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    Star wars
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    75192 millenniumfalcon falcon ucs

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    Lego, space, star wars


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  1. Thatguymax

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks, I must say that it's a mix of realistic sets, such as the Saturn V, and Star wars ucs sets. I had the oppertunity to buy the 75192 ucs Falcon a couple of weeks ago and by far that is my favourite. I now have my hands full modding that set this winter.
  2. Thatguymax

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Max, a Swedish 29 year old who rediscovered my interest of Lego a year ago when my son was about to be born. He is currently developing his MOCs with Duplo while I expand my collection of space related Lego sets. I find it truly relaxing to sit down and tinker with Lego or spend some time trying to reverse-engineer some amazing creation I've stumbled upon. Therefore I hope I can fit in with this jolly group of Lego fans and perhaps soon share some of my mods or creations of my own with all of you. Best regards! Max