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    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Just bought this fantastic Stanley SortMaster Organizer for only 7.80 euros ( I tested it straight away and it worked perfectly for my pins! (Although they were too much for a single section ) I'm really looking forward to filling up the entire thing!
  2. thanks :)...i solved it a while back...ready to make some projects now..:)
  3. i was able indeed to rotate the pieces but again the piston doesn't enter the cylinder motor brick..:(..i'll post pics later in the day
  4. is possible to insert piston brick in the cylinder motor? thanks in advance daniele
  5. Hi, i recently download LDD 4.1.8 from the web to start creating some own lego technics...I wanted to know where i can find the power function bricks (motor,light,receivers ecc) as i wasn't able to find them. i found the small size motor and the batteries box in the lego mindstorm section of LDD but nothing more... if someone can help me it would be very appreciated thanks daniele
  6. thanks for you r replay...indeed i tried but with no success as when i'm editing the preferences.ini folder it always gives me access denied... hope someone can help me!! thanks daniele
  7. Thanks for this post..i tried to edit preferences.ini...but it always gives me "access denied"..maybe i do some mistakes...please let me know thanks
  8. deleus

    8043 Equipment mods

    thanks for this info..i'll probably buy one of those as i really wanted to categorize all my bricks..and you know some technic ones are vey small... thanks again
  9. no words to describe it!!! outstanding!
  10. deleus

    8043 Equipment mods

    hi,very good modification...i saw in your video you have a briefcase in which you put your lego bricks...where did you buy it? thanks in advance daniele
  11. i have to try compressed can find this at any bookshop or computer shop as it is used to remove dust from mechanical computer hardware... i'll give it a try later in the day...
  12. Hi guys,i'm new in the forum but my lego technic collection is huge..from the bulldozer to my just built unimog etc...but dust is a big some parts are electrical...what is your behaviour in frony of this problem? Thanks in advance Daniele
  13. deleus

    1h 2012 models

    it would be awesome to have a jet plane realesed...power function
  14. thanks for the collection is at the top of a big it good or it's better to put this at floor level? however a soft unused paint brush should work well..i'll give a try later in the day...Thanks :D