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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Andrew! Welcome to the topic of the KanoKubik LAB, where we explore LEGO sets in detail — to create beautiful animated stop-motion video reviews!  Here I share with you the news and photos from the studio and each of us can take part in creating our content! I need your feedback to make my videos better and sets rating as objective as possible. Share your opinion and suggest LEGO sets that you would like to see in our next videos (new items and rare sets too)! It's so hard to create a YouTube channel alone nowadays, especially in connection with СOPPA. Thank You, Friends! :3

    How to find me:

    YouTube: http://youtube.com/KanoKubikLAB

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/KanoKubikLAB

    This is a recent video on my channel. It is inspired by the new season 12 of the science fiction TV series - Doctor Who from BBC. This is an animated video review on a LEGO IDEAS 21304 set from 2015. Especially for this review, I came up with a new custom minifigure of the 13th Doctor, whose role was played by Jodie Whittaker. I will be very glad to see any of your comments, advises and feedbacks! Thank You! 



  2. Hello my name is Andrew! I am a collector and HUGE FAN of LEGO! Recently I started my AFOL YouTube channel where I create animated stop motion LEGO reviews!  Due to the law of COPPA it is now very difficult to attract new viewers.
    I would like to find my audience who will inspire me to my work, give good advice and just good friends!
    These are links to my best videos, what do you think of this?

    LEGO Marvel - Hulk Helicopter Rescue Stop-Motion Review


    LEGO Overwatch - Junkrat & Roadhog Stop-Motion Review


    I will be very happy if you follow me on YouTube if you liked my work!

    Thank You! :3