them in a separate thread.