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  1. Ronald123

    [APP] BrickController2

    I HAVE DONE IT! Hallelujah, praise science! I almost bought a PS4 controller but I was just one step away. Even after following all the steps precisely I managed not to make it work. I almost gave up but then I finally pressed the button at the right screen. I had been there before but thought it was a dead end so did not press any button. Anyway, now it's working and I just was racing my 42037 C around outside With lights front and back, nice! Tomorrow's casual Friday so time to drive around my car at the office! They can't fire me cause I am the only one processing hundreds of amazon orders (pallets/trucks full). Like said before, a 5292 motor + buwizz + BC2 +controller is sweet!
  2. Ronald123

    [APP] BrickController2

    I guess that confirms I’m old and stupid haha I thought I tried everything but I guess I need to start with the BuWizz and asign buttons to it. Do you have an instruction / tutorial about that maybe?? Many thanks! I want to start promoting your app and BuWizz!
  3. Ronald123

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi István, I bought the Nimbus Steelseries like mentioned in your link but still having some difficulties. It connects great to my iphone6 and I can see the buttons function in the Controller tester, but still BC2 can not find it. BC2 can find my Buwizz but not the Nimbus Steelseries. I'm starting to feel old and stupid. What am I doing wrong? Or is this MFI certified controller still not good?? BC2 does show all the buttons function so I really don't understand. Pleas advise. Thank you!
  4. Ronald123

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi István, Thanks for the fast reply! I didn't know it had to be MFI compatible. The controller has a separate iOS button so thought that would be good enough. I will return it and buy a MFI compatible one. Thanks for the link. There are only a few options I see now. Really only 3-4 different controllers and 1 is your Mad Catz. I like the 2 dual joysticks in the middle so that brings me to the SteelSeries Nimbus. Unfortunately it does not have a phone holder but I can buy that separately. Too bad they are 60 euro so I am going second hand. I can't wait to control my RC Buwizz cars! Yesterday I motorised the 42037 Off Road Formula. I modified a great MOC (with set 42037) made by someone else. With 1 buggy 5292, 1 servo and 1 buwizz it drives great! You can get the free instructions (unmodified) here: To add the buggy motor is super easy. Just remove nr 7 axle at the back, remove the exhaust pipes, place the buggy motor vertically, and put the exhaust pipes back. And then add a 20 tooth gear 32269 with nr. 5 axle at the differential. You can easily install the servo by detaching the front suspension from the chassis by removing 4 black pins at the bottom. Use a couple longer blue pins to connect the servo. To make room for the Buwizz, remove the "hand of god" steering. Those buggy motors and buwizz are great!
  5. Ronald123

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi István, I really like your app but I can't get it to work. I hope you can help. My iphone 6 can connect to my new ipega 9156 controller but the app Brickcontroller2 can not find it. The ipega 9156 is also for iOS. I have given Brickcontroller2 access to Locations but nothing seems to work. It's weird my iphone has no problem connecting to the ipega 9156 and Brickcontroller2 can find my Buwizz. (Buwizz turned off while trying to connect to ipega 9156.) Do you think I can solve this or buy a different controller? Which controller works for sure with my iphone 6 and Buwizz?? Thanks in advance! Ronald