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  1. Hey Jody Meyer, thanks for your advice. So I took the decal which i created in paint and in photoshop i converted the colors to cmyk and i also changed the dpi to 300 and also i tried with 600 and 1200. But still the results arent that great in terms of the resolution and also the coloring, I took 2 pictures of my minifig and the torso to show you guys and ask you if the torso is printed in the max resolution a 600x600 dpi printer can print, and also ask for an advice with the coloring, maybe which cmyk palette i could use in photoshop, I hope someone can help me out its really not that easy to get this right hahahaha.
  2. Damn hahah i just searched a bit on the internet about the things you mentioned and i must say i underestimated what i takes to make good decals hahahah , what would be your advice ? Should i use Photoshop ? Because photoshop has got options for cmyk colors and its easier to convert to vector graphics i think
  3. Alright first of all thanks for all the useful advice i appreciate it mate ! Alright so I am going to try creating a decal on GIMP and with the right color palette (CYMK), that should do the trick right ? :P
  4. Hi there deraven ! First of all, thx for welcoming me to EB ! Im pretty frustrated with the resolutions of that printer to be honest it just dont looks good ma hahahah , what printer would be a good level up for decal printing ? there are photo printers available on canon for about 150 Euros/Dollars with a color palette of 6 colors and 4800 x 1200 dpi for the resolution. Would you recommend getting such a printer for decal printing ? Yeah the color problem is probably because i dont use the right color space. I know its kinda nooby but i made my decal on Paint, is it bad to do that on paint because its a raster and not a vector ?
  5. Hello there People ! Long story short i am just starting to customize my figures with printed decals and im having problems with the quality of the prints, they are not detailed and the colours arent right, so about my printer : to be honest its not mine but of my parents, its an hp color laserjet CP1215 (printing resolution 600x600 dpi) I assume i need a printer with much higher resolution and with more colours then 3 ? Should i get a Photo Printer ? Because photo printers are pretty cheap for the resolution they offer, well as you can see im a noob and i need your help guys hahahah. I hope someone can help me out and have a great day ! Best regards, Dovakkhiin :P