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  1. Thanks for having me! Let's go town!!!
  2. YOU DA SPY BEEEETCH Poor Her Majesty.
  3. Please, no worries!!! Only care and hope that everything is alright for you and your loved ones.
  4. I'm saying you'd be doing a bad job as a town member if you lynched someone you new wasn't scum, aka, the Traveler. We were talking about the Traveler, so why would I suddenly be talking about someone else?
  5. Nor would you be if you lynched someone who you knew for a fact is not scum.
  6. They didn't say what it is but that it would cause confusion so they wouldn't use it. You shouldn't care about lynching the Traveler because they're another player who isn't scum and can help find and lynch the last scum.
  7. Just heard from the Traveler. Nerrio was the day three scroll sender.
  8. Are ya'll forgetting how much Coralaaze wanted to lynch Eeyara? What's everyone's opinion? That she's the Traitor?
  9. Oh wait your right Cadd is lying.
  10. No one is lying because I said Araveea sent tha day Four scroll.
  11. I don't know exactly who the day three scroll sender is, but I strongly assumed it was Nerrio. Which btw is what I already just said.
  12. Yada yada. Why the hell is Eeyara the subject now? Because she was a "leak" on the day three scroll? FYI the Traveler voted for Nerrio yesterday (day four), and told me day three that the person who sent the day three scroll was likely scum.
  13. I can't see town or scum genuinely acting like this, which leads me to believe it's an act, which leads me to think scum. Vote: Cadd
  14. I'm sensing a trend here.