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  1. Vote: Zandder Can we call it a day guys? I thought it was well established that the Baritones set was long gone.
  2. In exchange for preventing him from being lynched, isn't that obvious? His win condition doesn't explain my actions because I don't know what his win condition is or was.
  3. duh. No Traveler, no scrolls. I don't suppose anyone received a scroll today, did they? I can say the same about you, buckaroo. Yesterday we were six with one scum and one neutral. If we had mislynched (or lynched Luxxon), we'd have been down to five, and we could reasonably expect to lose one more to bring us to four. With four people, as you say you feared, the no-lynch was in play. With five, that would have been less likely. As it happened we lost Eeyara and Nancy, plus Luxxon. So that doesn't matter anymore. Am I supposed to apologize for not being cleared into the Cool Kids' Mermaid Club where I could hear all the gossip about Luxxon's win condition? He promised help and he snaked us. As I said, Araveea, it's your decision. It's your funeral if you make the wrong choice (mine, too).
  4. With the scrolls. I don't know what was on the scrolls aside from the one that saved me and the one Tameekys said she got yesterday and didn't pass on (of course she didn't pass it on - she wouldn't have wanted Luxxon to steal her kill). Numerically, having him around would prevent Tameekys from outnumbering us, and the powers we could get from giving him the scrolls would help us out. Saving me prevented a mislynch which would have been bad for us. But he tricked us, got his win, and disappeared into the sunset. So it's a moot point now.
  5. I thought he would be able to help us, but obviously he can't now he's Traveled onward.
  6. It's Tameekys. Look, Araveea, you're like Tamamono in Day Five of Belville Mafia. You are clearly town because you gave us Coralaaze. So Tameekys is going to vote for me. Are you going to vote for me and let Tameekys win, or are you going to see through her weed granny act and vote for her so that we win? It all hangs on you.
  7. He told me he could help us win. That's kinda sorta true because at least we didn't mislynch yesterday... but on the other hand he's just buzzed off and really it's no different now than it would have been had we actually lynched him. Luxxon would have lost if we'd lynched him so he basically bamboozled me into keeping him alive so he could win. Not much help to us in the end, then.
  8. Pay for what? I said for days it was Tameekys and everyone was like "no it's not" but here we are.
  9. No Eeyara? Nevertheless Unvote: Eeyara Vote: Zandder
  10. @Araveea do to you mean to say you think I'm town? Thanks for the vote of confidence amongst all these other meanies.
  11. Well, it's true. I've already laid out my case against Eeyara, and I hope you realize that she, somehow, is in the town bloc despite not (apparently) being cleared, and she is the one capable of strongarm murdering Marwyyn in the night. Vote: Eeyara
  12. Cadd *told me* that if I didn't believe him I should "go check with the investigator" which is one hell of a fishy thing to say. And then he told me to check with Araveea (presumably because she's the one who delivered us Coralaaze)