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  1. So, now that we've voted and Zandder has disappeared, presumably to try and get out of town before he's pew-pew'd, what should we do for the next 40 hours? What do you think of the set design? I think Hinckley's done an amazing job with this set. Do you think he built this for the game or for another reason? And when is there going to be another Baritones game?
  2. Vote: Zandder I've stated my many reasons above.
  3. I think we can vote now, but I would like to wait for the host to tell us it's okay.
  4. Did you basically just admit that you're scum? It seems to me the last few posts have been you trying to make yourself appear town by saying "us" and "our team" and whatnot. I'm sure that he did tell you (the last scum) that you could win. Also last night my scroll was apparently stolen. I don't know what this means, maybe it has something to do with Luxxon leaving and therefore the scrolls no longer mattering that it just disappeared. Look, I know it's not me and that leaves the two of you. Araveea gave us Coralaaze, which of course could've been a major bus, but if that's the case so be it, fantastic play. Zandder was saved yesterday by Luxxon, presumably so the game wouldn't end and then Luxxon could win during Night Six, making a Day Seven which is what is happening right now. Zandder is convinced that I'm scum and plans on voting for me. Araveea plans on voting for Zandder, which means it's down to me and I certainly don't intend on voting for myself. Either way, the game is over at the end of today. If Araveea is scum, like I said, excellent work keeping us duped all along. It's more likely that Zandder is scum, having communicated privately with the Traveler. The Traveler has been pretty much nothing but anti-Town most of the game, especially when he nailed Cadd on Day Five. Why a town Zandder thought he could possibly trust the Traveler after this is beyond me. Zandder, you're at least trying today, which is more than I can say for other scum put into your position, and for that I commend you. However I cannot rationalize that you, as town, would have possibly trusted the traveler. The only logical option for me is that the Traveler needed you to stay alive and probably spun you a ball of yarn about how he could help you win even though you were all alone. There's a reason that I'm alive today and it's because you've been hoping to convince Araveea that I'm scum for the past couple days, especially since she voted for me on a previous day.
  5. It comes down to this, with just the three of us left. Obviously the Traveler saved Zandder yesterday with that scroll, otherwise we wouldn't be here right now.
  6. Tameekys

    Thack Desteck—Day 6, Brigadoon

    I think you do have a point here. The scum will kill one of us tonight, but it might just leave us in a better position. Unvote: Zandder Vote: Luxxon We don't know which side he's on.
  7. Tameekys

    Thack Desteck—Day 6, Brigadoon

    You've already got rid of Cadd. He was town. There's no point in trying to make him look scummy anymore.
  8. Tameekys

    Thack Desteck—Day 6, Brigadoon

    I've been baking since I woke up this morning. There's no real use of private conversation and secrets with only six of us left. I received a scroll this morning, my first this game. It makes me feel important. I cannot directly quote the scroll, but it's basically a role thief, that the traveler will use the night action of the target if the target's got one. Knowing that the Traveler has got absolutely no intentions on really helping us anymore, considering he could've won with us, I will be holding onto it. With the way that some people have been acting I'd almost suspect that there's more than one scum left. Look on the bright side, less than 23 hours until we can vote for Zandder.
  9. Tameekys

    Thack Desteck—Day 6, Brigadoon

    Two people that I generally trusted are no longer here today because of stupidity yesterday and the scum taking advantage at night. "Let's lynch the guy who is trying to be helpful just because he made a few typos." I'm not surprised that Marwyyn was killed last night. At least her post count can't go any higher. I feel like I'm the only one playing right now that doesn't know who the fucking Traveler is either. I'm probably the only one period, since the people on the deadboard probably know. I have a pretty good idea that it's Luxxon based on how he voted and when he showed up, but I'd at least like to know. There's four of us town left today. We can still win this provided we don't make anymore stupid mistakes. I'm sure that Araveea and Zandder will want to get rid of me today. Zandder because he's probably the last scum and Araveea based on the fact that Coralaaze said that my head was on right. Granny is going into full combat mode now.
  10. Just keeping you on your toes. It looks like we're headed for three-way tie today.
  11. I voted for Zandder before, and nobody seemed to support me. Unvote: Eeyara Vote: Zandder That will be final I think. Finally final.
  12. I trust Nancy and Cadd more than anyone else. And like Nancy just said, there's only one scum left. Unvote: Zandder Vote: Eeyara Seven hours are left in the day, so I suppose I've got time to be persuaded otherwise.
  13. I actually thought the same thing as you, that Araveea was pulling some kind of grand play on us. I even said so a bit earlier in the day. Perhaps that's why Coralaaze was so content with being voted out and didn't say anything except for a cryptic message about Nancy.