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  1. Vote: Zandder He has to be the last scum. @Araveea, you gave us Coralaaze, which is all but confirmed town in my books. @Nancy, we know what inventions the scum inventor would be given, and that doesn't line up with what I understand you have been handing out. There is no reason to believe you are not the town inventor, and that the role was given to you as a result of scum picking that as one of their abilities. @Tameekys, my understanding is that you are all but cleared within the town block as a result of you receiving an invention from Nancy. I don't have the details around this, but I have no reason to doubt your towniness. @Eeyara, Coralaaze and Nerrio both voted for you on Day 3, when there was still plenty of time and before it was revealed that Coralaaze was scum. I really don't believe two scum would vote for another scum when it was not necessary, unless it was in a situation like Coralaaze where there were investigator results.
  2. A block was my first thought, but I was only told that I was unsuccessful, not the reason why. I presumed it was scum.
  3. I tried to protect Marwynn last night, but was unsuccessful. I also used a protection on Marwynn the previous night.
  4. @Hinckley, Sorry! Vote: Nerrio
  5. True, I haven't shared much over the last few days. I have been keeping abreast of the discussion, but haven't really felt that I could contribute much that hasn't been said already. My own analysis hasn't really gone anywhere solid and, as has been pointed out a few times, I've had a number of blond moments. I'd like to put that down to being distracted by my music - lots of performances at this time of year. Anyway, I have been happy to follow the lead of those that I believe are more likely town than scum You pointed out my votes - I've previously stated my reasons for my votes on Day 1 and 2. I didn't have any reason to question Araveea's claim yesterday that Coralaaze was scum. While we rarely have 100% certainty, I was happy to vote on that basis. My vote yesterday would otherwise have been Nerrio. Not really sure what would have been gained by pointing that out yesterday while voting for Coralaaze. In the interest of fully sharing of my opinions on the remaining people at this point: Town: Araveea (gave us Coralaaze), Nancy (confirmed inventor, in thread) Town?: Cadd (just gut feel, as I stated previously in Day 1 or Day 2 thread), Marwynn (see below) ?: Eeyara, Scabowee-wah, Tameekys*, Zandder (these I don't have a good feel for one way or the other) Scum?: Nerrio * He may be moved to "Scum?" based on discussion in the thread today. I agree that there have been quite a few posts that have had limited substance, but on balance I think her level of activity has been more town than scum. While she pissed me off by the way she came at me on Day 1, I really don't think scum would be so loud and obnoxious on Day 1. She has continued to post and poke, albeit less aggressively, which I think is helpful for trying to weed out the scum. And she appears to be working with the Traveler who she notes has claimed to be supporting town. This is pretty much why I will Vote: Nerrio. It feels like you have either just repeated or agreed with what others have said, sat on the fence with one leg either side ready to jump, or thrown things out there to create confusion. There was also the whole thing around persisting with the argument that scum stayed home when it had been dismissed by quite a few people.
  6. The list of possible abilities that scum started with was given to us at the start of Night 0. This list didn't include anything that would provide for a redirection. This suggests that, if they do or did have a redirection, they either received it as an invention from you (which I presume not given your post) or through the traveler. To finish my point, I think it more likely that Nerrio was just doing more to throw confusion on things than scum having a redirection ability.
  7. Nice that we have finally made some progress! Not particularly surprised. Can you share more?
  8. It feels an awful lot like its still Day 1. I doubt they would miss an opportunity for a kill, so they either did or were blocked, or their target protected, .. I have been leaving open the possibility that we have a vig, but given the results so far, I'm starting to think we don't. Good idea. *Heads off to find the granny.
  9. I can think of a couple of reasons. Using the kill to recall the traitor carries little risk in that they can't accidentally kill their third team mate, but it also relies on them targeting the right person for the kill. The Gorgon traitor could be lynched before they manage to kill and recall him or her. The recall traitor ability would allow them to recall their team mate at an earlier stage in the game. If I remember correctly, there was a story published recently where a horse, or was a person with a horse head, did exactly this. He was thrown into the pit with the giant spiders for being inactive and turned out to be scum. Also, Marwyn questioned Eeraya about her being certain there was a vig out there. She hasn't responded to this, but to me it would seem that she would be pretty certain if she were scum and they weren't responsible for Ronnan's death. So, Unvote: Scabowee-wah. Vote: Eeyara.
  10. I'd also like to know why she thinks so. Thanks. The flute is often a misunderstood instrument, but it can be used create to such beautiful melodies.
  11. Vote: Scabowee-wah. Just a poke at this stage since we haven't heard from the jelly blob yet today.
  12. The beginning of my post was me acknowledging that I had forgotten that the scum killing the traitor results in the traitor being recalled. The traitor being recalled by a scum kill action does result in the traitor being recalled. It is not an opinion, it is a fact written in our Night Zero rules. At the end I say they "may" have used a recall action. Where did I agree that what action doesn't work? I think you are reading something into my post that just isn't there - the points I was making were that there are a range of potential explanations or reasons for the number of kills we have in a night and that we don't know if scum have or have not recruited already.